Jerusalem – 3 Hurt in Chareidi-Arab Rock Fight


    Border police detain ultra orthodox from Ramat Shlomo in the north of Jerusalem, suspected of throwing stones at palestinians from the near by neighbourhood Shoafat. Sep 01, 2012   Photo by Oren Nahshon / FLASH90Jerusalem – Three people were injured during a rock-throwing fracas in Jerusalem Saturday afternoon that started when a group of haredim began throwing rocks at the Arab neighborhood of Shuafat. Police arrested three haredim, two youth and one adult, for throwing rocks.

    According to police, about 20 haredim gathered on the ridge above Ramat Shlomo that looks out over Shuafat on Saturday afternoon around 5:30, and began hurling rocks at the Arab neighborhood. One Arab resident was lightly injured after a rock hit him in the head.

    Border police arrived on the scene and immediately arrested a 16-year-old haredi boy. While police were in the process of detaining him, he attacked a female border police officer, and injured her lightly. Arab residents began throwing stones in return at the haredim and injured two haredi youth as well as caused damage to three cars.

    Border police dispersed both sides of the protesters a number of times, only to find the sides returning to the site to continue throwing rocks over the course of an hour.

    Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben Ruby said police are checking whether or not a specific event touched off the incident, as there has not been rock throwing at that site in recent months.  “We will investigate the youth and see what the story is,” he said.

    Also on Saturday afternoon, extremist haredim who demonstrate weekly on Neviim Street (Prophets Road) against the desecration of the Sabbath brought their protest up a notch when they started throwing bottles at police officers and passing cars. The bottle throwers did not injure any officers or damage any passing cars. Police arrested three demonstrators.

    The demonstrators want the city to close Neviim Street to cars on Shabbat because they claim the street passes through an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood, something the city has refused to do as cars need an alternative to Jaffa Road which was closed to traffic for the light rail.

    Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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    1. Don’t call them Chareidi, they’re not Chareidi, they just dress like that. They obviously do not keep halacha.

      1. It’s ossur to throw rocks at people any time
      2. Rocks are muktza on Shabbos
      3. If they threw them into an Arab neighborhood that does not have an eruv, they just carried something into reshus horabim

      • You left out two more things:

        4) Chilul Hashem.
        Both, the Chilonim and the Arabs, witnessed “Frum” Jews behaving in a distinctly “unFrum” manner.

        5) His’garos B’Umos.
        Unless we are missing details and it was in fact self-defense, otherwise we are prohibited to provoke Goyim while we are in Galus.
        Yes, even if the Goyim richly deserve it.
        Yes, even in Israel.

    2. Were any arab youth arrested as well?! Or, is Israel operating today like The US operated in the 1960s when they let the “minority” rioters and other criminals get away with criminal acts that they committed.

    3. Ah, the bastion of truth in reporting, the Jerusalem Post – NOT!

      The picture and the article are contradictory. The people (except for maybe the man with the beard and hat) do not appear to be Chareidi.

      Besides, a person cannot be called Chareidi if he or she throw rocks on Shabbos.
      It is assur to throw rocks on Shabbos. Rocks are muktzah machamas gufo.

    4. i wonder if all the comments here are sponsored by the Al Jahzeerah or some other Muslim group.

      Every day Arabs throw rocks at us, and for once we threw rocks and you all take the Arab side? I am sure they didn’t start throwing stones because they are bored, unreal!
      Stop being apologist for the enemy, so maybe they will like you, because you will look like the liberal Jews in the 1930s, they had the same issues

      Grow up and stick up for your own

      • In other words, because they do it, we should too? And so what makes us an Am Kodesh — that we imitate the behavior of others? We’re supposed to be different. But to frum Jews like you, it’s just a matter of tribal loyalty, not living a holy life to be a Light unto the Nations.

        • Save the Light onto the Nations routine.

          If the chareidim threw rocks in self defense they were not only allowed to do so but were supposed to do so, your Light onto the Nations above all else nonsense notwithstanding. If there was no self defense involved they are criminals and should be punished, no Light onto the Nations so shut up and take it stupidity needed.

    5. ” … a group of haredim began throwing rocks at the Arab neighborhood of Shuafat”

      Where is it written *anywhere* that rock throwing is permitted on Shabbat?

      Even I, a ‘ger’, know that it is one of ל”ט מלאכות האסורת בשבת. That takes care of the religious aspect, to say nothing of דינא דמלכותא.

    6. I happen to live in the neighborhood.

      These kids are not haredim by any definition. They spend all week terrorizing Rabbonim (e.g. my Daf Yomi’s maggid Shiur; damaging his car, throwing stones at him on his way to shiur, etc.).

      When they don’t have somebody to terrorize, they start forest fires. Fortunately none have become big enough to hit the news. Yet.

      As already pointed out, besides for Muktza, there’s NO Eiruv around Arab-Shuafat, and throwing stones (or carrying) from Ramat Sholmo to Shuafat is forbidden on Shabbat.

      The BIG question is: where are the haredi parents of these hooligans?

      And for the record: Ramat Shlomo has a very active “Mishmeret” with volunteers who patrol the street after dark and protect the residents from the bored kids, and protect these kids from themselves (and each other) with activities, finding them local jobs and learning partners – as appropriate for each kid.

      We are glad that the police and army came to our rescue; throwing stones at our neighbors could create a dangerous situation…

      • Troubled teenagers???

        I thought Israeli Chareidi society was so perfect that the only problems left to solve were three year old girls riding tricycles in public (without socks!), mixed seating public transport and chayallim who try to daven in fruuuuuuuum shuls.

        • your post isn’t funny.i’m sure the parents of these otd boys,if #15 is correct,are in tremendous pain. you mention incidents which are terrible and troubling but these are seperate issues.btw,if the police would arrest those responsible,every single time,there would be far less incidences but now the problem has been allowed to fester.

    7. “But to frum Jews like you, it’s just a matter of tribal loyalty, not living a holy life to be a Light unto the Nations.”

      Ouch, i am glad you know me personally, but that was not my point. I was referring to the comments that people are almost like Pro Arab without even giving 1% of “benefit of the Doubt” to people that might have had a weak moment and said “we had enough” and responded in ind.

      I did not justify what they did, rather gave them a break and understood that they are only human, and there is just so much you can hold back.

    8. To #3- “Big Wheel”- Your wrote that “in the 1960’s, the US let “minority rioters” get away with rioting”. Where did you get that informaton from, as it is false? In 1964, the NYCPD shot dead rioters, who were throwing bricks off tenement buildings. In 1967, the National Guard was sent in force into Newark, NJ; I saw tapes of them firing live ammunition against snipers in tenement buildings. In 1967, in Detroit, LBJ sent in Federal troops, including paratroopers, to stop the rioters. More recently, in 1992, some of the LA cops engaged in shootouts with rioters, who were firing at them. The only riot which was tolerated by the local authorities, was the pogrom in Crown Heights, in 1991.


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