Israel – Livni: Netanyahu-Led Gov’t Will Lead To ‘Halachic’ State


Israeli head of the Hatnuah party Tzipi Livni , speaks at a conference prior to the upcoming Israeli elections 2013, in Jerusalem on December 24 , 2012. Photo by Yoav Ari Dudkevitch / FLASH90Israel – Tzipi Livni warned on Sunday that a government led by Binyamin Netanyahu and his coalition partners will be a “halachic, fearful state” that enemies will view as weak.

Speaking at a campaign event for The Tzipi Livni Party, Livni bemoaned the situation in which extremist rabbis call for Jews to not rent homes to Arabs and encourage IDF soldiers to refusing orders to evacuate settlements.

She further warned that Netanyahu would lead Israel to international isolation.

She presented her party as the alternative and moderate option, and called for a change in the order of national priorities. Livni promised to lead to this change, that will include an agreement with the Palestinians alongside promoting of real equality in opportunities within the Israeli society.

Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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  1. sorry tzipi. “halachik state” is an oxymoron. unless youre talking about yemei moshiach. The zionist state is against the torah, and will never be halachik even if everyone there is charedi.

  2. And a government led by this self hating leftist arab loving coward,’Livni’,would lead to the slaughter of over six million jews with their throats slashed and their bodies floating in the Mediteranian,citizens of Israel,please make sure in the coming elections,she is vomited out of public office, in any other normal country,this traitorous filth would be hanging from the gallows,for the crime of high treason

  3. Tzipi Livni: will be a “halachic, fearful state” that enemies will view as weak….”:
    What! ‘The Medina’ is NOT weak?
    What is considered ‘strong?’
    The ‘Avi Mamara’ boat tragedy is ‘strong?’ Exposing fine young men to unnecessary danger? Three of them are still sick and disabled bec. of government fear.
    Giving away the Sinai Desert wasn’t weakness? ‘The Rebbe’ said that there was enough oil there to “Compete with the Arabs!”
    ‘The Rebbe’ after ‘The Six-Day War’ told ‘The Medina’s leaders to get the army to go into Cairo and Damascus to instill fear in our enemies…did they do it? NO!
    Oh! The ‘goyim” may not like it…they won’t ‘pat us on the back!’

    • A few mistakes in ” ‘The Rebbe’ after ‘The Six-Day War’ told ‘The Medina’s leaders to get the army to go into Cairo and Damascus to instil fear in our enemies…did they do it? NO!”

      1. Not six day war. It was after Yom Kippur War
      2. He didn’t “tell” the medina. Rather he questioned why they didn’t do so AFTER the war’s end.
      3. Not to go into the city but rather capture it for a few days and then retreat because both Cairo and Damascus had almost no defence left by the end of the Yom Kippur War. Had Israel captured the city by surrounding it, just for a few days, it would have been an undeniable demonstration of Israel’s military capability and thus help consolidate a longer lasting deterrent. After all one of the main ways to avoid future war is by projecting strength, by demonstrating that you possess military prowess that is better not messed with, thus enhancing the deterrent factor.

  4. Halachic, means a proper.

    What does she want an un-halachic state? A state that says, “Hashem you have no say in our affairs”?

    Shame on you Living! You are an apikoros and a proud one.

  5. The left is desperate, so they twist things 100% backward. How is dismantling settlements, removing the IDF from the West Bank, and dividing Jerusalem going to make us stronger?

  6. “Fearful”???? I do not call finally taking a stand and not giving in to outsider countries’ demands anything but fearful. This should have been the stand taken many years ago. Giving in to unrealistic demands in the name of achieving peace, has only caused Israel increased pressures to give and give more and get nothing, and putting itself into increased danger. No other nation in Hashem’s world would consider returning land that is historically theirs in the first place, and which it was forced into reclaiming through bloodshed.
    All the wishy washiess and platitudes have only led to increased bloodshed by our terrorist enemies, yimach shemam.
    As for it being halachic – halevai!!


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