New York – NY Assemblyman: Bloomberg A Colossal Failure; He Should Resign


    New York – Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind today blasted Mayor Bloomberg for his mishandling of the city’s woes in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, saying the mayor has proven he is totally out of touch with the needs of his constituents and should resign.

    “He has mishandled this entire crisis,” Hikind told Shimon Gifter in a video interview for VIN News. “People feel unsafe in their own homes, they are afraid to leave what is left of their houses because of the looting. Where is the mayor? What is he busy with? We changed the law to give him a third term, because he insisted that the city needed him, he was the great administrator. He has been a colossal failure. I dare him to go out to Far Rockaway or Seagate and face the people there.”

    Hikind took the mayor to task for his slow response to the gas crisis, wondering why it took Bloomberg a week to institute even/odd rationing at gas stations, when New Jersey adopted the policy almost a full week ago.

    “Who is running the city of New York?” queried Hikind. “It certainly isn’t Bloomberg.”

    While Hikind criticized the mayor for his inaction following last week’s storm, he further attacked Bloomberg for what he called his skewed priorities.

    “What is the mayor busy with? Ensuring that people can’t donate food to the homeless because he is worried about its nutritional content. Instead of spending his time helping storm victims, the mayor is busy making sure that no one brings cholent to homeless shelters.”

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    1. He’ll never resign. His ego won’t let. He’s a little dictator. How much longer do we have to put up with him dictating how we live our lives? Can’t Obama give him a job or something?

    2. Mr. Hikind welcome to North Korea.
      We did not give him a third term he is a dictator that is above the law.
      While I don’t blame him on the gas shortage I am sure he is only happy about it.
      This was his plan from day 1.
      Criminalize everyone who drives a car so he as king can be the only person driving in town with an ac unit in the window.


    3. Finnaly someone speaking up.Bloomberg is a nut job plus a flat out LIAR claiming that most gas stations are closed becuase they have no electriciy.hey Bloomy they are closed because they have no gas.Impeach this phsycopath.

    4. All the mayor wants is for everyone to use the MTA and no cars. He also wants all those that have bikes too use them. He’s over his head cuz he dznt take a paycheck. He a tzidreita poor excuse for a human being!

    5. I dont want to rain on anyones parade, and Dov happens to be one of the good guys, but here is the problem.

      You cannot follow blindly a man for 10 years when you know he is the worst man for the job, but you close your eyes because you think he is good for you and then go crazy when he does the same thing to you.

      This man was a socialist pig since he took office, he is a man that wants to pin down every person wether it comes to Sugar, Bris Mila, Gas, Smoking, Taxes, Control, etc.

      So for example when it was up to smoking you agreed with him since you are not a smoker and you didnt care that he takes away the rights of smokers but now that you are affected you are yelling. Sorry, does not work this way, and youre eating your own medicine.

      Simcha Felder you are also one that follows him blindly, your day will come too!

    6. Reb Yid says:

      “Maybe we can treat him like the real Napoleon and exile him to some island somewhere. Not Manhattan. Maybe his estate on Bermuda.”

      I believe that Rikers Island would be sufficient.

    7. Look, New Yorkers have only themselves to blame. They voted Bloomberg into office for a third term, despite the fact that there was previously a two term limit. The only other NYC Mayors who served three terms, were Fiorello LaGuardia (who incidentally had a Jewish Mother), and Ed Koch. Anything thing which really concerns me, is that there appeared to be a much quicker response to the victims of the Tsunami in 2004, than to the poor victims in The Rockaways, Sea Gate, Staten Island, and NJ. There are still 250,000 people without heat, food, medicine, shelter, etc. The utility companies are taking their sweet time in restoring power, as the longer it takes, the more money the electrical workers receive.

    8. Well you guys fell for his saying that he is needed even though Rudy Giuliani was replaceable-that’s what mayor doomberg said on that election “everybody is replaceable”-so now EAT IT!!!

    9. Obviously you all didn’t notice Bloomberg in the disaster zone today thanking the volunteers. He has certainly made questionable decisions in this crisis but he has also done tremendous positive for the City. It is not always all-or-nothing.

    10. I am disturbed to see a religious man using such venomous language (colossal failure) to another man and especially to another Jew. Such foul language has no place in the vernacular of Torah observant Jews. If you do not agree with someone politically you can criticize in a calm and respectable manner.
      As the holy Master Rabbi Nachman of Breslov says “Speech has tremendous power. If you know how, you can even whisper to a gun so that it cannot shoot.”
      Likutey Moharan II, 96

    11. This is a great article. I shows that Dov HIkind is a centered rational person. I’ve shared many times about how disappointing Mayor Bloomberg is. He should never have gotten a 3rd term. I so dislike his bossiness about the food issues. He is such a control freak. He should worry about himself and his own character defects instead of trying to fix everyone and everything, he should concentrate on himself and fixing what is wrong with him. The guy is bad for the Jews, bad for NY City.

    12. I do not know where the Mayor was Saturday but I heard that people came from LA and brought Cajun food for the people in Staten Island. From some restaurant there. They will be there on Sunday as well. Nobody stopped them. No business with salt. Only on Friday they stopped the donation of Jewish people with the chulent. Is there a double standard here??Did the Mayor go to Bermuda??


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