New York – Rabbi Calls Hurricane Sandy ‘Divine Justice’ For New York Gay Marriage


    Rabbi Leiter New York – A Jewish Rabbi is blaming Hurricane Sandy on gays, calling devastation of New York ‘divine justice’ for the city’s same-sex marriage laws.

    Rabbi Noson Leiter of Torah Jews for Decency compared the superstorm which swept across the US eastern coast this week to a biblical disaster.

    ‘We believe that the great flood at the time of Noah…[was] triggered by the recognition of same-gender marriages,’ the cleric said, reported Right Wing Watch.

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      • listen here young man, first you should know that any misfortune that befalls, whether private individual or the masses, is not happenstance. those who think otherwise are heretics, apikorsim, see gemmorah chulin 7b, torah bechikosaei, kisiova and thruout the torah, rambam etc etc. if you dont believe like most posters here, MO and down we have nothing to say..this is not a christian site. otherwise lets hear your take. and dont come with shomrei torah are molester connivers etc we are talking of those who cross off mitzvos taryak and say this or that is outdated. ‘AIN ADOM NOKAV ETZBUO MILMATEh ALA IM GOZRIN ALAF MIL MALAEH!!AND LIKE THE RABBI SAY THE MABIL CAME BECAUSE OF THIS. but you people don believe in torah bal peh and even beksav not all of it. kol huoimer afli ois achas betorah ain min hashomayin harei zeh apikores sannhedrin last chapter

    1. Oh really?! So why did Sandy ALSO hit about 7 *other* states besides New York as well?! :-\

      Why does everyone think they have to “speak for G-d” when something like a natural disaster happens?! I can think of a whole HOST of reasons why HaShem might send a hurricane to the people after all!

      Take a look at how awful we were treating one another right up until the event happened! Could it be possible that HaShem saw us moving further & further away from one another as a Creation & as a people, and decided to do what was necessary to bring us closer together?! Even if that meant bringing a tragedy?! Since unfortunately, that is the ONLY thing that helps to bring a people together in tough times?!

      Point is: there are a whole host of reasons why this could have happened! But rather than trying to play “seers”… why don’t we try to love one another, pray for those who’ve lost everything, offer to donate whatever goods or services are needed or pledge to help a family we know, rebuild?

      Honestly, I’ve been taken aback by some of the snarky & horrible comments I’ve seen by people on here! If we learn ANYTHING from this, it should be kindness, inclusion, tolerance & empathy!

      • Kindness, tolerance, etc, for gay people?!! We are Jewish misses our Torah says ובערת הרע מקרבך !! I don’t approve this rabbis statement, but tolerance and kindness never under this blue sky!!!

        • I am sorry to disappoint you but i seriously doubt that #4 can possibly understand ובערת הרע מקרבך. Try and rephrase it in fourth grade level English that liberals seem to comprehend.

          • We do understand…we also understand and anticipate that the mabul will literally and figuratively visit you and others who communicate such sinas chinam. And, not many will miss you.

            • I only stated that the poster # 4 can’t understand, not some anonymous “we,” and I think I made it clear enough… at least for those who can read.

          • ” ובערת הרע מקרבך” Hmm wasn’t that the very phrase the fanatical inquisition (specifically in Spain and Portugal) used against us Jewish “heretics” ??

            Once you start mixing in any religious intolerance, we all know who are the first ones to suffer.

            Note:If we Jews would be doing what we are supposed to, then this immoral law would have never passed.

    2. all jokes aside, hashem sends a reminder so we can sit back and think,
      i heard yesterday from an ehrlicher yid, that it may well be a reminder about METZIZAH! we shouldn give in the fight,

    3. Tell that to all those frum and wonderful families that live in Seagate. What an irresponsible comment to say that is totally incorrect. May H-shem replace all those that lost so much in this terrible hurricane. Our hearts are with them.

    4. Statements of this kind should not come from self appointed spokesmen, who are not under the guidance of real leaders. Let the Agudah handle PR, not guys who have their own agenda. I see he is a “Jewish Rabbi”, is there another kind?

      • the aguda does not speak for me this “Rabbi” does not speak for me. i can speak for myself and do not need idiots or “organizations to speak for me

      • “I see he is a “Jewish Rabbi”, is there another kind?”

