Jerusalem – Netanyahu: I’ll Strengthen Settlements During Next 4 Years


Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo by Moshe Milner/GPO/FLASH90Jerusalem – Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday promised to continue strengthening the settlement enterprise in the West Bank, kicking off his Likud-Beytenu campaign ahead of national elections on January 22.

“We did a lot to strengthen the settlements [in the past four years], and in the next four years we’ll continue to do a lot to strengthen the settlements,” he said at the campaign rally.

Netanyahu commented that while Israel is reaching out to the Palestinians in order to achieve a true and mutual peace agreement, his party will continue to safeguard the security interests of the people of Israel “despite international pressure.”

Israel took a pounding overseas last week for announcements of construction activity beyond the Green Line. The criticism didn’t stop the Interior Ministry’s Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee from giving their final approval Monday night to around 1,200 apartments in the neighborhood of Gilo, which is over the 1967 Green Line.

Turning to domestic issues, Netanyahu committed himself to lowering housing prices if he is re-elected. In order to achieve this, Likud-Beytenu aims to return the Ministry of Housing and Construction and the Israel Land Administration back to the party’s hands, the prime minister said.

The ministry “should not be in one sector’s hands, it should serve all of the citizens of Israel,” he said of the ministry currently run by Ariel Attias (Shas).

The prime minister also discussed the government’s work to put the Iranian threat on top of the international agenda, and promised to continue working to halt Tehran’s illicit nuclear program.

Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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  1. Bibi lies… He is looking to build a left leaning, charadi free coalition. The only thing that will stop him is a strong showing for bayit yehudi.

    Vote bayit yehudi

  2. Netanyahu cannot honestly claim to be “reaching out to the Palestinians” and then continue to build settlements. Settlement building is counterproductive to lasting Peace. There are over 2 million Arabs in the West Bank and they will not just disappear. Netanyahu is guilty of failing to face reality. Rav Shach was against building settlements.

  3. Run the country! Thats what you need to do. Secure your borders and keep your people safe while running your country!! There will never be a peace with people who just want to group together and kill you. You have already given back land and look what happened? Did you get peace for the land you already gave back?

  4. And how many of the above posters actually LIVE in Israel? Yes he antagonizes the palis, Y, because they are intent on destroying the Jews in Israel! U know the entire non-Jewish region uses the building of settlements as an excuse for “PEACE” or the absence of it! Drek! Is B.B. going to win the U.N. or world’s approval in using these tactics, NO, but either way we are seeing a resurgence of anti-semitism in a huge way. He is basically saying, “You hate us no matter what we do, we tried land for peace and you STILL WANT MORE! so why shouldn’t we build?” Until the AMERICAN Orthodox or Secular Jew places themselves IN ISRAEL….we really can only speak as onlookers, otherwise, build your home there!


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