Jerusalem – Prominent Kabbalist Says Israel’s Snowstorm Heavenly Sign Of Forgiveness


    Orthodox Jewish men seen praying at the Western Wall, in Jerusalem's Old City, on a snowy winter morning. January 10, 2013. Photo by Nati Shohat/FLASH90Jerusalem – Even as Israel confronts its worst snowstorm in two decades, kabbalists have found a reason to rejoice amid the snow-induced frenzy.

    According to a report in Yediot Ahronoth (, Rabbi David Batzri, a well-known kabbalist, said the snow falling on Israel is a Heavenly sign, “a good sign sent by God” to the Jewish nation that their sins have been forgiven. Rabbi Batzri’s message was conveyed through his son, Rabbi Yitzchak Batzri.

    Quoting the Book of Isaiah, Rabbi Yitzchak Batzri explained that red is symbolic of sin, while white represents atonement. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”

    Rabbi Batzri also said the timing of the snowfall is significant because the Jewish people are in the period of the “Shovevim” (acronym for the Torah portions of Shemot, Va’era, Bo, B’Shalach, Yitro and Mishpatim). According to kabbalah, it is customary during these six weeks for one to inflict torture on oneself on Mondays and Thursdays as a means of gaining atonement.

    “The kabbalists torment themselves and pray for snow, which is a sign that the Jewish people’s sins are being forgiven and erased,” Rabbi Batzri said. “Just like in the Temple, when the high priest would enter the Holy of Holies and pray for the people of Israel’s sins to be forgiven, the sign for forgiveness was the scarlet cord that would turn white. The same applies for kabbalists, who after the beginning of the fasting period, wait for snow as a sign that God has forgiven the people’s sins.”

    When snow falls in Israel, kabbalists also engage in a “snow incarnation” – a “tikkun” (rectification) which is also performed by “tormenting the body” to atone for religious sins. A total of nine incarnations are completed during this time.

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    1. I happen to like what this rabbi is saying, despite that I think his claim is ‘Bubah Masis’.

      When tragedy strikes Am Yisroel , every tom dick and harry puts out claims they know exactly why calamity happenes, for a change its good to hear that a Rabbi say positive things on a snow storm.

    2. Let our imaginations run wild….so is Hashem forgiving the Zionist regime for enlisting holy Haredim into IDF recently or is he forgiving Haredi tzadikim for not serving in the IDF for past 60 years?

    3. “According to kabbalah, it is customary during these six weeks for one to inflict torture on oneself “

      To fast or inflict torture? I never heard of that minhag.

      • The inyan is to inflict great physical and emotional pain during the period of Shevovim such as that endured by reading the kind of nareshkeit pumped out by those talmediei chachamim (aka “baal kabalahniks”) who seem to “know” how/why/when the Ebeshter has caused every natural event and disaster. (e.g. the lack of snowfall in Northeastern snow resorts this winter is the result of legalized gay marriage in Maine and Vermont).

        • Your cynicism and presumptuousness notwithstanding, we are expected to read into the “warning signs” Hashem sends us for our own good. And our leaders are obligated to point them out to those of us who are simply too smug / ignorant / self-righteous / or too self-absorbed to heed them.

        • For sure, they way we live our lives…influence the way Hashem send Brocha or the opposite chas vesholem…so don’t make fun…because everything that happens IS a result of our conduct.
          We don’t know the what for what…but certainly the flood didn’t come because it was random……..or many other things in History…we just don’t know exactly why or the meaning…but certainly it has one!!!!
          P.S…And if you think yidden living in sin does not affect us… need a good checkup!!!

          • I agree with you that everything has meaning but I don’t think we know the reasons why things happen. However, I object to these pronouncements that come out of every little rebbele’s mouth who wants publicity. When we had the huge snowstorm in NYC 2 winters ago all I heard was that we were being punished for one aveira or another. Now this snow in Israel is a blessing.

    4. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as they say. It’s rather like a dream – the way it’s interpreted is the way it’ll be. I’ll go with the kabbalists who see the rare snowfall as a sign of divine forgiveness. May we all gain heavenly favor in the zechus of the sincerely penitent.

    5. Wonderful news article
      But not a good idea to post in this website…
      As you can see, we are dealing with a bunch of ignoramouses (ameraatzim) commenters…
      All the rabbi did was, that he quoted something which is brought down in all sifrei kabulah and chochmas emes…
      The guy sarcasticly mocking the rabbi with some nonsense about snow in syria, if he knew the aleph beis of yiddishkeit then he would be aware .of the concept of “zeh l’umas zeh usu elokim” everyrhing in kedusha has its counterpart…
      Moreover, snow shows on rachamim” compassion, thru good deeds we bring devine compassion to the entire world, just as the bais hamikdosh brought prosperity to all nations…
      In truth, our comenters
      are not guilty of being the great ameiratzim, because sadly the yeshivahs of today dont teach any knowladge of that sort, however, they are guilty of being loieg al divrei chachumim and all previous kedoishei elyon up until the zohar himself, cuz to instanly think that u must comment on every piece of news of which u have no clue of is brings you to sins of the highest order……………

    6. In YouTube there is a new video with audio in English with Israeli accent showing how this storm was fully predicted using the bible codes and stopping at every 12,000 letter. It too carried good news that the geulah is close and the flooding waters acted like a mikvah to purify us before we are visited by the One Above.

    7. Anyone else find it strange that the greatest roshai yeshiva who have shas and poskim always on the tip of their tongues never make pronouncements like this one?

    8. Could we please all stop with the fantasy and nonsense (which is BTW turning out more Koifrim amongst our youth than anything else)
      The white stuff we call snow is the cause of the temperature going below 33 degrees in the same time as certain cloud formations form above in the sky!
      It’s called NATURE and Hashem created that phenomenon 5773 years ago.
      By trying to put anything else to it, your making a mockery of all of Yiddeshkiet!


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