        Are you kidding? Conservative, reform, reconstructionist (and others like them I am not aware of) – take your pick.

          • I didn’t say they were not Jews, although many of them are not. I only said they are NOT “Jewish Rabbis” which they are not, they are in service of some foreign religions.

            Thankfully, under my “rock” people are capable of reading and comprehending written sentences.

    5. Its an assumption and not a bad one, the fact is, if you learn chimmush and rashi you know that “”eloykim she’ll eila soina zimu”” and gay marriage and the likes are exactly what brought the mabul.

      Its sad to see jewish minds go so liberal as to support such a thing, a jewish person should not be tolarent of something hashem hates.

    6. as a child when I heard the noah story first, my biggest wonder was, why did no one listen to him when he warned them about the flood?

      hating on this rabbi is like hating on the torah, now could he or anyone say why etc sandy happened? I dont know, but to bash this man is silly.

      for those wondering about this issue, keep in mind, every country and town has gays, the question is, is it state sponsored or not, as humans we have no business judging anyone, we are all sinners in one way or another, but one cannot argue what is written in the bible and one cannot argue about the story of lot (sodom / gemora) and how it was so common then and obviously ok on a state level.

    7. Quick, someone call the fire department there’s a bush burning in New York….No wait, it’s just God explaining Himself to Nosson Leiter.

      When God wants to appoint a spokesperson He’ll let us know who it is. In the mean time no one should be so arrogant as to think they speak for Him.

      • You spared me asking the same question you asked. I am sure he can explain why my father A’H died from hunger in the Ghetto Lodz, why my mother was gassed in Chelmno and why I was beaten in Czenstochau and finally liberated in Buchenwald and wh my little cousins girls ages 12 one attended B.Y. in the city where I was born were gassed in Birkenau.

        • Yes R Avigdor Miller Z”tl has a couple of tapes on why that occurred. Listen and you will see that sometimes there are sensable reasons. We can’t know for sure but based on what it says in the torah the reasons for a tradegdy occuring (like the holocaust makes sense).

      • Well you are a little bit naive, with all due respect. The Shoah came because of the assimilation the moskilim brought upon our nation. Rabbi Avigdor Miller זצ״ל kept repeating the story that on Shabbos there was a bus going to the business center in slubudka. As time passed some Jews started to go with the bus, and not so much later it was almost the norm. The bus company had to bring a bus every five minutes instead of only every hour!!! And the busses were packed with Jews going to work on Shabbos!!! Now you know y the Shoah came?!!

    8. He is on par with the AYatollahs who said Katrina was vengeance for America being anti Muslim. Give a man a soapbox and he will talk shtusim. Why is this even reported??

    9. Rabbi Leiter – I’m sure once the frum Yiddin of Seagate, Far Rockaway, Bayswater and the 5 Towns get their power back and hear of your pronouncement they will be outraged at your foolishness. I don’t think those areas were hotbeds of support for these toiva activities. If Hashem wanted to send a message there are thousands of Rabonim of greater stature that could have interpeted the storm as such.

    10. I think that its because we aren’t careful to cover all the blood from the chikens by Kiesei Hadom, so Middoh Kneged Middoh, we got Hurricane Sandy, for the lack of sand.

    11. Here is the problem, i also called G-d and he told me its for a differen reason, he said it was because Satmar is in Court, Bobov is in court, etc.

      He also mentioned that it had to do with the fact that Kosher food is so expensive, the scechita is not done proper among other stuff i am not at liberty to discuss, but he never brought up the Gay issue. So i am not sure who this Rabbi spoke with .

      While he was speaking to God he should have checked why the tuition is so expensive and when the gas prices will fall, and hopefully then he woke up and wahsed negel vasser

      What a retard!

    12. I am amazed whenever somone talks about divine punishment people go beserk. There definitly is a connection between “Toaveh” and calamities based on a lot of seforim. If this is conneted I don’t know but there is definitly more to base it then on FGW (fake global warming) somehow people don’t take offense when they blame it on FGW I wonder why?

      • People don’t want to hear; even though he might be right or might be wrong; people should rethink their lives and where they are going. Such storms do this.
        People who did not have children stop to think life is short and I am not going to put off this any long. People who have argued with one another decide it is time to bury the hate. A lot of good can come from this storm if we all stop to think
        and what each and every one stops to think where their lives are going, however
        what I see here is people are fighting not to thing

    13. I guarantee, no politician who support toeva marriage will make teshuva because of Sandy! So why we need message then have no effect on people anyway ? They think it natural disaster and no Yona Hanovi will tell us otherwise.

