Antwerp – Sons Of Former Neturei Karta Member Must Be Admitted To All-Girls Belgian School, Judge Rules


    Antwerp – Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Friedman, notorious for his involvement with the Neturei Karta and the 2006 anti-Zionist and Holocaust-denial conference in Iran, has again found himself at the center of a controversy – this time in Belgium.

    At the end of 2011, Friedman relocated his wife and seven children from New York to Antwerp, but because of what Friedman calls “revenge” on the part of the Jewish community for his “opinion and good contacts with world leaders”, he has been unable to find a yeshiva which will admit his children. As such, Friedman said he had no choice but to apply for admission for his sons, ages 8 and 11, to the all-girls, Orthodox Jewish Benoth Jerusalem School in Antwerp.

    According to a report in the local Belgian paper, Gazet van Anwerpen (, when Benoth Jerusalem denied admission to his sons, Friedman sued citing a recent decision from the Commission on Students’ Rights which held that a child cannot be denied admission to a school on the basis of their gender.

    A Belgian judge ruled that because yeshivas are subsidized by the Flemish community, Benoth Jerusalem must admit the boys or face a $2,600 penalty per child for each day the boys are not permitted to attend.

    The school board argued that Orthodox Judaism requires the separation of the sexes for educational instruction. Moreover, the board said it is not equipped to educate male students as it does not have male teachers on staff and lacks basic infrastructure such as separate restrooms.

    The school board has until next week to appeal the judge’s ruling.

    In an exclusive VIN interview in 2009, Friedman said he disassociated himself from Neturei Karta.

    Friedman in an interview with Belgian TV ATV discussing the judges ruling.

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    1. I’m surprised that this tzadik is willing to put his sons in an all girls school rather than an all boys yeshiva or madrassa. He certainly doesn’t follow the majority.

      • Klal Yisroel hates him” And who are you considering Klal Yisroel. Lubavich, Satmar, Chassidim, Reform, etc are all excluded? Right ?We had this nonsense before.

        • Why do you say chassidim and reform are excluded? I know people in the satmar world (10uncles) alot in chabad and alot of reform Jews and yet majority of the world, yes satmar to reform despise these morons who consider themselves Jews. Even sphardim hate them, they are nothing but trouble makers for all yiden

    2. I find the article confusing. “A Belgian judge ruled that because yeshivas are subsidized by the Flemish community, Benoth Jerusalem must admit the boys…” Does that mean the yetshivot are subsidized by the Jewish community in Belgium, or by the government? If the Jewish community, the judge’s action makes no sense.

      If the funding comes from the government, then is only the girls’ school subsidized? If not, why would the judge allow the boys’ school to refuse admission but require the girls’ school to admit?

      Since Friedman calls himself a rabbi (literally, teacher), why can’t he teach his own sons?

      If the girls’ school has to admit the boys, I hope they require them to wear the same uniform that all their other students are obliged to wear.

    3. why cant he send them to a neturei carta school
      the fact that he tried to put them in a girls school knowing full well the grief it would cause the jewish community shows how evil he is.
      someone should take him behind the wood shed. and i volunteer

    4. While I understand the Jewish schools not wanting this guy’s kids in their school -they have no right to take revenge on him through his kids. They are doing Sinas Chinum to the Nth degree. He shouldn’t have been forced to do this with the girl’s schools. There was a Moser who moved to Balto. and the Rabbonim said the schools have to take his kids. This guy is Not worse, no matter how much you hate him for his actions. Why do we let Schools and their so-called Rabbonim destroy small Yiddishe Neshamos?

      • I’m certain no expert in European law, but from the article it sounds like the school is allowed to discriminate on the basis of ideological reasons, but not on the basis of gender. The boys’ school didn’t reject the kids because they were boys, they rejected them because they disagree with the father’s NK views. On the other hand, the girls’ school rejected the boys because they are boys. That’s gender discrimination which, apparently, is illegal in this particular case. Had the girls’ school objected for the same reason the boys’ school did, there would probably be no case.

