New York – Weberman Juror: Anti-Semitism Played No Role In Guilty Verdict


    Nechemya Weberman (center)at State Supreme Court in Brooklyn after being found guilty of 59 counts of sexual abuse. L-R: Defense Attorney Michael Farkas, Nechemya Weberman, defense attorney George Farkas.(Photo By: Jesse Ward/NY Daily News via Getty York – One of the men who served on the jury in the Nechemya Weberman trial is pushing back against the public perception that anti-Semitism was the motivating factor in deciding to convict Weberman.

    In an hour-long interview with the Daily News (, the 42-year-old unidentified juror adamantly denied that notion, saying, “It wasn’t religion, it wasn’t their background, it wasn’t revenge. It was a young girl and an old man alone in a room.”

    Weberman was convicted on December 10 on all 59 counts. Following the guilty verdict, Weberman’s lawyer, George Farkas, said Hasidic Jews do not have “the same shot with a jury as anyone else.”

    But the juror denied that and said the 12-person panel did not harbor any bias against Weberman or his community, nor did they see Weberman as a “monster.”

    “We realized we couldn’t make a flippant decision and ruin a man’s life,” the juror said. “It was, ‘Oh boy, we have a serious job.’”

    The juror said that while the victim’s four-day “emotional” testimony was compelling, the jury wanted “something else” to substantiate the girl’s claims and they found it in the testimony of social worker Sara Fried. Ms. Fried testified that the victim was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder because of the years of abuse she endured at Weberman’s hands.

    “That’s what clinched it,” the juror said. “We took a vote and everyone was unanimous.”

    The jury also took note of the many locks in Weberman’s home; that he sheltered runaway teenagers; and that he confessed to driving the victim upstate unaccompanied.

    “It raises a lot of red flags,” the juror said.

    The jury deliberated for approximately five hours before finding Weberman guilty.

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      • “Raising a lot of red flags,” as the juror claims is what clinched the guilty verdict, is NOT the same as, or nearly enough to be guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

    1. A social worker can only diagnose based on what the patient tells her. So if her testimony wasn’t enough, what does the social worker add.

      This was a trick to make 3 witnesses (girl, mother and social worker) out of one (the girl). and the stupid jury fell for it. They believed that there were multiple witnesses, when in fact it all boiled down to her say.

      I’m not arguing that there was no evidence, but if a jury can interpret this as “Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”, I have pity with every one who falls in to this justice system.

      • Did you base this after going over all the case notes? Or are you blindly guessing based on what you have read in the media mixed in with your own personal biases?

      • I would add to that: How come a social worker was asked to testify on a matter that belongs to apracticing psychologist and perhaps rather to a psychiatrist? Did she give other medical testimony as well?

        • Well if you were as bright as your comment alludes to, you would know that a LCSW (that is licensed clinical social worker) is indeed allowed to diagnose mental illness and psychiatric disorders.

        • as usual … everyone is a liar except for weberman of course. The jurors are liars, the victim is a liar, the victims corroborating witnesses are liars … but good ole Weberman is as honest as they come. Poor Weberman will be in prison for a long time, however the “prison” his victim will live in the rest of her life is just fine.

          And number 26 – your comment just made me laugh out loud. Repressed sexuality and making everything about tzniut only causes them to focus more on women than many people in secular society. They need to stop making everything the “girl’s” fault or the “lack of tznius” and finally take responsibility for their own sick actions.

      • No it was not a trick. It was emes. The girl did not get help but trauma from Weberman so she was not able to function with that betrayal. The social worker, hearing what happened, reported it, and that is what gave the girl courage to see her role as a child not a seductress. So you are saying she had a reason to make up what she was telling her social worker? When will you have feelings for the child? There must be something very sick to be married and still not resist a child who is troubled.

    2. Seems to me anytime a Jew is indicted on any crime the first outcry is anti-semitism! It’s time to accept that Jews don’t have special status when they do something wrong.

      • Its not anti semitism per say here. The argument is that Hynes and the DA put the Satmar community on trial instead of Weberman. Things such as the tznuis vaad and other strict Satmar rules while may be wrong have no place in the courtroom. Furthermore, the way satmar behaved which may be wrong turned off a lot of people and gave a negative image. Its a shame that KSM a terrorist had fairer trial than Weberman.

    3. “But the juror denied that and said the 12-person panel did not harbor any bias against Weberman or his community”

      What else are they going to say?
      Will they say they are stupid or anticemitic?