    14. Finally someone speaks, yes this is what it says in the Torah that hashem gave us.
      In parshas noiach the rishoinem are saying like this.
      If you are doing mishkuv zucher that’s a big sin,but that’s not what brings a mabul a mabul comes for legalizing it.
      It’s very clear and anyone who believes in toras moshe could look it up.
      We should all be ashamed that we are keeping are mouth and not carrying the message of hashem to the world.
      As we all know that is no such a thing as a natural disaster in toras Moshe.

    15. Rabbi Leiter, and I use the word “rabbi” loosely. Keep your comments to yourself. We, as Jews have enough on our plates without unthinking comments like yours. Now we have to be attacked with comments because of people like you. Unlike you who, it seems, must have ruach hakodesh from Hashem, I don’t , and i don’t think that He is too happy with you right now. Sherry the Noahide is absolutely right on! People like you create more chilul Hashem than we already have. Or maybe Hashem didn’t mention that the last time you conversed with each other

    16. I actually heard this from several shiurim a while back when california had fires mudslides & disasters
      Not against gays but when govt passes laws against the torah saying they legalize something. That torah says wrong -gay MARRIAGE .the area loses its divine protection its govt saying god says marriage is for man & wmen & we think otherwise. We dont believe in god. When the vote was up rabbonim were warning against loses our divine protection if gay marriage goes thru. (Sdom)

    17. And for everybody asking why it happened in 7 states if only NY was meant, if you look in rashi it says “kol mukom sha’atu motzhai znus, anderlimisya (wrath) bu L’olam shehurges tovim V’ruim””

      I’m not saying its right for him to say that, but for the sake of argument he has a point and its possible.

      • And in addition to killing innocent with guilty that you brought up, consider this: my state Maryland, along with Maine and Washington, will be voting on this very issue on the election day. Could be that New York was hit hard because it already legalized this sexual perversion, and Maryland and Maine just needed to be warned because they are still considering it?

        I am not sure that this is what is happening, but it is certainly possible, and I have no problem with Rabbi Leiter’s saying it.

    18. The storm can be blamed on nothing else but, an act of G-d. Interestingly, it took place during the month of Cheshvan, same timing as the Biblical era storm. The idea that the storm is retribution for a depraved society, as it was in the time of Noach has crossed the minds of many, if not all of us who have Emunah in Hashem and the Torah. And I am fairly certain that many Rabbonim & Roshei Yeshiva will be speaking about this. But, I wonder how many will have the courage of this man to come out and speak to the world at large – the non-Orthodox, non-Jewish world.
      Remember, also that there’s plenty of deparavity causing chilul Hashem in Our World as well.
      There was news yesterday about Mayor B, not cancelling the upcoming marathon, and a comparison was made to the same decision (several weeks later), after 9-11. My mind alerted me that after 9-11, we were trying to show terrorists they cannot put us down, perhaps we should wonder if our Dear Mayor forgot that, or is he trying to say the same to G-d – as he does in trying to interfere in Bris Milah?????
      Hope you all enjoy my FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!!!

    19. In my view, gay is just a sexual preference that has nothing to do with marriage.

      For Rabbi to say why Hashem is doing what he does, is just not the Torah way to say the least because Nobody Knows…. And to go hold big banners claiming to know G ods reason of doing so, is just a big חלול ה . G od has his reasons for doing whatever he does. We should quit claiming to know why the 1above is doing his way stuff and blaming others, lets fix ourselves first.

      To start,, if you believe you do know why G od is doing his things, go to your synagogue and tell your people what you feel is right. Do not go out, to the outside world and sell your assumptions!

    20. Lets not forget in the news they always mentioned atlantic city as being the eye of the storm, which is the place of gambling and zimah perversion of the east coast..

      So think about it..

      As well mayor bloomberg of ny just a few days ago donated 5 million to support gay marriage..

      So think about it…

      And just recently came with a law against metzitza..

