Antwerp – Sons of Former Neturei Karta Member Enrolled in All-Girls Yeshiva in Belgium (video)


    Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Friedman arriving at school with his children on Jan. 7 2013. Photo: Joods ActueelAntwerp – The sons of former Neturei Karta member Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Friedman were registered today at the all-girls school Benoth Jerusalem in Antwerp.

    As previously reported on VIN, Friedman sued the school for denying admission to his sons, ages 8 and 11, citing a recent decision from the Commission on Students’ Rights which held that a child cannot be denied admission to a school on the basis of their gender. A Belgian judge ruled that Benoth Jerusalem must admit the boys or face a $2,600 penalty per child for each day the boys are not permitted to attend.

    According to a news report in the Belgian Jewish weekly Joods Actueel (, Friedman arrived with his wife and two sons by taxi at the school this morning to register his children. The family was accompanied by a police escort and a court bailiff to ensure the school complied with the judge’s ruling. Benoth Jerusalem also had a bailiff present to protect its interests.

    Following registration, Friedman told the press that his children were very happy to finally be able to attend school, and that the schoolgirls were excited to have boys in their classes. Mrs. Friedman, who has previously stayed out of the controversy, said, “Our children are 100% Jewish and must therefore attend a Jewish school. That is our right.”

    Friedman has said he sees himself as a role model for co-ed instruction in the religious schools, and that by registering his sons at an all-girls yeshiva, he has finally put an end to discrimination and segregation between boys and girls in Hasidic Jewish schools.

    Aron Berger, whose daughter attends Benoth Jerusalem, said by forcing his boys to attend a girl’s institution, Friedman’s actions are akin to child abuse. Berger was especially angry that Friedman has attempted to undermine hundreds of years of tradition which states that boys and girls be educated separately.

    A siruv was issued in New York last week warning Orthodox Jews around the world to avoid interacting with Friedman in any way. It has allegedly been posted in 35 synagogues in Antwerp.

    Friedman, meanwhile, has now sued an all-boys yeshiva in Antwerp for denying admission to his daughters. The court case has been postponed until January 17.

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      • It isn’t a matter of being “strict” rather, how he can be the topic of controversy. That is behind 99% of all the NK members, they are deranged individual attention seekers,as he left the NK he has found himself another way of offending others, especially by statments like “he is for CoEd” and against discrimantion..LoL what a joke! let him try that in his beloved Iran!

        • Really, how modern? His wife is still covered with a band…and he and his kids seem to still be wearing chassidish what gives?In any case, this is a terrible shanda…to punish these poor children…abuse of the worst kind. Social services need to look into this…or someone adopt these innocent kids!!!!!

          • yep no one seems to recognize or want to, What did the kids do that the boys school didnt want to accept them. They want to give the yeshivas a pass. he did what he had to. all this could have been averted by the school accepting his kids.

            they accept children of fraudsters, scammers, guys who are in jail, molesters children so why not his kids.

            when do we punish the kids for the sins of the father?

            • his agenda is clear, he could have taken the boys school to court to get his sons in, yet he chose to sue the girls school, he clearly doesn’t care about thousands of years of Jewish tradition, he wants to start the new reform movement. he said clearly he is happy to be the first to start co-ed in the religious community.

            • not at all this was the easiest route for him and the yeshiva should have seem this coming and accept his boys. he knew he would win this case kudos to him and his lawyer

      • Yes, They should be forced to wear long skirts and stocking and whatever else the girls need to wear. These parents would still force them to wear it though, poor kids.

      • Very good!
        Firstly, i hope it is settled more peacefully, but if not, perhaps they should demand “appropriate dress”, and if they come the next day wrongly dressed, should be sent home.
        Then let him complain, and wait till the court and police rule again, that they don’t have to keep to school regulations.

      • one hundred percent..
        why are these poor children ostracized…they did nothing other than born to a crazy father…why are they being punished twice?If they were accepted in regular schools where they belong, he would not “chepa” the system. What he does personally.. why hurt his kids…it’s hard enough on them as is.
        It is abuse to let the boys learn with the girls..being the only kid in the entire school.It is also abuse of our system to allow this to happen to innocent children. Could you imagine his daughter in an all boys cheder…ridiculous…
        save the kids………………….

