Beijing – China Requiring People To Visit Their Aged Parents


(Photo Credit: Reuters)Beijing – Visit your parents. That’s an order.

So says China, whose national legislature on Friday amended its law on the elderly to require that adult children visit their aged parents “often” — or risk being sued by them.

The amendment does not specify how frequently such visits should occur.

State media say the new clause will allow elderly parents who feel neglected by their children to take them to court.

A rapidly developing China is facing increasing difficulty in caring for its aging population. Three decades of market reforms have accelerated the breakup of the traditional extended family in China, and there are few affordable alternatives, such as retirement or care homes, for the elderly or others unable to live on their own.

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  1. Their motives may be skewed but the legislation is a healthy one. If Mayor Bloomberg is searching for more enactments to ram down our throats for “our own good” ……..

    • You have no idea what you are talking about.
      I have been traveling to china for past 20 years and they have excelent kivut av vi em. Plus the take care and watch over their children extremely well.
      They have a holiday called “grave sweeping day” where the go to the graves of their parents and relatives pay respects and clean it put flowers.

    • Please , there was nothing in Buddhism or Confucianism about this. It was their culture. Maybe now it’s because they work 70+ hours a week in factories for slave wages instead of living in farming communities with their parents and grandparents.

  2. Don’t laugh. We desperately need it in our community. How many grsnd children go only once or twice a year to bobby and zeide. (And that’s only to collect purim or chanuka gelt) shame on all of them.

    • I don’t know what you mean by “our community” because in my community that is absolutely not the case. Einiklech visit and care for their bobby’s and zeide’s very much. Maybe there are some exceptions but the norm in all heimish communties that I know about are like that.

    • You are right on the button..kibid av ve em is applicable to grand parents as your parents…some grand kids never walk in to their grand parents home but when it comes to Yerishe they want to know what was left for them….
      I visited a man from shul who was in hospital for over 9 months. He nebech passed away and i saw at his levyeh maybe 30 einiklech…i was so upset and started screaming on them where they were all this time that i never found one einikel at the hospital….what a shame ……
      i believe if the parents dont take the kids often to zeidy and babby then the parents might be guilty….my parents live 1.5 miles away from my house and my kids know every friday night (winter) or shabbos afternoon (summer) we walk to say good shabbos to them..and if we can not make it on shabath we go motzei shabath…..

      • Good for you. It brings back growing up in Washington Heights. Every Shabbos afternoon we visited my grandmother (the only surviving grandparent). It was not a burder, it was what we were taught to do. Happily I see my family every week.
        The problem that some face is that we have moved out of our neighborhoods.
        However, the fact that you didn’t see grandchildren at the hospital doesn’t mean they weren’t there. Hopefully you didn’t really scream at the levayeh, where you were doing an important mitzvah.


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