Jerusalem – Israeli Leader’s Party Criticizes President


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center, heads the weekly cabinet meeting in his Jerusalem office, Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012. Sitting left is Cabinet minister Moshe Kachlon, and Cabinet Secretary Tzvi Hauser, right. (AP Photo/Abir Sultan, Pool)Jerusalem – Israel’s president and prime minister are trading charges over making peace with the Palestinians.

President Shimon Peres told a summit of international ambassadors and diplomats Sunday that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is a reliable peace partner. He said Israeli diplomacy must change “from an aggressive approach to a moderate approach of dialogue.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party and his hawkish election partner released a statement calling the Israeli president out of touch and labeling the Palestinian president a “peace rejecter.”

Peres won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994.

Netanyahu is expected to win Jan. 22 elections, and the hard-line bloc maintains a lead over dovish parties. The statement from Netanyahu’s party said Peres’ remarks in front of a diplomatic audience represent a political stance that encourages international condemnation of Israel.

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  1. A prize in 1994 cannot reflect on the situation of what is happening in the country today. Abbas forged ahead on his campaign in the UN knowing that it was a barricade towards the peace process. He knew exactly what would happen if he went through with it. And now the peace process is halted and Bibi is doing exactly what he said he would do if Abbas did what he said HE would do. Why is Abbas crying and complaining over it now? He knew exactly what the consequences were going to be for his actions. He chose the consequences as much as he chose his own actions. So why does Perez continue to say he is a “peace partner”? He is NOT a peace partner, he is and always will be a “peace pretender” just like Arafat and all the other Arabs. They want what they want and that has nothing to do with Peace or Security for the State of Israel. Wake up and smell the coffee, it is no longer 1994, we have learned many lessons since then.

    • even in ’94 the prize was ridiculous.many of us knew then what even many more of us know now,that oslo was nothing but a road map to disaster for the jewish people.

    • “what they want……….has nothing to do with Peace or Security for the State of Israel………….Wake up and smell the coffee, it is no longer 1994, we have learned many lessons since then.”

      Correct, of course. Unfortunately, Peres and others of his type have not learned a thing. Nor do they want to.

  2. Let’s review a little history,shall we? Back in the 80’s then Prime minister (as now)
    Netanyahu decided to open the tunnel tours into the Arab shuk.This was simply to allow a flow of tourists to be able to leave the tour comfortably rather than double back in the narrow squashed confines now being occupied by the next group of tourists.The Arabs responded with an outbreak of rage.There were some Israeli soldiers under siege in Shchem by Yosef Hatzadik’s kever.While all this was transpiring, Peres got on CNN and condemned Netanyahu for his “provocative”
    move! Subsequent to that a few of those soldiers were murdered! By publicly condemning Netanyahu, Peres was justifying the murder of those soldiers.I maintain that had the reverse been true (Netanyahu publicly condemning a Labor
    Prime Minister’s decision) with the result being a loss of several IDF soldiers there
    would have been a demand to hang Netanyahu for treason!

  3. Peres is an old fool. He had his day and now his time in the sun is well over. How do you dialogue with an entity that does not recognize you and has their new logo as the whole of Israel. Abbas talks out of both sides of his mouth and is NOT a peace partner. The Arabs turned down peace so many times and totally voided the Oslo Accords. Talking is a waste of time and all parties know this to be true. When you’re hungry a piece of bread is what is needed. To hold out for a loaf is just stupid. This is what defines the P’s. Israel has the cards and it’s up to the P’s to make a move to benefit their people.


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