Jeruslaem – 2 Charedi Minors Suspected Of Attacking Arab Youth Arrested


Two ultra orthodox youths arrive at magistrates court for their court hearing Jan 6 2013. They are accused of attacking a 15 year old Arab boy who had to be evacuated to the hospital. Photo by Flash90Two Haredi minors, suspected of attacking Arab youth in Jerusalem and throwing stones at Arab cars, were arrested on Sunday by police.

Police will request to extend their remand at Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Sunday.

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  1. Why would they instigate the arabs? This type of behavior is learned at home or in school…it’s a fanaticism – and that’s pretty sad.

    While I feel for these kids – because that’s all they are – just kids, they should still learn a lesson. Violence will accomplish nothing. Let the magistrate scare the living kittens out of them!!

    • Wow a self hating Jew! why am I not surprised that there are still some radical crazy people out there like you?! You obviously know nothing about your history, Torah or even your country.. Or wait do you follow the Quran and feel Palestine is your home? These Arabs want to wipe us off the map, they want to kill all infedels (says so in the Quran) and by all infidels that means EVERYONE who doesn’t consider themselves Arabs, ie America, Europe, Africa, Asia, everywhere! And you actually in your stupidity think the magistrate should make an example of them? Well, I hope you one day soon will be arrested and tried unfairly, after all it’s what you wanted for these kids. The magistrate really should arrest all Arabs & throw th into the sea, should you be part of that? I won’t sink to your level so I’ll let you figure that out on your own (if you have enough brain cells to do so)

      • What is self-hating about condemning Jews who commit violent acts on others? Are you suggesting that it is fine for Jews to physically attack people when not in self-defense? Shame on you. If these kids have broken the law, they should be punished and if not, they should be acquitted. That is how the law works.

        • Shame on you for not hating your peoples enemy! You are obviously not a religious man or you would know you do not make peace with your enemies. The Arabs live to attack and provoke us, I guess you’re simply not smart enough to see that or simply to blind.

          • No, I’m just not a bigot who hates an entire group of hundreds of millions of people and believes it is ok to randomly assault any one of them. I’m also a former criminal prosecutor who can assure you that your viewpoint is not only prejudiced and hateful, but promotes violation of criminal and civil law.

          • Torah stood long before today’s liberal court system and it will stand much longer too. If you check into the Torah you will see how you don’t make peace with your enemies, ie Yehudas, Yehoshuah, avraham and even the Shvatim. You do not lie down with dogs or you will get flees. Arabs have been our enemies for a ling time, have provoked us, hate us, killed us, been prejudice against us & much more. We should make a stand and wipe them off the map, but the problem is Arab lovers like you who will fight and kill your own brother to stick up for an Arab


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