New York – New Product Winners Named For Kosherfest 2012


    Winner of the Best Overall New Product was Gelato Petrini's Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato.New York – Winners of the annual New Product Competition and Showcase have already grabbed the Kosherfest spotlight, just days before Kosherfest, the world’s largest kosher food trade show, kicks off at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey. Awardees are selected by a group of kosher retail and food service buyers, kosher food distributors, chefs and industry experts and are prominently displayed in a showcase at Kosherfest.

    “The new products that are being introduced by kosher companies are constantly being upgraded to the point where they not only compete favorably in the kosher market but they can do so in the mainstream market as well,” Menachem Lubinsky, Kosherfest Founder and President and CEO of LUBICOM Marketing, told VIN News.
     New Product competition named the best new retail and foodservice kosher products of the year.
    Winner of the Best Overall New Product was Gelato Petrini’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato. The soy milk based frozen dessert, which is kosher certified by the ORB, also took the award for Best New Dessert, Baked Good and/or Sweet Snack.

    Gelato Petrini came about almost by accident as Dawn Petrini, who had just started a job with a private equity firm brought in her husband Mauro’s homemade gelato as a token of thanks for her new bosses.

    “My husband is a gelato chef from Italy,” said Ms. Petrini. “My bosses loved the product and decided to invest in it.”

    Gelato Petrini currently produces over 250 flavors including Tiramisu, Rose Petal, Pistachio and Fig and Honey.

    “We came to Kosherfest last year and the product was a huge hit so we decided to expand,” explained Ms. Petrini. “We found that people who keep kosher still want the opportunity to taste delicious desserts and a product doesn’t have to taste bad just because it is pareve. We try very hard to come up with an endless selection of flavors yet still maintain the artisan quality of our product.”

    Jack’s Gourmet Kosher of Brooklyn, producer of handcrafted deli meats and sausage was another multiple award winner, taking the prize for Best New Deli Meat, with its Spicy Italian Style Salami and Best New Meat, Seafood of Poultry Product for an imitation bacon product named Facon.

    “Originally my partner and I had hoped to open a restaurant, but we realized it was more economical to open a company and have a wider market,” said Jack Silberstein, a Culinary Institute of America trained chef. “Our idea was to create kosher versions of things that didn’t exist in the kosher world. Every time we create a new product we taste test it with non-kosher people and get their feedback. When we tested Facon, which is dried and cured just like the real thing, we had people who eat bacon on an almost daily basis who said they could barely tell the difference between our product and the real thing.”

    Wellness Foods’ Simply Protein Chips took the prize for Best New Savory and/or Salty Snack Food.

    “We are ecstatic and delighted to know that our new product has won this award,” said Rachel Golian of Wellness Foods. “At a time when everyone is concerned about healthy snack options, Simply Protein Chips are a much healthier option than most other chips on the market and are also kosher, pareve, gluten, dairy and soy free, enabling us to reach out to many people with dietary concerns.”

    Other new product winners include Mikee Sugar Free Salad Dressings, Oxygen Amazon Chipotle Sauce and Passion Fruit Obsession Jam, Norman’s Greek Yogurt, Ta’amti Pizza Pinwheels, Torie and Howard Organic Candies, Paskesz Chocolate Coated Rice Cakes, Kedem Winery’s Pacifica Meritage, Osems’ Pearl Couscous with Rice, Roasted Garlic and Sundried Tomatoes, Foodman’s Matzolah and The Kosher Cook’s Royal Challettes, an all new silicone pan that creates perfectly shaped challah rolls without any braiding.

    For a full list of all the new product winners click here

    The Kosherfest event is being held this year on Nov. 13-Nov. 14 at The Meadowlands Exposition in Secaucus,, New Jersey

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