Jerusalem – Rav Amnon Yitzhak: I Won’t Stop, I Will Save The Jewish People


 Rav Amnon YitzhakJerusalem – Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak, a well-known haredi outreach preacher and founder of newly established Koah Lehashpia, said the party would be running in the coming elections, despite the public attack on him from Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef over the weekend.

Speaking in Nahariya on Sunday night, Yitzhak said that he would be backing his new party in the elections all the way.

“I announce here unambiguously that I’m going until the end,” he declared. “I will not stop, I will continue… I am determined and I will save the Jewish people.”

Content provided as courtesy by The Jerusalem Post

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  1. This guy is beginning to sound increasingly like a self-delusional egotist with messianic fantasies who has decided that he has been annointed by the Ebeshter to “save” klal yisroel from a cabal of gadolim and their political allies who are plotting against him. On the other hand, that doesn’t sound too dissimliar from several of the candidates in the recent U.S. Republican primaries.

  2. Like the saying goes the path to hell is paved with good intentions we have to follow the gedolim people that go on there own in the name of leshyim shamyim have splintered are communities all in the name of hashem it’s a travesty like the holy kotzker rebba said halivie are leshaim shmyim would be leshaim shmyim

  3. When Hashem appeared to Moshe Rabbeinu and told him to take the jews out of egypt, Moshe rabeinu asked “Who am I that I should take the Jews out of Egypt?” Compare that with this person who declares he will “save the Jewish People”.

  4. Dear Rabbi Amnon.
    in the Second you you get involved in the politic of State of Medinat Israel. you have a member in the Israeli gov. you lost your “True Torah Way”.

  5. I wish him ‘Hatzlacha Raabah!’
    You NEVER know!
    Make thousands of ‘shiuim’ in ‘Torah.’
    (I started a ‘7 Noahide Laws’ class here in Crown Heights, Brooklyn NY)

  6. Wow!! To me he lost relevance about a year ago when he made a publuc smashing of televisions (only big old ones turned up….) That told me that he is no longer relevant.

  7. Coming down into a kiruv asifa in a stadium via helicopter years ago did not convince me of his tzidkus either. And the smartfone incident was completely bizarre.

  8. to add my two cents.

    this guy is a liar and nobody calls him out on it??? He says he got the haskamah from Rabbi Shteinman and the Rabbi says its not true. He tells everyone not to use an iphone and he uses one himself????

    he is an arrogant big Gornisht.

    • do you really believe r shtienman didnt ask him to start this party wake up i saw this from day one before he claimed r shtienmans haskama ,yahadut hatorah feels threatened by shaas

  9. I love it. Satmar embraced and welcomed rav amnon yitzchock to williamsburgh because he was considered this great anti zionist anti voting or belonging to knesset anti israel. He went to tzion of old satmar rebbe in monroe. Satmar fell for this lock stock and barrel.

    What due these wonderful rebbes say now that he acts like any other cheap zionist politician. He is chalishing to get into the knesset. When he loses he will tell satmar it was all a mistake.

    • the opposite is true, rav ammnon yitzchok is upset at satmar for not giving him recognition and attention the past 20 years, for his publicly speaking about true Jewish faith and referring to vyoel moshe, when he came to willi few years ago he expected the masses to come but it did not happen,

      is there any given episode that made you wroth satmar embraced and welcomed, ?

    • I do not consider Rav Amnon Yitchak to be a gadol. Indeed, he was the one who insulted a true gadol, Rav Shteinman, shlita, for claiming he had his endorsement when all he really had was a pro forma “bracha umazel” from one of the rav’s gabboim.

  10. I’ve followed Rav Amnon for years and have seen wonderful things from him – true Ahavas Yisrael, brachos bordering on miraculous, and Torah-true hashkafa. Besides for his being a brilliant and lucid lecturer.
    I can’t say I know his motivations (nor can anyone else), but I’m alot more impressed with him than with many other famous figures, and Halevai a person like him should be running the State of Israel.
    Chazak V’ematz


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