        • It’s people like you who don’t get it…it’s people like you who prepare your children to hate…Why not try the opposite tactic…to encourage kindness. How badly could that affect his children. And if your children are so weak that you can’t trust them around these boys…you haven’t done the job as well as you thought you did.

      • Interesting, how you make a statement based on a photo that is randomly snapped.Why don’t you look into the mirror and check out the heart….do you think you can see it…?By the same token, you can’t see hers. How do you know how difficult this is to her….or the whole situation..
        keep your prejudices to yourself….


      How can this despicable poor excuse for a Jew, be allowed such terrible actions! He is undermining Judiasim as a whole!

      This comes to show you that any belief that is not based upon the truth, will in the end, will show it’s true colors.

      NETUREI KARTA IS FALSE!! And this come to prove what comes out of this!!

      To those who speak/understand Flemmish (as I do) LISTEN TO THE GARBAGE come out of his mouth!!!!

      He believes in Co-Ed of schools, the interaction between Jewish boys and girls, and is truly happy he could spearhead such a movement.

      May Hashem punish this evil man in front of our eyes, and may this happen real soon for all of us to see.

      “V’Chal Ha’am Yishmu Viyarhu V’Lo Yazidin Od”

      • Y does he need to b punished didn’t the yeshive rejusct his boys he is just trying to educate his boys in the best way possible in his eyes. I when to a co-ed school and my sisters went to an all girls school and my children are all shomer shabbos/shomer mizvos while my sisters have at least one child each that isn’t its the way a parents conduct themselves and teach their children that important NO if they interact with boys or not

        • as someone has already pointed out ,if all he wants is to get his kids the best education he could have forced the boy school to take his boys and girl school to take his girls ,just like he doing now, switching the genders is just for revenge

          • Please tell us how could he have forced his boys into Yeshiva and the same with the girls. This goes on all the time here in the US. They reject you for lack of tuition, if you have the internet, TV, etc. They get away with this because there is no law they have to accept Kids. So no – he had no other legal options to get his kids into Frum schools. Were you able to Halt Kup on my post?

            • You make it sound (I hope I just misread you) like it is a bad thing that there is no law forcing yeshivas to accept talmidim. Would you really rather have bunch of goyim dictating to yeshivos on whom they have to accept? I find it difficult to believe.

            • again, i just can’t get over the idea, that if girls are forced to be accepted by law into the yeshiva, the yeshiva should send them home to put on chasidish levush of men, and if they don’t agree, then they can be expelled on those grounds of refusing to follow the requirments of the school (yeshiva).
              And the same with the girls school, the boys should be told to either wear dresses, or OUT!
              Wouldn’t that work?
              Or can’t a school insist on certain directives regarding clothes?

            • No; the only bad thing is Not accepting Jewish kids into Frum schools for every reason under the sun, unless the kids are Frey because of their own choice.

    2. The children need to be placed in the care of child protective services. The act of enrolling them in a girls school will be detrimental to their mental health. We, the Jewish community, will pay for this abusive act when these children grow up.

      • Why do they need to be put in child protection it says the boys are happy to be in school just because its not your way doesn’t mean its the wrong way to teach

        • I don’t believe for one minute that the boys are happy with this arrangement because it is demoralizing and will surely affect their mental health. They are outcasts and will not be able to succeed while studying in a girls school. Children deserve better.

    3. I’m sick to my stomach!! This is child abuse and this has NOTHING to do with religion!!
      This is parents’ using innocent helpless victim children as chess pieces in a chess game.. they are using their boys for their own selfish desires..
      This is sooooo sad on soooo many levels regarding the children’s emotions…
      These kids are probably being emotionally abused anyway- aside for this. Because if parents can do this to their children- then they have no sense of boundaries and respect for children’s rights.
      Every child has a birthright to be part of normal society and not turned into circus clowns…

      Since they did not grow up with the idea of co-ed- as I have also not (and I NEVER felt deprived) This is not a normal thing for them. It’s like putting one african american student into an all white school….
      I am so saddened for these innocent children. Someone MUST stand up to protect their rights.

