Middle East – In Photos: Muslims Around The Globe Rage Over Anti-Islam Film


    Afghan demonstrator hold an effigy of US President during a protest against an anti-Islam video, in Nangarhar Gani Khell district, Afghanistan, 14 September 2012.  EPA/ABDUL MUEEDMiddle East – Tens Of Thousands of angry Muslims in many Islamic countries protested Friday against an anti-Islam film, burning U.S. flags and calling President Barack Obama a “terrorist.

    The low-budget film “Innocence of Muslims” produced by a filmmaker in the United States ridicules Islam and depicts the Prophet Muhammad as a fraud, a womanizer and a madman.

    U.S. and Israeli flags were burned at many of the protests across the Muslim-majority regions.

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    1. it is simply mind boggling how Islamists have manged to brainwash so many idiots to their cause. Besides the very concept of holding the entire US and the west responsible for one stupid producers action, which they will never comprehend, as they have no inkling in the very concept of “freedom of speech” and democracy, but how in the world does ISRAEL come into the picture, is again the result of years brainwashing… “Israel is responsible for all anti-islam actions”

    2. funny; when these morons make an anti Jewish video I don’t see any violence, protest or burning of things…maybe we need them all to get jobs and stop living off the beneficience of the West. Maybe we need them to learn to stand on their own..Oh, if that happens many other Syria like events will occur. Behaimos.

    3. There are 3 elements at play here:

      1. A man made a propaganda film full of lies on the level of the Blood Libel, in order to provoke this EXACT reaction.

      2. People in these countries don’t even understand the concept of free speech. EVERYTHING they have ever read, watched on TV or in a film, was censored and approved by the government. These people don’t even understand the idea of being able to express your own views. So as far as these people are concerned, THIS is a 100% exact representation of how America feels toward ALL Muslims…. because their only frame of reference is the TERRORIST DICTATORSHIP they live under.

      3. Stupid Americans are hooting all over the Internet about how this guy is getting slammed for saying the truth. The truth is, the movie is nothing more than cheap propaganda and that’s already been proven. Much like our idiots whoop-it-up that ALL (or most) Muslims are terrorists, their idiots shout that we are ALL bigots.

      Hillary Clinton got it right. She said she was appalled and disgusted by it, but in our FREE country people have a right to spew whatever steaming piles of cow chips we want to.

      Hateful racism + Hateful racism = TERRORISTS WINNING

    4. What they are really protesting is the fact that we are free to “insult” as we please and without retribution….for they…are not. They all expect that Americans should obey the Sharia the same as they must. If the act of the moviemaker actually harmed or threatened the life of a living organism such as a human…nee a physical manifestation, I might see it. But therein lies the difference. For Obama to expect Americans to follow Sharia code is preposterous, he is just like the rest of the followers of Islam aka Muslims. If you had any doubts in your mind then, you shouldn’t now. He’s a bona-fide Muslim parading as a Christian. A wolf in sheep’s clothing indeed.


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