Berlin – Berliners March to Show Solidarity with German’s Jewish Community


    People walk along the streets wearing kippahs, or Jewish skull-cap, during a Kippah Flash mob in Berlin, Germany, 01 September 2012. The flash mob was initiated as a reaction to a recent brutal attack in which a 53-year-old rabbi was punched in the head and insulted with anti-Semitic slurs by four young men.  EPA/SEBASTIAN KAHNERTBerlin, Germany – Following a vicious beating last week by four Arab teens in downtown Berlin against 53-year-old Rabbi Daniel Alter, hundreds of young Jews, Christians and Muslims organized in Berlin today to protest religious intolerance. At the “night of religions” event, all protestors wore yarmulkes as a show of unity with the Jewish community according to DW.De (

    The assault on Rabbi Alter, who required surgery for a cheekbone fracture, as well as the teens’ threat to kill the rabbi’s six-year-old daughter, has caused concern among German Jews as to whether they need to worry about their safety. Berlin’s interior minister, Frank Hankel, sought to calm fears by denouncing the “vicious attack,” while Dieter Graumann of the Central Council of Jews in Germany called on Germany’s sizeable Muslim population to take more aggressive measures to counter anti-Semitism. The chairman of the Central Council of Muslims, Aiman Mazyek, has publicly condemned the attack and said he stands with all of Germany’s Jews.

    A total of 436 anti-Semitic attacks have been recorded in Germany this year. Most involved swastika graffiti or verbal abuse, but 13 of the attacks have been physical in nature according to the German news agency dpa.

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    1. It’s important to see what Germans today are doing to show solidarity with the Jews. It’s also important to see who’s doing the attacking. Not the Germans, the Muslims who live there.

    2. I don’t trust either of them. Time to leave the Jewish blood soaked earth of Europe. From the Progroms, to the crusades, to the Inquisition, to the blood libels, to Krystalnacht and beyond

    3. Iran encourages these acts of hate. Iran snickers in the shadows. These haters think they are being “religious” when they harm or murder a Jewish person. It helps a lot to know that Mr. Obama is a Muslim who said so himself, and he is also against Israel, even though 600 “rabbis” decided to butter him up by endorsing him. Too bad we didn’t bother to gather 10,000 rabbis to endorse Mitt Romney.
      The same garbage that hurt the rabbi and threatened his six year old, can swear that they have nothing against Jews. Anyone here ever heard of Al-Teqqiyah and Kitman? Those are two terms used by the Muslims in their teachings. They use those words as the permission to allow Muslims to look you in your eye and lie to you about whatever they want. Go ahead and look them up and you will see it is a fact.
      If one of those two doesn’t work, they are allowed to use the other one to get the official permission to swear falsely. For example, “We love our Jewish brothers.” Or, “All people are equal,” or, “We want peace with Israel.”

      • “It helps a lot to know that Mr. Obama is a Muslim who said so himself”

        When and where did Mr Obama say that, please? If you do not reply we will be perfectly entitled to believe that you are an עד פסול.

        “Too bad we didn’t bother to gather 10,000 rabbis to endorse Mitt Romney.”

        Go right ahead; you still have time before election day, but you really ought to start right now if you want to find any.

        Why you feel it necessary to conflate two separate issues (American politics and German news) is totally beyond comprehension.

    4. President Obama is not a Muslim. He has said that he is Christian, has been so recognized and has attended church services. Repeating this disproven canard undermines the other contentions.


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