      When I was young, my parents also forced my siblings and I to do some crazy antic- we couldn’t refuse…we could NOT refuse. or else we would suffer tremendous abuse… until today- I still feel helpless, shameful and regretful for that…. but I know I am not to blame.

    4. The wife is being abused- and so are the children. I feel like flying there and smacking the father.
      As a child from and emotionally abusive home- my blood is boiling. where is child services???? Im in tears literally!!!

      i have been through this myself as a child- different circumstances… my heart goes out to those children and (I think the wife is also a victim of domestic violence- but I am enraged at her too!! no matter how scared she may be to leave him- when the abuse rolls over to the children- it is time to go… I can say this because- I had a terribly abusive childhood and was married to an abusive person years ago.. It’s hard to leave… but what shouldn’t a parent do very their child?)

      where is the community??? the government?? child services????

      Those boys need you!!! They can NOT defend themselves…

      thats sadistic smile on the dads face makes me want to vomit.

      This is NOT about religion, or anti segregation to him- this is about him exercising his control and power over whom ever he can and sadly the children will and are suffering the most.

      • Enough with your rant. This is the fault of the Jewish community because they were punishing the kids for the sins of the father. They do this here in Lakewood/NY too. The only ones who should be punished is the guy himself -don’t let him into shuls. E/o thinks they’re perfect and they can do no wrong. This massive Chillul Hashem would never have occurred if the Yeshivas here in the US and then in Belgium would have accepted his kids in school. Acceptance of his kids has nothing to do with acceptance of him and his beliefs. You can blame him all you want, but it’s the Jewish community and their leaders who are the root cause of this Chillul Hashem.
        But it’s always easier to blame others, than to look in the mirror. Why the Sinas Chinum on his kids that they weren’t accepted in Yeshivas?

        • To the point. I was scrolling down the comments just to see if there is anyone out there who gets the point, kudos to you.

          There is one thing that’s worse than organized crime, yes, its organized religion
          It’s time for the Jewish spring, that’s the start of it

          P.S. I despite his neture karte views just as anyone else but I can also isolate common sense in every story by itself

    5. Now he is fighting for his daughters to get in a boys’ school? Why couldn’t he put everyone where they belong? If they didn’t accept him, then he should sue the schools for that.

      • He would have, but he had no legal basis for that lawsuit. The Frum community here in the US and then in Belgium started this Chillul Hashem – he just continued it. Shame on the community and shame on him.

    6. oy oy is right. how come the authorities don’t see this as terrible abuse. the only thing i can console myself a drop is most probably these parents are not Jewish, although they think they are. I still feel horrible for these innocent children . i hope they pay back only their parents and no one else.

    7. I really respect this rabbi here he moves to a place where the schools will not accept yiddisha kids In to school so he does something drastic yasher koach to him and shame on any city that people have resort to drastic measures to teach their kids tohara this city is like sodom nebech this city is a real chillul hashem not the father

    8. Don’t loose sight of the ball. this all could have been avoided if the boys school would have acepted the boys in the first place. The schools knew that they were vulnerable to this when they decided to register their chool as a legal “public school” in Belgium in order to receive almost 100% government funding. When you are in a vulnerable position you do not incite people to exploit your vulnerability. Now that the cat is out of the bag I am afraid its too late. It is only a matter of time before a muslim parent tries to register their child in the school.

      Bad decisions by silly people.

      • Who said he even tried to get his boys into a boys’ school? It seems that he has his own agenda. He didn’t try to get his girls into this girls’ school. He intends to enroll them in a boys’ cheder! The man is a sicko!

      • Yes, you are right of course. The schools made very poor decisions hen they declined to accept his sons.

        I suspect he wants nothing more than for his boys to attend boy’s schools and for his girls – girl’s. I have no doubt that when the schools inevitably give in to him (rather than continue an intolerable status quo of having children in opposite sex schools) and accept his children in the schools where they belong, he will drop his current agenda.

        But the damage is done. The article cites “a recent decision from the Commission on Students’ Rights which held that a child cannot be denied admission to a school on the basis of their gender.” Well, how long do you think it would take some Belgian goy to figure out that by the same svora a child can’t be denied admission to a school on the basis of their religion? And attempt to enroll his shktzim or his shiksas in Jewish schools? And then how are we going to dodge that bullet?