      So think about it…

      Also on Oct 18 New York (CNN) – A federal appeals court in New York became the nation’s second to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act, finding that the Clinton-era law’s denial of federal benefits to married same-sex couples is unconstitutional. The court upheld a lower court’s decision in a 2-1 majority ruling and determined that America’s gay population “has suffered a history of discrimination” similar to that faced by women in years past.

      Thus upholding the law for equal benefits for same sex couples.
      And just a few days later Sandy started.

      Think about it…

    21. What this Rabbi is saying is not his own it is written in the talmud and Midrash from our great Rabbis..

      So maybe if more Rabbis and any Jew would speak out about this.. Maybe we can save our society from destruction!

      The Midrash Rabbah is based on the interpretation of the Torah. It speaks about the subject of same-sex marriage during the days of Noah. And they were not Jews so we cant say its only assur for Jews as it is 1 of the 7 noahide laws which The Rambam says at end of sefer melochim that it is our responsibilty to teach nations of the world!

      The rabbis wrote in the Midrash Rabbah Genesis that the flood in Noah’s day was primarily triggered when males starting writing marriage deeds with other males, and between men and beasts (bestiality). Based on the account of Midrash Rabbah Genesis, same-sex marriages took place during the days of Noah.  There was nothing new under the sun and this is stated by Solomon in Ecclesiastes 1:9. Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah is synonymous with the destruction of the flood generation in Midrash Rabbah Genesis.  It states in the Midrash Rabbah Genesis that Lot pleaded all night for mercy for the Sodomites, and that the angels permitted him to plead for them. But once the people said, “… bring them out [the angels] so we may have sex with them,” mercy ran out.  The angels told Lot, “for now on you have no right to plead anymore.”  Judgment was sent upon Sodom.  Flood water was the judgment of God on the people in Noah’s day.  Fire and brimstone was the judgment against Sodom and Gomorrah.

    22. Make sure you ask your kind hearted neighbor who is willing to help you with clean-up if he/she is gay. If yes, tell them to go to hell. What an idiot of a “rabbi”.

    23. There was major damage in Queens, not far from the old Shea Stadium. So I call up the KBH and I say, “Hey what gives?” And He says, “It took me a while, I was busy, but this is what you get for trading Tom Seaver”.

      Makes more sense than Rabbi Leiter.

    24. Where can we email a list to the rabbi so when he talks to God next time we can send in a request so we get all the right answers. VIN would you please forward my list.

      Dear God,

      I am trying to be a good jew and follow your rules but there are some conflicting problems that i dont now an answer to. I would not bother you for this, but since Ranbbi Leiter has a direct line i might as well get the answers to those.

      Thanks in advance.

      1. Was the Satmar Rabbi who left close to a half-a-million followers right with his movement against Israel or was it a mistake?

      2. Is Yoshon real?

      3. Is it required to pay 50% more for kosher milk or products that OU makes for much cheaper?

      4. When you said we should daven on Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur, did you have in mind that our Rabbis should keep us in shul untill 7 pm, or can we eat at 2 pm?

      5. Do i reeally need a filter for my Internet?

      6. Was Rubashkin sentenced to 27 years also bacuase of the Gays, or some other reason that is confidental?

      7. Should i vote for Obama?

      8. Who is the real satmar rabbi today?

      9. Is shita Rabeinu Taam neccesary or can i stick to the first Zman?

    25. Maybe some of you chachomim can explain this . Many years during the storm Hazel a father and son walked home sukkas from davening. The father’s hat blew off and the son giving koved av run after the hat. A tree fell and instantly took the life of the boy. A true shomer shabbes and erliche mishpocho. I am sure you wil have an explanation

    26. The fact is that this ‘rabbi’ is a soothsayer. This is a godless act and it is condoned in no way by Torah in any sense. Soothsaying is prohibited by Torah law and a soothsayer is to be avoided at all costs. If not harsher penalties.

    27. I wouldn’t dismiss it. And it happened during the shavua of Vayeira, anshei Sdom, Amora, etc., etc. I know people don’t like to hear it, but that doesn’t mean the one who thinks this way shouldn’t say it. On the contrary.

