Yorktown, NY – Summer Home of Pupa Grand Rabbi Destroyed By Fire


    Photo credit: Plamena Pesheva for patch,com courtesy to VIN NewsYorktown, NY – The summer home of Grand Rabbi Jacob Grunewald located at 341 Illington Road on the Kehilath Yaakov Pupa Rabbinical Seminary campus in Yorktown Heights went up in flames this morning around 7:15 AM.

    Fire investigators told The Journal News (http://lohud.us/TszHBL) that they believe the blaze began in the boiler room in the rear of the house and may be due to an electrical problem. More than 100 students and several personnel were studying inside the synagogue when they smelled smoke. When they went outside to investigate the source of the smell, they saw the burning house.

    It took 75 firefighters over two hours to contain the flames. No one was inside the home at the time of the fire and there were no other injuries reported.

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    1. mandel you must not be kidding. I love when people come to terms with no logic behind it. If you would read the report it tells you that problem seemed to be in the boiler or electrical

    2. With all due respect to the pupa rebbe, can someone explain what makes him a Grand Rabbi? I know many rabbonim who answer way more shailos than thim yet they’re referred to as a mere Rabbi.

    3. Last weeks fire on Hewes St. was absolutely not intentional. Anyone that thinks arson was involved is totally off the wall. Didn’t anyone out there ever hear of accidents. It seems to be a coincedance that both Rebbes had fires,however maybe we should be learning something from this.


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