Jerusalem – Researchers Turn To Facebook In The Hopes Of Uncovering The Truth Behind The Yemenite Children Affair


    Yemenite Jews in Israel.Jerusalem – Academics and social activists are hoping Facebook will be the right medium to help them discover what really happened to thousands of Yemenite children during the so-called “Yemenite Children Affair”, Ha’aretz reports (

    At a conference this week organized by the Bar-Ilan University Dahan Center, participants, many of them siblings of Yemenite children who died or disappeared, were encouraged to share their stories and upload documents and photos to The Association for Society and Culture, Research and Documentation Facebook page in an effort to discover the truth surrounding the Affair.

    An estimated 50,000 Jews were airlifted to Israel from Yemen during “Operation Magic Carpet” after the creation of the State. However, between 1948 and 1954, approximately 1,500 to 5,000 Yemenite children, mostly toddlers, were reported missing by their parents. Despite three separate committees in Israel which subsequently investigated the whereabouts of the children, there has never been any real closure in this matter. Many of the children were found to have died from illness, while a small number of them were adopted out. But a large number of children are still unaccounted for.

    According to Dr. Esther Meir-Glitzenstein, an expert on Sephardic Jewish communities from Ben-Gurion University, Israel was ill-equipped to accommodate these Yemenite Jews when they arrived, which may explain why so many children needed to be hospitalized and later died upon their arrival in Israel. “Despite the tendency to portray Operation Magic Carpet as one of the great moments of Zionist history, it was an operation that failed,” Meir-Glitzenstein said.

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    1. My father in laws sister was stolen from her family upon arrival in Israel from Yemen, back in the 50’s, under false pretences.
      How she was stolen, is a long story, which I wont get into.

      • During a period when Israel population increased hundreds of thousands, about 1,500 young Yemenite children (under 3 mostly) disappeared, even if you think there was some diabolical plan behind this, to say there was an official program of Shmat is just silly. First you need to establish how religious the families they came from in the first place, because if significant numbers of these cases were from marginally religious families your theory does not hold up. Second, several commissions have examined this and have concluded that the majority of cases the children died. Believe what you want but some people who harbor this deep suspicion against the gov’t and cite this case need to look beyond this. Most likely the children died, possibly due to an inadequate and overwhelmed medical system. It could be that these kids did get second class service and as a result you can blame discrimination but that is a very different issue then claiming an official campaign.

        • oy vey, it is well known the intention of the zionists. yes they stole these frum frum kinderlech to have them raised in israel and thier payos cut of rachmono litslan. however, this is no reason not to do everything possible to keep israelis safe and sound and everything that applies to pikuach nefesh and whatever has to be done has to be done, not giving back land etc. no matter the wrong intentions of the medina..

    2. This chapter sounds heartbreaking. But, it is important to remember that Israel doubled its population between 1949 and 1952. That is quite a challenge for even a superpower country. We hope that the community can have closure.

    3. to all our NK friends,

      Yes, this again confirms to us that the entire motivation of the establishment of the State of Israel was and continues to be the eradication of Torah UMitzvos. Not to protect Jews, not to provide a homeland, not to be a Tris Bifnei HaHisbollelus.

      All the Zionists are either a) Erev Rav or b) Amelek. Herzl? He was the Sitra Achra incarnate.

      What the Zionists did or didn’t do during the Holocaust and the first years of building the State was deplorable, though its hard to imagine they killed children outright.

      But it was a very difficult time, the very existence of the State was in jeopardy, very few resources, very little oversight, strong enmity between religious and non-religious ( Imagine, it was worse then than now).

      It is very easy to villify Zionists if you see them as non-Jews or worse. But I have news, they are as much Zera Avraham Yitzchok Yakkov as the Atzei Chaim and the Beirach Moshe.

      • You left out the most important point: plenty of aparatchiks out to make money. Any vulnerable Yemeni was robbed of anything worth anything, and the stolen children are no exception. And what exactly did happen to the healthy young Ofra Haza, who was forced to marry an HIV-carrier by Shimeon Peres after she accompanied him to Oslo, and – more importantly – after she began researching the stolen Yemeni children?
        You sir may have your theories, but countless personal stories show otherwise. People who behave like those aparatchiks did, and later, people much higher up in the heirarchy, are not ever descendents of the Ovois.

          • As a matter of fact, although Ofra was no longer shoimer shabbes, she had very traditional views in other matters and did not in any way live ‘an extremely immoral life’ as you claim. Shimeon Peres forced her to marry an HIV-carrier – against her wishes and the advice of her friends – and she succumbed almost immediately.

            • What you are saying is worse than wrong, it’s unbelievably stupid.

              1. Shimon Peres is just as powerless to make someone, especially a wealthy celebrity, marry someone else as I would be to make you into a reasonable man.

              2. Ofra’s not keeping Shabbos (I din’t know she ever did) is not what I meant by “extremely immoral life.” Engaging in behaviors that I don’t wish to describe is what I meant. It is a common knowledge, and it would be silly for you to try to deny it. If that was consistent with her “very traditional views” than she also had mental problems.

              3. If you need to get rid of somebody, and have no scruples about it, infecting them with aids is a stupidest way to do it. Many people sick with aids live for years or even decades (the transsexual boheima who played basketball is still alive!) And they can talk, especially because they have not much to lose. I don’t believe that Shimon Peres would ever do something like this, but even if I, like you, lost the sovereignty of reason and succumbed to conspiracy theorizing, I would still be intelligent enough to be sure that he would find a better way to do it.

      • Yes. I agree. A yid. Is. A yid
        Like. It says in perk לב. In Tanya . The. נשמה all. Come. From. A high. Place. And. Are. The. Same.
        So. Lets look. At every. Yid. Like. We. Should. With. אבבה

    4. My machutin’s sister was taken away and was never seen again. She would be in her late 50’s now.
      Re Ofra Haza, she was married to an (Ashkenaz) HIV carrier, but he never told her that he was.


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