Germany – Lawmakers Want Circumcision Ban Under 14


    Germany – Left-wing lawmakers in Germany are threatening to oppose government efforts to keep male infant circumcision legal.

    More than 50 lawmakers from three parties are proposing that parents should have to wait until their son is 14 so he can give informed consent for the procedure.

    The proposal obtained by The Associated Press on Monday would radically amend a government bill that would give parents the power to decide.

    The bill was prompted by a regional court ruling that circumcision could amount to criminal bodily harm. The government has enough votes to pass the bill and defeat amendments.

    The June court ruling prompted outrage in Germany’s Jewish and Muslim communities. Jews circumcise boys on the 8th day after birth and Muslims usually perform the procedure early in a boy’s life.

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      • I was four years in concentration camp followed by hospitalization re3cuperating from the beating by SS. After the war Austria offered me to fund my schooling up to a professional. I chose the unknown the United States . Spain had Don Abarbanel who placed a cherim on Spain after the chorbin they were no “gedolim” of his stature. No Jew should be living in Germany , it is a land of blood of innocent and now you have cholov yisroel in Germany, it is a treife land and no Jew should live there. You are right and have insight. Yes I davened in Buchenwald and daven , raised children shomer shabbes and worked in a profession. Germany is the same when Yidden left mizraim the “pots of meat” and “money”. It is worst than stupidity it is irrresponsibility and a defamation of those killed in Auschwitz, Treblinka and Majdanek.

      • No, he doesn’t! You know very well he has never spoken against Bris Milah itself, but rather MBP. Regardless of whether he’s wrong on that account, hyperbole is inappropriate here. We enjoy many freedoms in this country and state, and with God’s help, that will stay the same.

        • He hates metzitza bepeh and he hates religion. He has spoken out against the 10,000 black hats that he’s had to deal with. He has told rabbis that he thinks religion is the source of all wars (clearly factually incorrect but that’s beside the point). Is it such a great leap of faith to go from banning metzitzah bepeh to banning bris milah? Remember–there were two babies that they say contracted herpes from MbP, and on that basis they want to ban it. If two babies will develop complications from bris milah without MbP, why are you so sure they will not want to ban bris milah without MbP?

    1. What I don’t understand is that this is a medical procedure. in fact, in the United States it is part of the after-birth cleaning up. Had a child need to have any type of medical procedure such as a heart transplant after birth what they wait until he is 14?!

    2. Fooled once shame on you. Fooled twice shame on me. The Germans have clearly defined their love for Jews in recent history. Have we not learned from that. Why are Jews living in that country of anti semitism?

    3. Bloomberg has started a sliperey slope by enacting legislation which regulates Bris Milah (Mohels must furnish parents with a written ducument stating that an infant may die from MBP). Now the hole world can say look NYC the city with largest Jewish population in the world regulates Bris Milah, why cant we. Those same “concerned” legislators allow the unborn baby to be murdered.

    4. I’d like to respond to some of the comments about Jews living in Germany; today, there are well over 125,000 Jews in Germany. Germany has taken in many Jews from the former Soviet Union. In addition, there are hundreds of Israelis, who are living there; also, Jews from other countries, and native born German Jews live there. I stopped in Frankfort, Germany, on the way back from EY, and there was special protection accorded to the El Al plane and passengers, which I was on. Unlike other countries, Germany has lived up to its horrible past, and expressed contrition, in deeds, money, and in arms to EY, including the latest submarines. While it is true that there are still some farbisen elements in Germany, they are in a minority. All of the Shuls in Germany are accorded special armed guards, to protect the Jews. It is a victory against Hitler, y’mach shimo, that Jewish life in Germany has reestablished itself.

    5. This is most likely an attempt to dissuade Muslims from entering or staying in Germany. Unfortunately Jews are collateral damage. They can’t just ban circumcision under 14 for one religion and not another.

      • That’s an interesting theory, and it hadn’t even crossed my mind while contemplating the reasons for the ban. Good going, it’s always refreshing to hear something other than the usual that gets posted here.


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