Gaza – Islamic Jihad Says It Fired Rocket At Tel Aviv; Israel Says It Landed In Sea


    Smoke trails are seen after missiles were fired by Palestinian militants from Gaza City towards southern Israel on 15 November 2012.  EPAGaza – The Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad said on Thursday it had fired a rocket that reportedly hit Israel’s commercial centre Tel Aviv.

    The group, based in the Gaza Strip, said it had fired a Fajr 5 rocket. “We have widened the range of the battle to reach Tel Aviv and what is coming will be greater,” it said in a statement.

    Minutes earlier, sirens sounded in Tel Aviv and Israel’s Army Radio reported a missile strike.

    Israel’s chief military spokesman said no rocket had struck the city. A security source said it fell into the Mediterranean.

    A strike on Tel Aviv would be the first time Gaza rocket squads have reached the city and that would mark a significant escalation.

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      • Just explain me how by having there a few bases it would be any better. Gaza isn’t to big, and they still manage to sneak under the nose of the IDF and shoot rockets. now by having there a few bases how would they protect Israel.


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