      • what happened with free speech. thats the way with you leftys non-believer, when one writes what you dont like to hear ‘nobody asked you’ you all say. yes the truth hurts

    28. What scapegoat did rabbis use to explain tragedies and natural disasters BEFORE gay rights movement and gay marriage equality? Galveston Hurricane of 1900 killed 8 thousand people. This Noah mabul gay marriage warning doesn’t fit the situation back then.
      The beauty with Orthodox Judaism is you can find any text and any phrase interpret it any way you want to fit your agenda or support your fantasies. If Hashem doesn’t want gay equality then how come he spared every major gay night club in Manhattan while frum homes were flooded?

    29. Let’s not forget that while toeiva was the aveira before the mabul, but “lo nechtam gezar dinom elo al hagezel” and that my friends is something that really needs a change of course.

    30. Everyone get on with life; there are crazies in all sects, whether Christians, (and with out saying:) Muslims…

      No one asked this so-called “Rabbi” for any somewhat opinion he just posted on his blog. He is a NOBODY!
      Oh, and BTW, we all know what our sages say about the “Mobil” the final straw…was “Thievery” – how about a lesson on that?

      • “No one asked this so-called “Rabbi” for any somewhat opinion…”

        Ok, if ever I run into him, I will ask him: “Rabbi, what is your any somewhat opinion? I have no idea what it means either, but someone named ChachoMoe encouraged me to ask.”

    31. this is a chilul hashem…intelligent people look at this and say if this is torah educated jews….then its a laughing stock..what would be wise is to say look anal gay relationship is prohibited in the bible…thats all its the truth people would take it on face value….when you play mr arrogant that you know hashems plan ect…it looks silly…to be honest every time i hear a certain leading rav say thing like that…that the holocaust or this tsunami or that disaster is because of this or that, i tend to say under my breath…meshugeneh or fraduster….a leading rav looks at the tov always just like avraham avinu or moshe rebanu…if someone always looks at the ra or negativity its becuase they are ra they are a fraud…

    32. Why is nobody figuring out that this whole churban came so close to the voting against METZITZA BEPEH situation.
      NY was the hardest hit with such a big city like MANHATTAN to be crippled for so many days and how many economic losses involved. It is such a domino effect.

    33. (reply to 27)You could argue with me and with this rabbi.but you can’t argue with toras moshe,MOSHE EMES VTOROSE EMES.
      To all of the commenters who are concerned how we get messaging for hashem,yes we have the Torah hashem gave us a Torah over there you see why a mabul comes,it is very clear,it seems like there is some people who would like a Torah that is legalizing gay marriage and other sexual craziness,sadly enough the Torah is not liberal about this and it’s very clear that a mabul is coming for this.
      Yes Atlantic city has a big reason to be hit by a storm according to Torah.

    34. I was thinking the exact same thing, but you have to ask about NJ, Florida, and other “non-Gay” states that were hit hard. Also, Toronto, Ontario legalizes gay marriages and wasn’t NEARLY hit as hard as NYC.

    35. Interesting to note that the name sandy is given to boys and girls no distinction bettween the sexes!

      Also represents Alexander which is claimed to be gay..

      From wiki

      Sandy is a popular unisex name; the male version can be a diminutive of “Alexander,” “Alasdair,” “Sandipan”, “Sanford,” or “Santiago,” while the female version is a diminutive for “Sandra” or less commonly “Alexandra”.

      And here goes meaning..
      Gender: Both
      Origin: Greek
      Meaning: Defending men

      Dedending men who want to stay men…

    36. He may or may not have something there, but, one thing for sure, Hashem is sending us a message and if it causes an improvement in any area that is lacking it is good. If people will behave more morally proper, or be more decent or kind to each other or try an improve whatever they think or know they are doing wrong, then Sandy will not have been in vain. If not, then who knows how Hashem may send the next message?

    37. One of the chachmei umos ha’olam said:
      “A fanatic is a man who does what he thinks the Lord would do if only He knew the facts of the case” (Finley Peter Dunne)

    38. (reply to 58)if you don’t believe in “kul Mukem znus anderlemusya boo) then please leave buba basru for the believers of every part of the Torah don’t take only what you like the Torah is only given for Jews because we said will take everything not like yishmuel and Adium

    39. this rabbi must have a very high IQ since it is clearly a very smart time to say that. By saying such a smart thing at such a smart time, he is sure to get everyone to respect him and what he is saying. incredible how he won everyone over. sheer genius!!!!!!