      “nor did they see Weberman as a “monster.”
      No, you didn’t, you just gave this fellow 117 years!!!

    4. Since none of you sat through the entire trial, nor did you see the victim endure 14 hours of cross-examination by the defense attorney, you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

    5. I am chasidic and I was a number of times in the jury. I can tell you that antisemitism plays a big role in the jury room. I have friends that were also jurors and they say the same thing. Of course a gentile that convicts a Jew won’t say it because this will be a ground to appeal, and “halacah hu beyudi’ah sh’eisov soney le’yakov”.

    6. Why, oh why????? do these people assume he’s innocent…we have Yichud laws just for this reason. As a Chossid he should have observed these laws beyond what’s Halacha as Chassidim usually do things beyond Halacha. Please, everyone, remember this is a sheltered 12-15 year old naive young girl. Three locks on a door—this is a red light for a grown up. A child doesn’t realize what this means until it’s too late. I have one question for Weberman’s defenders, “Would you leave your teenage daughter alone in a room with him for three hours with locked doors?”I doubt it….by the way, my husband refused to give a ride to a girl from Upstate to NY as it’s Yichud, alone on the highway at night because of this case. We’re not Chassidish but this a serious issue. Also, why, in Heaven’s Name, was she going to a male and not a femaile? We don’t send our girls for Kallah classes to men!!!!! It seems, to me, Weberman had everyone fooled, even his lawyers..

        • He is convicted in my mind over Issur Yichud. You would not let your daughter be alone with him in a locked room, neither would I. He is not the first nor the last man to be led astray by his Yetzer Harah.

          The question is why you would want to defend this guy.

          • I wouldn’t let my daughter alone in a room with you either, does that make you a rapist? or should you go to jail over that? No one is defending, all I said was that persons comment about him being guilty because he was oiver on isser yichud is a ridiculous comment and you know it.

        • Your comment was even stupider.
          The previous comment wasnt convicting him based on yichud but was pointing out that we have yichud -a HALACHA which he should have followed – because the Rabbis wanted to PREVENT exactly these kinds of assumptions. Someone who is over yichud has committed a sin even if nothing bad happened in the room (possibly car) becasuse we do assume that something happened. Thats the whole point of yichud. We already have negiah and other halachos to halachically incriminate certain actions. Yichud is to halachically incriminate just being in the place. As a self proclaimed frum jew he deserves for other frum jews to assume something happened by the mere fact that he was there, on purpose and by his own demand on many many occasions.

          • “Someone who is over yichud has committed a sin even if nothing bad happened in the room (possibly car) becasuse we do assume that something happened.”

            No, we don’t assume something happened, because if we did then he’d get the same punishment as someone who actually did IT, but its not the same punishment. People are overr on issur yichud every day, that doesn’t make them criminals and it doesn’t imply anything, you’re obviously a neturei karta freak for assuming everyone who is a sinner except you.

      • Re 3 locks on a door. He never claimed that he locked it. I have 3 locks on my door too. Does that mean a lady can never enter my home?
        Re in a car alone on a quiet highway. While it may not be advisable. It is not so simple that it is an issur yichud. There are poskim that mater yichud in a car. I commend your husband for going Lifnim meshuras hadin.
        Re why do people assume he is innocent? It goes the other way. we don’t know if he is innocent or not. Maybe he did do it. But what are saying is that there is a lack of proof. He has to be PROVEN guilty. I don’t think even if there was yichud is that proof of guilt in the torah. Thats why the lady has to drink the sotah water bec we don’t know.

        • Right…if noone’s home and you’re home alone….the lady shouldn’t be there and only with the door ajar even if there’s only one lock. You have to remember there are NEVER witnesses to such acts. Do you think for a minute there wasn’t some kind of evidence that we’re not aware of? Charges aren’t filed with the case landing up in the Supreme Court for trumped up (made up) stories.

      • Say again?!?! a “sheltered naive” girl??? what a joke!!! she was smoking, doing drugs, sleeping around, etc. when she was 12; hardly a naive little girl.
        and do you know of a house in NYC which doesn’t have 3 locks? is that the evidence which convicted him? He surely made many mistakes but the evidence was poor indeed.
        Her mother should move to Hollywood! Anybody who knows her and her sisters must know she put up a great act.

        • “she was smoking, doing drugs, sleeping around, etc. when she was 12; hardly a naive little girl.”