    9. I am soo sad for their sad faced sons. What a terrible thing to do to a child who knows nothing of NK politics nor wants anything other to be like all other frum kids: to play with other boys.

    10. well i would notrespect the “rabbi” i wouldnt call him that

      but besides that we all need to learn that when a community punishes children for the sins (including the sin of being poor)of their parents the children get hurt . whether it is in Antwerp or in williamsburg or monroe or crown heights boropark flatbush etc etc
      these are jewish children and have a right to a jewish education!! so there is enough blame to go around
      this man reacted to their decision and he fought back and won. i guess if you get screwed it is “tomus nafshi im plishtim”

      but the schools should enact a dress code i am sure they have one and require the children to wear skirts etc etc and see if the parents react

      for example in the boys school pants and short hair etc etc

      but for this person who knows what he will froce his children to do

      may we all learn to live together and get along and then we will be zochech to the ulitamate redemption with moshiach

    11. This just shows what happens when you TOO frim .

      Case in Point: The NK where he started consider themselves Frumer then the frumest– From their views on the Medina to what they wear etc…. They know better then everyone.

      Now he is SOOO holy that co-ed education – a strict no-no by most “normal” Frum Yidden — is ok by him. He knows better the everyone.

      This is becoming an truly upside down world. We really need Mosiach to come!

      • What does chassidim have to do here. Your prejudice is open for all to see…and your hatred too.
        So if one gentile is crazy…all are. If one Italian is crazy, all are. I guess you go by the minority…heh?

    12. Back in the day, in “der alte heim”, do you know what was done to a person like him? Ask your bubbies and zaidies….He’s lucky he’s living in these times….vehamayvin yovin.

    13. This what happens when zealotry is pushed to the max by communities. It’s like Jurassic Park experiment gone wrong and now the rabbis have no control over what they created with their crazy ideology. Individual crazies will splinter off from flock crazies and create their own game. But I like how the guy is trolling his own community for trying to mess with him by punishing his kids, it’s funny to a degree. In Europe, it is not child abuse to send your kids to be educated in none same gender classrooms. Do they have Solomon Schechter schools in Belgium that can help out?

    14. He was a member of the Neturei Karta. I do not see him being involved. Forget that he dresses in the Chasidishe levush. Do not judge the book by ther cover, but rather by his actions. He is not a Torah observant Jew. He does what he can to be in the lime light.

      He is a sicko..

      Beis din can not control him as he does not listen. Maybe he join Rabbi Avi Weiss’s Yeshiva a lecturer and his to enroll in the Rabbah program.

      He stated it that he has a new agenda, he want to be the trensetter for gender seperation in religious scools.

      Why does he not open his own school or sen the kids i a Mizrachi type school that has a mixed setting.

    15. School should have went for the fine and then hired top lawyers in belgium and sued the gov for law fees and for fine fees because this is entirely outrageous. They should have closed down their school before allowing their establishment to be used in this way!!

      • It’s always easy to spend someone else’s money.
        Do you really think that closing down the school so that all the other students can’t learn is the best way to handle this? Would you want your children to sit home indefinitely and probably be held back a year?

      • Not likely. There is a huge difference. Europeans are the subjects of their governments, we are the citizens of our country. Thus, in Europe, everybody’s education is underwritten by their all-powerful governments, and the governments get to establish admission policies, curriculums, etc. Here, we pretty much educate our own at our expense, and are thus free to decide whom to accept.

    16. I am sure he was not accepted in the boys school for good reasons. perhaps they know he is a moiser and don’t want to have anything to do with him. who knows what he has done in the past . we never get the whole story from little newstories like this.

    17. Most comments very well stated. Little to add. One point. The main difference today between extremist Chareidim and Modern is that extremist Chareidim view the Torah as designed to get into people’s faces, because they are nobodies and the RBSH is angry with them; while the modern view the Torah as making life enjoyable with a purpose, and enhancing interpersonal relationships.

      This is the logical next step of extremists. I can be as crazy as I want, because I am frummer than you and G-d hates you. When we lose the message of vahavta lreyacha komocha, zeh klal gadol batorah, and stop being meurav im habriyos, there are no limits. Islam is based on this anything goes for G-d primciple, as are the nuts from Westboro Baptist Church.

