Israel – Livni Slams Netanyahu For Exempting Ultra-Orthodox From Military Service


    Ultra Orthodox Jews gather in protest  against the government's plan to start drafting yeshiva students into military and national service on July 01,2012. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90Israel – The government approved on Sunday the enlistment of 1,300 yeshiva students for civilian service and officially recognized the move as an alternative to serving in the IDF.

    The proposal is meant as a compromise with the religious community and an interim solution to offset a deficiency in volunteers following the expiration of the Tal Law four months ago, which allowed haredim to indefinitely defer their military service.

    The move has outraged draft reform campaigners, who say it is an illegal exemption since the civilian service was established by the committee of the Tal Law, which the High Court ruled to be illegal in February.

    The new arrangement, jointly devised by the Defense Ministry and the Science and Technology Ministry, reportedly will remain in effect until next August.

    Tzipi Livni rebuked the Netanyahu government Sunday morning for its decision.

    That Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government intends “to circumvent the [High Court of Justice] and continue perpetuating this historic injustice is outrageous, immoral and does not stand the test of the High Court,” the Tzipi Livni Party leader said.

    Livni described the move as a Netanyahu decision “to spit in the face of the Zionist majority” on the eve of elections.

    Former OC Human Resources Maj.-Gen. (Res.) Elazar Stern, who recently joined the Tzipi Livni Party, said that the Netanyahu government was missing an historic opportunity to resolve the issue of equality in the burden.

    Stern said the government was destroying any possibility of resolving the issue via an agreement, despite recent efforts to come to an arrangement.

    “Many officials in the haredi community were willing to make compromises.. but the end result is that on the eve of elections, the government has demonstrated its true priorities,” Stern said.

    Echoing their comments, Habayit Hayehudi chairman Naftali Bennett said Sunday that the government must stop buying time to find a solution to the issue of equality in the burden.

    “There are more and more haredim who want to enlist,” Bennett said, calling on the government to produce real solutions via different tracks of service which will allow haredim to do their part in sharing the burden.

    Labor candidate Itzik Shmuli also responded to the move, asserting that the Labor party had already presented a fair and realistic alternative to the Tal Law.

    He slammed the government for its temporary solution, saying Netanyahu’s government is characterized by years of inaction and inability to make concrete decisions.

    He said the Labor proposal will ensure that every year exemption will be given to a specific percentage of the haredi sector, “a move designed to ensure real recruitment and not the spins that Netanyahu is used to, which are just lip service for the upcoming election.”

    Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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    1. Mrs livni: I know you not a jew & not keeping the torah laws but we are, remember one thing jews don’t belong in the IDF & will never happen as people treid already for 60 years & didn’t work out, a buchir belongs in yeshiva, waste of time

      • excuse me,,,but mrs livni is as jewish as yout mother is….she is a daughter of sarah,rivkah and leah, hoe dare you make such a ingorant statement…if you claim to be such a holy jew then act, without hate…you need to set an example for other yidden not act like a hater….the fact is the holy land needs more manpower and charaideshe yolam needs to chip in…its not outrages but practical….why should charaidim recive funds and protection of the army from the state and dont chip in? doesnt make any sense….you guys want gas masks if ch”v there is a need so stop with this nonsense…

        • Every army has divisions and Klal’s Yisrael division is Torah and Davening. Also women do not belong in the army. The ones that go and serve this is their mitzvah and the one who sit and learn it is their mitzvah

          • Q: Then why won’t you at least make a Mi Shebeirach for the Israeli army?
            A: Because you are sleazy draft dodging hypocrites hiding behind G-D.
            Of course you want to continue grabbing money for your mosdos, so you act as if this is some sort of “partnership”. Where you do the heavy lifting = learning, while the unfortunate know nothing expendable simpletons are left out on the battlefield.

            Who are you fooling?

          • “Klal Yisroel division is Torah” I am not sure what religion you are talking about, but our Holly Torah only excempt from the army Newliweds for one year. Not Bochurim or Kolel guys for the rest of their lives. Married after 1 year you have to join the Army by Halacha..Same for bocherim.

        • You fail to realize the real reason why there was peace in Israel. It is because of the Torah that jews survive and not the other way around. And no I am not sitting in kollel. I worked in Israel for 2.5 years paying close to 200,000 NIS in taxes and I am more than happy that some of it went to support people learning Torah.

      • remember ALTERG real torah observant jews dont troll the internet or even go to websites like vosizneias ….
        the fact you are constantly here tells me you are not true to your so called belief system
        i think most religious borough park jews would call you an apostate aka APIKORES

        please give up your internet nonsense while you still can repent

    2. Can someone ask her secularness and those who surround her what an ultra orthodox Jew looks like and to point out the equivalent ultra orthodox Cathlolic and Moslem? I’m observant – not chareidi, not dati, not mizrachi, not Jordache, not Hanes, not Levis, not labelled. Maybe I’m Leibel, maybe not.

    3. What Ms. Livni and co. don’t get is that the army doesn’t need more people. Israel’s army is already extremely large, and modern warfare doesn’t depend on manpower, it depends on intelligence. I would agree that Charedim should serve in the army, IF there were a real need. But Ms. Livni and co. aren’t interested in protecting Israel as much as destroying Torah.

      • first off…the idf always needs more manpower..second they need administrative people as well. i actually have a belzer relative whom is part of a it programming division….so there is many ways to be part of it. he wants to live like a mensh and work hard for a honest parnosa…

      • I take it you didn’t attend a military academy in Israel. Would you enlighten me which military academy you attended in the United States. Clearly you, and you alone, understand the exact moment that Charedim should join the army. I salute your superior military knowledge…not

    4. Did you ever hear of v’charbi v’kashti. You are cowards if someone else has to serve for you and save your derrier. Everybody hides behind torah, not serving in the IDF, sodomizing little boys and when you say something you are are against torah


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