          When 12 year old girls are sexually molested, they usually act out in some way. Please stop blaming our victims and start blaming the abusers living among us. We need to begin to support all of our abused kids so they don’t go OTD as so many are now doing. Have a little kindness in your heart for a 12 year old who was sent to a “therapist” who visited her in her own bedroom.

        • The three bolt locks were inside a room inside the apartment. The three locks were not on the outside apartment door. In fact, the three locks only locked from the inside and were stronger locks than those of the outside apartment door. Sure seems that somebody was hiding something. The locks are only usable when someone was inside that room. Why would someone inside a room which is inside an apartment want to be so sure that no-one would be able to come in. Could it possibly be Reb Nechemya Hatzadik Weberman himself while he was molesting the 12 year old girl (and likely other girls, too).
          By the way, no matter how “wild” the 12 year old girl was, there is no excusing a grown man from touching her.
          Your negative remarks about her mother, too, are incedibaly insensitive. The mother, and the entire family, were grievalously hurt by the horrible things Weberman did to their family member. Your remarks reveal that you are simply an unfeeling classical RASHA !!!!
          Would you want that to happen to your family? How would you react?
          If your daughter or sister was raped by a chusid and television reporters confronted you, would you make believe everything was fine and dandy?

    7. The juror himself said so therefore its Torah MiSinai? Its an old secret that a religious Jew has no chance with a jury.Farkas said it very politely but in private any good lawyer will tell a hassidic client plead guilty because you have zero chance. They heard all the evidence but also read the NY Post and the Daily News and was definitely without a doubt influenced by the antisemitic media.The Post and daily news without a doubt they are antisemitic papers.Notice how each time they make sure to mention “rabbi” orthodox Jew” religious Jew”. Would they keep on saying each time “black man found guilty”? Spanish man?Irish man?

      We all don’t know the truth what happened but we do know the media painted a picture of Weberman is a hassidic Jew with a belly and beard lives in wiiliamsburg Afghanistan a member of Satmar Taliban’s and he is a vile pig like Mulah Omar. SHAME ON THE POST and POOR Weberman will live his life in jail

      • i do not know what happened and will therefore reserve judgement

        however, there was a religious jew who did win this case against the chosid/jew
        and that was the little girl and her family

        this was a case of chosid against chosid

      • Farkas (and lawyers in general) are OK with this verdict as they will get paid even MORE for an appeal. The reason teh Satmar community is also on trial is obvious from these comments. They still are raising money for the child molester and pitying HIM, rather than the child.

    8. My only wish is for them to arrest and jail every member of the vaad hatznius. How my family behaves is my business, not some self appointed hoodlum with a “burd ‘n payes”.

      • Agreed! and i got some news for you, they will! I know for a fact that someone in the vaad got a call from the DA last week (family member of mine) and there will be alot of problems.

        This is far from over!

    9. The problem is not Anti-antisemitism it’s more that simple jurors don’t understand the culture of the Hungarian Williamsburg Chasidic Jew where there’s lots of trust and family like feeling and taking a girl up state in order to get her attention when counseling her is not unheard of. These people also don’t watch TV and movies they hardly see any stripped women on the street and get a musar lesson and Shalosh Shudos Torah on a steady basis which makes them less likely to think sex first so they do things that the world might think of them as proof of bad thoughts without it being their intention.
      It would be advisable to have 2 Chasidic jurors in every such case so they can explain to the jury the culture so the can make the right decision.

      • You are right! The US Constitution promises a jury of one’s peers. This jury was not his or her peers! Also she had ptsd from being abused, and Weberman did his job by having the actual abuser arrested. She was “in love” with her abuser, and then she took revenge on him for doing his duty as a mandated reporter and reporting her actual abuser who caused the ptsd!

        • “She was “in love” with her abuser, and then she took revenge on him for doing his duty as a mandated reporter and reporting her actual abuser who caused the ptsd!’

          Your timing is off. She only found out that Weberman went to the police after she confided in a licensed therapist who testified on the girl’s behalf. There was no revenge as you state. Would you allow your daughter to be alone with him in a locked room for so many hours? Would you allow your daughter to have him in her bedroom with her pajamas on? That’s what her mother testified! What were he and the girl doing in the poor girl’s bedroom???

        • I can’t believe how many people here still think he is innocent. What about his 3 other victims who are now willing to testify? Are they lying also and are their parents lying?