      But traditional Torah Judaism is based on Avraham hanging up the phone on G-d, to serve a meal to 3 idol worshippers. He understood that when we put people before G-d, it gives nachas ruach to G-d.

    18. Why doesn’t he send his boys to the local public school? He’s not frum obviously so why should they go to a frum school? Besides the problem of having boys and girls together, in Limudei Kodesh they don’t even learn the same things. He is scarring his children for life. He’s a real nut job. His wife should leave him and take the kids with her, unless she is also not normal.

    19. Let the school merely require that the kids wear the school uniform. I assume he would never let his boys wear skirts.

      The fact that he violates halachic requirements should be enough to make his family rejected by the school on religious grounds. There’s a clear entanglement here. We can’t discriminate based on gender, but they can’t force religion on us.

      A legal maneuver might be to merge the cheder and bais yaakov administrations and admissions. We admit boys and girls to the combined institution, we just have separate classes for them.

    20. Since when do the Jewish people deny a Torah education to Kinder? The travesty here is not the Father’s politics or mishegas, but rather that these children are suffering for his shenanagins….. Both Yeshivot in town that denied his children and education are violating Torah by doing so…..

    21. Will someone please explain why he is refered to a former NK member…did he drop out or was he forced out?
      I am in agreement with those who say that the children should not be punished for the sins of their father. I am a secular person but respect the values and traditions of Hasidic and Orthodox Yeshivas where the boys are with boys and the girls with girls. These are still Jewish children and probably suffer enough because of the insanity of their fathers views, why make them suffer any more.

    22. Clearly this fellow and apparently his wife as well have a need for attention and contraversy. The source for seperation between men and women concearns mixing at a funeral Chazal explain in Succa that if the Yetzer is present during burial so more so in other circumstances. It is time for every honest Jew to pray for worthy leadership and an end to pesuo faux Rabbis and Rabbanim

    23. I may be wrong…..and correct me if I am, but it appears that this “rabbi” is also familiar with “finger gestures.” Check out his right hand!

    24. To all those who are commenting erroneously, he could not sue the boys school to accept his boys, since the boys school is not a legal “public school”, since they don’t teach the required secular subjects. The girl’s school, on the other hand, is considered a public school. It is government funded and Tuition is basically free. The schools called his bluff and he won.

      Now that he has established a precedent regarding gender discrimination in schools he plans to take the next step and force the boys school to accept his girls. Although his case is not as clear cut, he might still be able to pull it off, since the boy’s school also benefit from some government assistance.

      I would advise the schools to come to some sort of settlement with him quickly. I can assure you that if he is not given any attention it will not be long before he moves out of Belgium. He never stays in one spot for long. He gets himself into legal trouble in no time. His only place left to go is Iran.

    25. I am affiliated with Neturei Karta. I will tell you that he was never Neturei Karta. He came to Iran on his own accord on his own program. Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss and R’ Hirsch and Rabbi Beck do not get along with nor like Aryeh friedman. He was never afiliated with us. Rather he always had his own crazy thing going on for himself and used the NK name to suit himself.

      • NK; what a phony you NK people are, YD Weiss is rather much worse than him, I see no diff. if anything, that Arab Weiss has done waaay much damagae than that friedman is ever capable of! sooo puuhlease do not mention that very same Rodef Weiss that every Islamist uses him as a base of hate.(just search his name on Yotube)

      • Sorry Mr. NKUSA, this a jewish site I don’t know where you found this web site, and I don’t think your leader in Iran in his new web filter lets to log in in vosiznies.

    26. I think that all Jewish schools should the the court that if his children come to any off our schools we all walk out and let the court can do what they like let’s see how far they get

    27. Nebech, this couple is ZEYA ZEYA CRUNK! They are just kvelling about all the attention they are getting from the gentile reporters, it’s written all over their faces.

    28. 1 Chilul shabos is allot worse then this. It is not even to be compared. Nebech there are millions of Jews that are mechalel shabos every shabos. I think chilul shabos should be addressed before this.

    29. But it’s about time too! How disgusting this school is for the exclusion of women!!!!
      I hope the over 100 posts before this one are saying just that!


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