    40. (reply to 72)Ok much calmer no I got very disturbed by some of the comments here I tought some of the people here are speaking other the name of torah I got the idea you writing opinion as a Jew not as a Torah Jew so we don’t believe in the same thing

    41. Why all the derision, mocking and name-calling? He expressed thoughts that go through all of our minds at one time or another but we keep from voicing them, especially publicly. This man felt the need to do so and had the guts to say what he believes. Disagreeing with him doesn’t give us the right to smash him. I am inclined to believe that Hashem will have more issues with the knock-our-fellow-Yid commenters on this site than with this young rabbi who feels the urge to defend His laws.

      • Whether he’s right or wrong is not the issue. There is a time and place for everything! Just take a look at the YouTube comments to understand the Anti-semitism he has provoked. There was nothing to be accomplished by his remarks; anyone who has any interest in what that Rabbi has to say, will never have any hand in any Gay marriages. And the ones that do, will simply look at him as another fanatic.

    42. Fortuantely, I am sure that the nice people in Iowa where there is same sex marriage wont be punished, unless a hurricane forms over Chicago huh? I mean, maybe Hashem has his eye out for New York now that we have nice yidden there who are automatically smart enough to think that a horrible hurricane during a time of global warning is invariably a message from high above. G-d is a nasty guy huh? I am sure that we can join our extremely wicked christian friends who say the worst things like the Westboro Baptist Church and condemn the world at large since G-d is a very mean and hurtful creator who would send a storm to destroy all of New York and New Jersey just because of a new law. This makes sense to me. Can I just use my new shofar to signal the end of the world too? I am so aggreived that any jew could comment in a fashion and indicate that we have inside knowledge of the atrocities of the natural world that we can do anything we want to condemn today’s society with the harm and victimization of millions upon millions of people.

    43. Ecclesiastes11:1-2 Send your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it. Distribute portions to seven, or even to eight, for you never know what calamity might strike the land.

      11:5 Just as you do not konw the way of the wind, nor the nature of the embryo in a pregnant stomach, so can you never know the work of G-d. Who makes everything. In the morning sow your seed and in the evening do not be idle, for you cannot know which will succeed- this or that- or whether both are equally good.

      Man can not elicit a dignity of the destruction and assign it a number or a blame. G-d is in control and we are not to decide what is retribution or what is a divine change in the worldly nature. G-d is not an animal that would delight in the suffering of the poor.

      Shame on any human being who might assign blame to the Jewish nation or any for this calamity and read your Tanakh before you get into the front pages.

    44. Bravo Rabbi Leiter for saying what had to be said.

      Emperor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Mike Bloomberg are exposed and have exposed those in their domains to catastrophe by caving in to the flood of immorality promoted by the toeivah lobby. They must be held to account for their irresponsible actions.

      He is following in the way of Rav Avigdor Miller zt”l and other gedolim.

      In the time of Noach there also leitzim (scoffers) who laughed and didn’t listen. As in the time of the nevi’im who gave musar, who were threatened and attacked.

      Better to be on the side of Noach and Avraham than on the side of contemporary Sodomites.

    45. Sin is Sin period, Lust, love, listening to the Heart, rather than Torah leads to destruction. People on here Loshon Hara, this decent man is bringing curses on themselves in this life or the one to come. How sad people are saying bad is good, and good is bad. How horrible people can not give our Creator his authority over our lives. I simply pray in fear of HaShem’s wrath His precious wing of protection over myself my husband and our children not because of our sins but because of my neighbors, The rain falls on the just and the unjust, however we can have His protection even if we endure hardships. I look at these hardships as a chance to do a good deed for those around me when things like this happen. Being kind especially now, is so important. To not be kind is just as much a sin as impure sexual relations. It is not our place to decide this one I will help this one I wont. Its our place to DO! Let HaShem sort out the trash he is very capable. I would highly suggest those of you who can to leave the cities asap. Its not going to get better anytime soon.

    46. This reminds me of Katrina were the right wing announced it was god’s punishment for “the sins of New Orleans.” Only, the part that was flooded was the most devote and religious part of the city while Bourbon Street was left high and dry.

      • couldnt care less what it reminds you of. but if you’d learn shas, bavli, commentatores kuzri’ moreh nevochim you’d see its not so simple for your pee wee sized brain. these subjects are dicussed at lenth


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