      • Anonymous Says: Says:
        “ The problem is not Anti-antisemitism it’s more that simple jurors don’t understand the culture of the Hungarian Williamsburg Chasidic Jew where there’s lots of trust and family like feeling and taking a girl up state in order to get her attention when counseling her is not unheard of.

        Taking a girl upstate to get her attention is not unheard of!!
        Well, I guess when another few Doctor-players will be behind bars the msg might get through “That it is unacceptable”!!
        (Your post sickened me!!)

        • “simple jurors don’t understand the culture of the Hungarian Williamsburg Chasidic Jew where there’s lots of trust and family like feeling and taking a girl up state in order to get her attention when counseling her is not unheard of.”

          How about if he takes her upstate to “counsel” her and also visits her in her home in her bedroom while she is in her pajamas? Is that the trust you would have for your daughter or sister? (shaking my head at all the parents posting here who see no red flags when it comes to protecting our kinder)

          The man worked in a pants factory and was a driver for a Rabbi. Therapist?

    10. We have robbed the accusation of anti-semitism of its power by claiming it every time something happens that we don’t like. I’m surprised we didn’t accuse Hashem of anti-semitism when Hurricane Sandy destroyed shuls.

    11. Antisemites don’t convict Jews for hurting other Jews. They like to see Jews being hurt by their own. Just like the conviction rate for Black on Black crime is lower than for Black on White crime. If Weberman had allegedly molested a Gentile girl, then the antisemitic allegation might make sense. But in the case of a Jewish girl, an anti-Semite would likely thing something like :”Good, let him mess up a few more of them.” As to the myth that frum Jews always are sentenced egregiously, Kolko and Lanner sure got off easy.

    12. No one knows for sure what happened between Weberman and the girl, if anything at all. I’ll admit, locked doors, trips upstate etc don’t look too good for Weberman, yet it still doesn’t make him guilty.

      This though should be a lesson to everyone, one should never place themselves in any situation where if they ever needed to give an account for being in that situation would make them look guilty. Like someone said, her husband refused to give a girl a ride from upstate to the City, at night because of yichud.
      That’s the extreme we need to go to, especially in this day and age.

    13. I am so happy my daughters will be protected now because they also were sent to an unlicensed therapist in Brooklyn because they liked to play kickball and girls aren’t supposed to like this. It’s time we used licensed doctors in our community and not someone who worked in a pants factory to earn his credentials.

    14. Like we all expected the juror to say “it was anti-semitism”!! How stupid does this juror think we are???
      I’m not discussing if in fact anti-semitism did or did not play a role in the verdict, all I’m saying is that the juror had not choice but to say there was no anti-semitism involved in the verdict!

      It reminds me of a story I had a few years ago. I moved to a new house and I wasn’t getting all my mail. I called my local post office and filed a complaint. A few days later the manager of the post office called me back and said “I spoke to your mailman and he said he is delivering all your mail”. I told the manager “did you expect him to tell you that he is NOT delivering all my mail? Did you expect him to say he is stealing some of my mail”? How stupid can people be? I told him even though the mailman claims he is delivering all my mail I’m not getting it. To prove it, I mailed myself an envelope and it was never delivered to me!!! After all this the manager told me “but your mailman told me he is delivering all your mail”. Lost case!!!
      Back to our case what did you want the juror to say????????

      • Reply to Cohen Post 43
        Your Moshel isn’t a good one and I’ll tell you why.
        With your lost or stolen mail, the manager can only do so much. Once he had a discussion with the mailman about your missing mail the mailman knows that the situation is under surveillance which triggers his mind to think again if it was in fact him. I assume the condition corrected itself in the end. So the manager did accomplish something even if we all know that the mailman wouldn’t admit guilt.
        Now back to Wbman case. I was at the trial, Mr W was simply NOT credible. The victim was very credible (sadly)!
        Making a whole Cholent regarding “anti-semitism” is senseless!
        You remind me of this plane in Chelem that took off with one of the engines down. When it ended up crashing they tried to blame the Check-in staff for allowing an extra suitcase on board!
        The Monster was not credible and stop trying to make anyone lose focus of the main reason by looking for smaller none-sense!!!

        I was recently in Cafe” A Lee, and this guy came into the Cafe cursing a cop for giving him a parking ticket for Double-Parking. He was screaming “Aza Anti Samitt” Question, Was that you?

