Jerusalem – Peres: Israel Would Talk To Hamas If Quartet Terms Accepted


 Israeli President Shimon Peres (C ) shakes hands with the Latin Patriarch of the Holy Land, Foud Twal, following Peres' speech in the president's Jerusalem residence to assorted clergy, both Christian and Moslem, on the occasion of New Years, 31 December 2012. Peres hosted his traditional reception for heads of the Christian faiths and spoke at length about the need for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, including the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip.  EPA/JIM HOLLANDERJerusalem – President Shimon Peres on Monday pursued his calls for peace when addressing spiritual and lay leaders of Israel’s Christian community, withstanding the waves of criticism that he encountered on Sunday after telling Israeli diplomatic missions abroad that Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas is a leader with whom Israel can reach a peace agreement.

This time he refrained for mentioning Abbas, but spoke instead of Hamas, saying that people ask why Israel won’t talk to them. “It’s not that we won’t talk to them,” he said, “they won’t talk to us.

Peres said that Israel would be willing to talk to Hamas if it accepted the three conditions laid down by the Quartet, namely: renunciation of terror; recognition of Israel; and entering negotiations with Israel. “They have to decide if they want peace or war” said Peres, adding that if they continue to shoot rockets into Israel, Israel will retaliate.

As for the PA, Peres said that it has established security forces with Israel’s approval and is building up its economy with Israel’s help, and he expressed confidence that peace could be achieved.

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  1. Peres is giving a mixed message – he talks about peace which is good, but he must also reiterate that the Israeli precondition to any talks is the explicit Arab commitment to recognizing Israel and that without that there can be no peace.

    The PLO despite the fact that they talk peace they teach their children murder there is one thing being said in English and another when said in Arabic. At best it will take at least another 40-50 years to re educate the youngsters that the Jews will not be murdered and or thrown into the sea.

    Peres is an old fool if he thinks that peace can be forced, it cannot, unless the Arab leaders start teaching their population that peace means co existence peace will never happen
    As things stand there is no chance for a real peace and instead of speaking grandiose words Peres should be concentrating on the fact that the PLO doesn’t want peace they are talking of it to fool the world ( which they are doing a good job of).

    Israel cannot afford to make a mistake – one mistake and we are all gone. We must stand strong and not believe in false promises – until there is evidence on the ground that the Arabs are willing to coexist peacefully with us.

  2. #1- well said. I am convinced that in my life time there will not be any peace with the Palestinians. If you are taught something from birth it’s hard to change your beliefs because someone signed a piece of paper. It will take two generations to happen.
    I am in my 50’s so I doubt this will happen when I’m alive.. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. The quartet is the UN (all nations of the world), the EU (27 nations), Russia, the USA. That means EVERY NATION IN THE WORLD is against Israel- and some in TRIPLICATE!


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