Brooklyn, NY – Flatbush Shomrim Instructed By Parks Officials Not to Cut Down Fallen Trees Following Hurricane


    Brooklyn, NY – In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Flatbush Shomrim volunteers took to the streets with chainsaws to begin cutting up and removing fallen trees that were blocking roadways and preventing emergency and supply vehicles from accessing streets in Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, Marine Park, and Brighton Beach. Grateful residents cheered their efforts and the removal of some 75 trees. Yet, the New York City Parks Department did not appreciate Shomrim’s intervention and ordered the volunteer group to stop working.

    “We had a little problem with the Parks Department,” Flatbush Shomrim Founder Chaim Deutsch told the Brooklyn Daily ( Deutsch said a Parks official told him to stay away from the fallen trees. “He said we’re not supposed to be doing that, but I said in a crisis, I’ll do whatever I have to. We already did a large part of the Parks Department’s job by cutting down 75 trees.”

    According to the Parks Department, if fallen trees do not constitute an emergency, the City has up to two weeks to remove them. If the fallen trees do create a hazardous situation, only agency foresters and contractors with the necessary permits are allowed to cut down City trees. Even if a tree falls on private property, a homeowner still needs to ensure his contractor obtains permission from the Parks Department before doing away with the tree.
    “Non-certified foresters who do not have permission from Parks should not go out with chainsaws and remove trees. It’s dangerous,” an agency spokeswoman said.

    One Sheepshead Bay resident had nothing but praise for Deutsch and his chainsaw crew. “The Parks Department does not do a good job with trees,” Allen Popper said. “They do a terrible job. Chaim Deutsch and the Flatbush Shomrim were doing everything Bloomberg’s people should have done.”

    While Deutsch has since retired his chainsaw, he says he stands at the ready should another disaster hit the area. “You cannot rely on the city, because the city doesn’t always have the resources,” he explained. “We prepare ourselves, on our own, to help as much as possible.”

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      • Maybe we should STOP Hatzoloh calls because it belongs to 911..????.
        Where do they want to draw the line.? They are not even ashamed instead of Thanking Shomrim for doing their job and made the city streets passable all they can do is complaint…Shomrim did NOT cut down those very large trees which need to be done by professionals,they just cleared the streets from fallen branches and smaller trees….Just look at Far Rockaway and Staten Island where they are still waiting for the Parks dept. to clear those trees and other city and govt. agencies who have not gotten to those areas yet…

    1. Liberilism at it’s best.
      Make citizens more and more dependable on big government so their lives can be dictated by those who fell themselves superior to others.
      I’ve yet to hear an apology from varios city departments for their misfunction during crisis.
      It’s a matter of time till they do the same with hatzalah – need permision before they’re allowed to save lives everytime an emergency happens.
      Bloomberg can’t admit that he needs help and for that reason he didn’t allow national guard to operate in the city.

    2. There is still a broken street on my block and the broken sidewalk that goes with it. The homeowner has done absolutely nothing!! I guess they are waiting for the snow to fall, cover everything, and then, somebody to trip and break their neck!!
      Strangers walk on this street as well. The regulars know where the broken squares are, The strangers do not!! How long will we have to wait??

    3. What kind of CHUTZPAH!
      In other words they said to the shomrim ‘volunteers’ (who by the way didn’t get a dime in compensation):
      Let us lazy city workers do the cutting at a rate of 1 tree per day, while we can take our ‘deserved’ coffee brakes every hour or so, then claim ‘overtime’ on the taxpayers expense, we wanted to steel the taxpayers money, here comes ‘u guys’ and ‘take matters into your own hands’…
      HOW DARE YA!!

      Keep it up! With your Emergency tree cutting service saved hundreds of thousands of dollars TAXPAYER MONEY,
      Shomrim BP, Willy and Flatbush covered roughly 30% of Brooklyn.

      (By the way, imagine FEMA telling shomrim to get out of seagate and Far Rockway…)

    4. Boro president Molinari from Staten Island asked its citizens NOT to give a DIME to Red Cross because they were NO where to be found when people were crying for food,shelter,blankets and life saving equipment…And here comes such a great organization as Shomrim and WOW…what a crime they did..The actually did a better job then the Parks Dept…wow…they put the city to shame….i really believe a shikker pirim afternoon wouldnt talk such shtissim….

    5. The bleep with Troll Bloomberg and his regime of bumbling fools. Obviously one cannot rely on govt!! Liberalism MUST be defeated!!

      Did you folks hear the FEMA guy on Zev Brenner motzai shabbos? He was talking in circles. Govt is a necessary evil but DON’T rely on them.

      • when branches get in between the gears that operate the hydraulic system they can cause major damage and take the truck out of service for several days and also can split and cause serious eye injuries to sanitation men. The city had trucks picking up those branches if you call your local sanitation supervisor…..

        • local sanit supv??? r u kidding me? these guys r the laziest bums in the world. they only come around to check if u dropped a microscopic pc of paper into a regular sanit bag, then give u a summons.

          it’s all unionized….

          mi k’amcho yisroel?? we always fended for ourselves and will continue to do so.

          mr. doomberg, we can’t wait to throw a big, three-forker kiddush the day u step off ur cursed podium….

    6. In the Fall of 1968, I was with the 70th Precinct Auxiliary Police, Rescue Service Unit. In November, 1968, a gigantic, older, oak tree had fallen down across Westminster Road, near Ditmas Avenue, in Brooklyn. About twelve of us with chain saws, and other equipment cleared that tree from the roadway, and had it removed. There was a Patrolman from the 70th Precinct, who provided additional security, and told us “that the entire community was appreciative of our efforts”. There was no bureaucracy to go through at that time, with the Parks Department, or getting a special permit. Likewise, in my community, several trees fell down across our street, following an ice storm, a number of years ago. I assisted someone with a chain saw, and we removed those trees, which were blocking the road. There are times, when it is not practical to wait for governmental authority. For example, if someone wants to hook up a generator during a blackout, is he/she supposed to wait several weeks to get approval for the necessary permits, or should he engage a contractor and go ahead? If it means freezing in the winter, I say go ahead, and have a contractor install the generator.


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