    15. Realistic Says @10:52 AM
      You wrote, “This was a trick to make 3 witnesses”
      Sorry but if there is corroborative testimony, as outcry that by itself is a legally considered corroborative testimony and therefore you have an exception to the “Hearsay” rule.

      Mayerfreund @ 11:48 AM
      And you really think there is even one person who believes your story, sorry not even one.

      Feel Betrayed Says @1:16 PM
      How do you know that the jurors read the newspapers when the Judge instructed them not to, I presume that you broke into their houses and hid under the beds, to see for yourself.

      Aryeh Says @ 1:34 PM
      Yes PTSD was always considered evidence and, jury makes up their mind based on the credibility of the professional who testifies.

      Robert Says @ 2:53 PM
      The law gives latitude to any professional who in their daily business do a certain task, that they are considered an expert. When you have a nurse examines a rape victim, the nurse will testify as to the signs of rape, even if the defendant argues that it was consensual and rough.

    16. Anonymous Says: @ 6:04 PM
      You wrote; “The US Constitution promises a jury of one’s peers.”

      Wrong, the 6th Amendment guarantees the accused the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury. The phrase “jury of one’s peers” is not included in the Amendment, however, the courts interpret peer to mean equal, i.e., the jury pool must include a cross section of the population of the community in terms of gender, race, and national origin. The jury selection process must not “exclude or intentionally narrow” any particular group of people.
      A jury of one’s peers does not mean a black defendant must be tried by an all-black jury or a female defendant must be tried by an all-woman panel. The objective is to select an impartial jury from a randomly selected juror pool who will be fair, listen to the facts of the case, and render a just verdict based on the evidence. Otherwise any bank robber or rapist could claim I want a jury of my peers i.e. another bank robber or rapist in the jury pool.

    17. I wonder if any of the posters crying “antisemitism” or attacking the victim would be an unbiased member of a jury. If you’re on a jury and you intend to absolve a defendant solely because he’s Frum and you don’t want to see him convicted in a secular court, you don’t belong on a jury.

    18. While I am not trying to say guilty or not, I would like to bring the following to light. Everyone asks why are more witnesses not coming forward?

      A heimishe girl, in her right mind, that intends to do a heimishe shiduch will never reveal that someone had z’nus with her. Furthermore, if she’s already married it will be below her dignity to even tell her husband, and even if she would, she will NEVER go public with the story for the sake of her kids and einiklech…

      Unfortunately only someone in this accusor’s stage will come forward. And this might have played – in Weberman’s mind – to his advantage, if he did what he’s accused of…

    19. Three heavy bolt locks locking from inside an apartment office is exceedingly excessive. Who was being locked out? His wife? His children? Weberman spending hours inside a triple locked office is grounds for suspicion. If the girls says that she was molested, those locks do not strenghten his innocence. Just the opposite. Combined with all the other factors, Weberman, chusid or not, is as guilty as sin. If the so-called high-powdered dud attorney felt that a chusid has no chance (of course, after he lost the case and after he cashed his check), he should have originally advised taking the 5 year plea bargain offerred. Then Weberman could of been out on the steets in 15 months (good behavior, half-way house, work release, etc.). Plainly, the attorney and Weberman himself are loosers. Of course ant-Semitism is to blame. Anti-Semitic locks, Anti-Semitic all day auto trip, Anti-Semitic Jewish LCSW therapist. Anti-Semitic victim. The chasidish Weberman did not have a chance. Poor poor Weberman.

    20. the goyim arent too crazy about jews to begin with …and most people also dislike a criminal who masquerades as righteous Way more more than they dislike a legitimate bad guy. think of indecent or lechorous teacher, priest, doctor or unfortunately a rabbi vs. billy the kid or al capone
      and so do i …..especially when he pretends to be erlecher yid

    21. The antisemitism was open and blatant in every newspaper. Ultra orthodox rabbi leader in the community.. I have good reason myself to believe that Weberman is guilty, and no reason at all to believe that the jury was antisemitic. I was just terribly upset about the negative coverage my whole community was getting because of the alleged crime of one individual.

    22. monalisa, just because you weren’t picked doesn’t mean frum Jews are never picked, or even that they’re picked less often than others. My understanding is that there is a very limited number of peremptory challenges. Mostly they have to state their reason for dismissing a juror, and “he’s too frum” won’t fly. Using peremptory challenges to eliminate frum Jews is quite illegal.


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