Borough Park, NY – Second Prize Power Ball Winning Ticket Sold In Brooklyn


    Borough Park, NY – Luck abounded for Lotto players in Brooklyn, NY in this past Saturday nightโ€™s, Nov 17, Power Ball lotto drawings.

    While no one won the Jackpot price of $214 Million Dollars, Lotto officials confirmed that at least Two second price winning ticket where sold in Brooklyn, NY. The tickets where sold as a Quick Pick.

    One ticket was sold at A K Grocery , 5902 18th Ave, and another ticket at Green Planet Foods Inc, 154 Bedford Ave.

    Each Ticket holder can claim $1 Million Dollars.

    The power ball winning numbers were 03-15-27-58-59 + POWER BALL (20)

    According to Lotto officials no one has yet come forward to claim the wining ticket.

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    1. Reserve a room in a nice place, call the family together. Tell them you have a big announcement after dinner. After they clear the tables tell everyone how much you love them and that you never play the lottery.

    2. The sad part is that by the time taxes are taken out they’ll be left with approx 480k, and since its a Brooklyn fam they will have to pay back all the welfare payments they got since they were married and that’s what they are left with. Besides that to get welfare again they will need to prove that they don’t have any of that money left.
      This could mean more trouble than luck.


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