New York – Brooklyn Assemblyman Leads Campaign To Oppose Hagel Nomination


    AP FileNew York – As Republicans and Democrats continue to spar over the nomination of former Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel for the Secretary of Defense post, Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind of Brooklyn is calling on the United States Senators from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to oppose Hagel’s nomination and prevent his appointment.

    “Senator Hagel said Washington is fearful of a Jewish lobby; that he’s not a Senator of Israel. What kind of statements are these if not overtly anti-Semitic?” Hikind asked in a press release. “The former Senator’s posture towards Iran and terrorists is equally disturbing. He’s said he would talk to Hezbollah. He’s promoted talks with Hamas. These are terrorist outfits that boast of targeting civilians! Why not Al-qaeda, Mr. Hagel?” the Assemblyman added.

    Hikind is strongly urging those who are equally concerned about Hagel’s nomination to contact their respective senators and make their objections known.

    Following is the contact information for the Senators representing the Tri-State area:

    New York
    U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer: (P) 202-224-6542; (F) 202-228-3027
    U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: (P) 202-224-4451; (F) 202-228-0282

    New Jersey
    U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg: (P) 202-224-3224; (F) 202-228-4054
    U.S. Senator Robert Menendez: (P) 202-224-4744; (F) 856-546-1526

    U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal: (P) 202 224-2823; (F) 202-224-9673
    U.S. Senator Chris Murphy: (P) 202-224-4041; (F) 202-228-9604

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      • Why should he care about Hamas, or Hezbollah, the Taliban or PLO? Why should he care when little girls are shot in the head for going to school? When children are used as human shields by these same terrorists?

        • “Why should he care about Hamas or PLO? Why should he care when little girls are shot” Why is the USA Secy of Defense job of going against the wishes of current and past leaders of Israel. Prime minister Begin,Rabin,Bibi all negotiated with the PLO. This is not about Hagel. This is about the continuing hatred of Obama. Get over it. He is the President.

    1. The President has stated that Hagel shares his views on all strategic matters that come under the Secretary of Defense. He won the election and is entitled to the advisors of his choice. Hikind views the world through a one-dimensional prism of opposing just about anything that Obama supports. In the end, I suspect most the regional Senators will support the President’s choice and vote to confirm Hagel. The policy decisions are ultimately those of the President and any Secretaruy of Defense must share those views.

    2. I think he is upset that Obama didnt name him for the job. He is a Democrat and this president named a Republican, so he comes up with this bubbe-majse

      • enough already stop the hatred, just be happy that a jewish leader is stepping up to the plate and speaks what needs to be said. Obama is not reading VIN for our opioions… this is america we have every right to freedom of speech and lets congratulate Hikind for speaking for us.

    3. Hikind is wring. Hagel was merely expressing that the U.S. has to put its interests first even if it is counter to the wishes of pro-Israel lobbyists. That is not a statement against Israel or anti-Semitic. It’s him reminding U.S. government decision-makers of their responsibilities and priorities.

    4. To #5- The fact of the matter is that there are not 6,000,000 Jews in the USA, nor are there even 5,000,000. Halachically speaking, there are probably no more than 4.5 million Jews in the USA. Nobody really knows the exactnumber, since religious affiliation is not requested on the census. There are many people in the USA, who have Jewish lineage, but because of intermarriage (having a non-Jewish mother) are technically not Jewish. For example, Monica Lewinsky’s mother is not Jewish, even though her father is. Hence, by Halachic standards, without a conversion, she is not Jewish. My point is that there are hundreds of thousands, of such individuals. There are also individuals who have never converted, but attend services. They may consider themselves Jewish, but in fact are not.

    5. Hikind is 100% correct on this issue.

      Placing America first for a secretary of defense is a given. That’s not the issue here though, the issue here is Hagel placing Israel last, e.g. wanting to open a dialog with hezbolla or/and hamas places Israel last, voting against sanctions on Iran, places Israel last, so on and so forth, and that’s the real problem.

      • “Hagel placing Israel last,wanting to open a dialog with hezbola etc” I dont get it. Can you please explain to us that The leaders of Israel Begin,Rabin Bibi etc had “dialog” Negotiated with Arafat, given land back to Arafat etc. but The Scy of Defense of the USA cant suggest to have a dialog with Hezbolah?

        • Negotiations with Arafat is thanks due to Yossi Beilin and Shimon Peres who gave Israel the worthless Oslo Accords that’s brought Israel nothing but grief, ever since

          For the USA to commence a dialog with Hezbollah or Hamas would be tantamount to Israel opening up a dialog with Al Qaida. Enough said.

          • “Negotiations with Arafat due to Yossi Beilin etc” I dont know who Yossi Beilin is. What i do know is that Bibi the Prime Minister of Israel negotiated and gave back Hebron Arafat. So i am not sure what you expect fron a USA Secy of defense. It sound like you cant get over that Obama won.

          • “For the USA to commence a dialog with Hamas be tantamount to Israel with AL Qaida.” The USA does not negotiate with its enemies, doesnt give away its land, doesnt expell its own citizens by force, and doesnt ask the world to be recognized. There is no need for a dialog. Israel leider giving back its land one at a time Sinai, Ghaza, Hebron and negotiating to give back 93-96% of the remaining land.

    6. Hikind is dead wrong as a Jew he should know better.
      Hagel might be an anti-Semite but a Jew leading the campaign against a nominee by the president is a great Chilul Hashem and it brings out the inner antisemitic feelings by many Americans.Hagel is correct with many of his statements.He said” he is a US senator not an Israeli politician and AIPAC the Jewish lobby is leading Washington by its nose” Which politician isn’t shivering when hearing the word “AIPAC’?

      Hey,Dov Hikind,stop with your Zionistic schtik and stick being an assemblyman.I didn’t vote for you to thumb your nose at the president of the USA.Yes,we have freedom of speech and you can say anything you want but as a religious Jew you should know better and don’t make us uncomfortable in the USA with chutzpah against the president.

      • As a religious Jew he still maintains his freedom of speech and has every right to disagree, even with the president of the USA and speak out, if he wishes to do so, as is your right to remain speechless.

        • “As a religious Jew he still maintains his freedom of speech” That is correct. And the 75% of yiddden who voted for him 2 times have the same right to agree with his choice.For 6 months before the election we heard that only the Republicans are good for Israel. Now its the opposite. Hagel is more conservative than any Prime Minister Israel had. Its not Hagel who gave back the Sinai, Ghaza, Hebron and most of the West Bank. Its not Hagel who excepted the Palestinian State a week after he got elected.

    7. Good for you ,Mr. Hikind. Mr. Hikind is right, as you’ll all learn the hard way. Obama is choosing him for a reason & we know who Obama really cares about.

    8. Hagel’s opinions are out of sync with those of the US generally, including those of this administration. Obama is appointing an anti-Israel SecDef to show American Jews that he can keep them under his thumb.

      “He won the election and is entitled to the advisors of his choice. “

      Not according to the Constitution, if that matters.


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