New York – Subway Ride May Cost $2.50 as MTA Boosts Fares


    New York – New York City’s transit authority unveiled its latest fare and toll proposals for rails, bridges and subways on Monday, including one that would raise the 30-day unlimited subway MetroCard from $104 to $125.

    The Metropolitan Transit Authority has said the 2013 hike would bring in $450 million a year to support the nation’s largest transit system. The MTA will hold public hearings on the proposals in November, and the board will vote on a final budget in December.

    The proposals include a hike in cash tolls for cars crossing the city’s bridges from $6.50 to $7.50. Tickets on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North could rise by about 8 percent.

    But the city’s subway and bus riders would be hit the hardest under the potential options, which include a 20 percent jump in the unlimited monthly Metrocard.

    Base subway and bus fare could go up from $2.50 to $2.75. And the seven-day unlimited pass could jump from $29 to $34. One proposal calls for eliminating the 7 percent MetroCard bonus customers receive for putting at least $10 on a pay-per-ride card.

    Legislators issued statements on Monday calling for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to help avert the need for a fare hike by increasing state funds for public transit. The state comptroller’s office has said fare and toll hikes continue to outpace inflation, placing a burden on commuters across the metropolitan region.

    “Tolls and taxes should not be the go-to solution for every debt-stricken government authority,” said Rep. Michael Grimm, who represents Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn. “Just as every working family or business must learn to live within a budget, so should the MTA.”

    MTA ridership was 1.64 million last year, the highest level since 1950, and is expected to grow.

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    1. Although expensive, a subway ride is still the biggest bargain around, straphangers get much more bang for the buck then motorists get for their bridge and tunnel tolls.

    2. Considering the price of gas, tolls, et al, and traffic, paying $2.50 (less with an unlimited) for a ride is still a bargain. For that $2.50 you can travel from Pelham Parkway to Coney Island to Forest Hills to Far Rockaway all in one trip. Try doing that with a car. And $2.50 buys next to nothing today. A gallon of 89 octane gas is $4.50 (thank you Obama), a gallon of milk is $3.50, a gallon of orange juice is at least $5 if not more. Even a slice of pizza is about $2 today.


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