        The Wolf

          • Oh, he’s certainly doing this to pressure the boys’ yeshiva. He doesn’t really want to send his boys to the girls’ school.

            As to your other point, it’s possible that you’re correct. I don’t know for sure. I was just offering a possible reason, based on my reading of the article.

            The Wolf

    5. It’s wrong to not take the kids. It’s shocking how we in the frum community yell “gevald” when yeshivas or girls schools refuse to take kids for whatever reason, yet in this case we have no problem punishing children because of their father.

      • Hello, it’s wrong for an all-girls school to refuse admission to two BOYS??? Are you for real? Do you not believe that putting two little boys in an all-girls school won’t traumatize those poor little boys? The father is clearly a total meshugenah! I’m surprised he didn’t name them Zlata.

    6. When will Klal Yisroel put this piece of drek in cherim? Let him move to Iran, I’m sure that they will welcome him. And as far as taking revenge on the children, that is not the case. They are being taught the same garbage that the father holds and as such constitute a danger to the rest of the students.

    7. As much as I have disdain for Neturei Karta, I think punishing the kids for their mentally unstable parents is not just. The yeshivos should admit the boys and give them the only normal atmosphere in their lives.

      Does not Neturei Karta have its own school system or they rely on outside yeshivos? Why did he sue a girl’s school and not sue boys’ school for discrimination based on politics of parents? At worst, if the situation is this desperate, I would send the boys to Belgian public schools where the psychological trauma on the boys will not be as severe than being the only boys in class and entire school. Plus, they will get quality education.

    8. This sounds like a well calculated chess move on his part to force the hand of that community to admit his children into the schools. I doubt his true intention is to mix the genders. Can the readers get some debate going here whether or not his children should be so punished by the community because of their father. For those who view schools not accepting his kids as punishment to him, please comment on whether or not this is appropriate.

    9. Not any worse than those making “aliyah” and living off the sacrifices of the “chilonim”, living off the subsidies from chilonim taxes and never lift a finger to hold a gun, defend another jew, stop pontificating they are the mosaic of your new conservative frum yiddishkeit, black hat, payes and giving an interview to a German magazine blasting the illegal entity of Israel, phony like a wooden nickel and not any better the “Hussein Obama”, matter a fact worse

    10. Why would a father punish his children like that? Can you imagine the embarrassment of them having to go to a girls school?
      The guy obviously has more than one lose screw in his head.

    11. The sins of the father are visited on the sons. If a yeshiva were to take them in they have a chance of becoming normal adults. Otherwise they’ll likely end up as nutty as their father.

    12. aside from the school being for girls, it is also for Jews, he has excluded himself from the Jewish community, the school should simply bring this up that mr. friedman is no longer a Jew

    13. This board is full of phonies! You self hating Jews. Go hate yourself for being reform, conservative or m.o. This guy did t’shuva. If you don’t accept that I have to question if you are Jewish at all. Phonies!!

    14. this is really sad why should the children suffer? In addition did he try to send his kids to maybe a more modern orthodox yeshiva maybe they would take his kids?

      anyway how could the yeshiva justify punishing his kids?

    15. Why should the other Yeahivot punish two Jewish boys for the politics of his father.. Since when do we deny Torah education to children? No fan of Neturae Carta, but I do not think children should be punished because of the Father’s Mishegas

    16. let them go to the school,they just have to keep up with the program,witch is A)to say “shelo osani kertzonoy” B)to change there name to shprintzi & zlata C) to wear a snood/shietel

    17. Whoever says that it’s a sin from Bnos Yerusalayim school not to take them in. I don’t understand This school is a private school only for belz girls. They won’t even take in a plain satmar girl because everyone has their own school. Where is satmar? Why shouldn’t he go to satmar school? The same rules apply to all chasidisha schools in the whole world that is under a chasidus that only this chasidus are allowed.


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