New York – NYC Council Passes Law To Force Slumlords To Make Repairs


    FILENew York – A new law passed unanimously by the New York City Council on Wednesday will bring welcome relief to tenants who reside in buildings owned by slumlords.

    Under the new law, landlords will now be “held accountable for fixing underlying causes of recurring violations,” according to a press release issued by the City Council ( Conditions such as leaks, water damage, presence of mold, or no heat and hot water are commonplace in dwellings owned by negligent landlords.

    Now, these same landlords will be forced to pay hefty fines if they fail to make the necessary repairs. They will have four to six months to comply with “an underlying conditions order” and must provide documentation to HPD demonstrating compliance. Landlords will also be required to sign an affidavit swearing the dangerous conditions have been fixed. If the landlord fails to comply with the order, HPD can make the repairs and seek civil penalties ranging up to $1,000 per unit or a minimum of $5,000 per building. If a landlord lies to HPD about making the repairs, s/he can also be subject to perjury charges.

    “Quick fixes to cover up systematic structural problems aren’t acceptable – we’re talking about people’s homes,” said Speaker Quinn. “Purely cosmetic repairs only worsen conditions for tenants, putting their health, safety and well-being at risk. This legislation will empower HPD inspectors to treat the cause – not just the symptom – of repeat violations. Now, instead of simply painting over water damage or doing patchwork, landlords must repair the hole in the roof that’s causing it.”

    Mayor Bloomberg is expected to sign the bill into law soon.

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      • Your concept of business created riots and antisemitism. It was easier to do business in sweat shops, no minimum wage, minors can work it their business and of no health insurance sick drop dead and nobody forces to come to work and like Pakistan no fire exstinguishers, let them roatst and burn. You must be a ben/bnei rachmonis from eizev.What are you in the under taking business

        • Excuse me, but its all good and well to be a baal rachmonus with somebody ELSES money. He can choose to be a ball rachmonus via giving tzedakah or he can choose not to. But who gave you or the city council the power to force him to be one?

    1. It’s always kind of amazing that on the one hand the City Council keeps claiming that they need “home rule” approval from the State before doing anything, but on the other hand they seem to pass lots of laws when they want to without it.

      • Did you ever try evicting one of these parasites? the court system (city) can drag out for months and years, while the finance dept (city) DEP (city) and all sorts of other “City” agencies put leans and confiscate your property for unpaid bills, which the city is holding up

        watch every one vote for Quien

        • If the rent subsidies make them parasites, it means the slumlords are parasites too. If a business owner collects all his income from section 8, he has to follow the law. If he doesn’t like it, let him go into another business. It’s a free country!

    2. now no one will invest in these neighborhoods or eventually these building will be bought up and upper income residents will move in, welfare people who think it is coming to them… so where will these people nove to ??? your neighborhood…

    3. Government overreaching yet again …

      Want to force your slumlord to make repairs? He’s an idea, MOVE OUT! If the landlord can’t find tenants willing to leave in current conditions at the rate he’s asking, he’ll have to fix the place up, or lower the price. Simple!

      • you and the others before you with this simplistic solution,it’s expensive to move.i lived in a building in a good neighborhood.a new landlord,btw,a yid,bought the building he let it quickly fall into disrepair in an effort to force the old tenants to move out so he could get higher rents.

    4. How disheartening to read some of these responses. Saying “if you don’t like it, move.” is callous beyond belief. Most of the people who live in these locations do not have many options. Housing is at a premium in New York City and relocation is not much of an option for the poor. Number 2 – in a way, these people are forced to stay there. Be grateful that you are not living their lives and have a little rachmanus for others!

    5. האומר שלי שלי, ושלך שלך–זו מידה בינונית; ויש אומרין, זו מידת סדום.

      Just saying. A little רחמנות is not a bad thing.

    6. I am not a property owner but a maintenance service. Something things the tenants have a total right to complain but other things are their faults. Get called out for emergency pipe leaking [erev Shabbos]; problem tap dripping. No Emergency but the owner pays for emergency.Mould; 90% is tenant cause. Have vents in wall or above windows, tenant seals them not to loose heat; Results in mould no air circulation. Another job this week apartment is totally wet; problem, cold and damp outside, vents block; heat on for 2 hours a day result damp. I repair flats for the same owners for years. Certain flats get callout out 2 a months others get a call out maybe once every 3 or 4 years. Why; the way the tenant lives and what he expects. Get call out to change a light bulbs ; this is a tenant issue; they report the light is not working. They know is is a bulb but they don’t want to pay. Real issue, a tidy bowel plastic flushed down drain, whole roll toilet paper flush down the toilet, over load washing machines, broken boilers since they always playing with controls and shutting them off. Had a job last week toilet stuff up, what tenant do, just kept flushing and ruin the carpert throught

    7. another go story, get a call from a tenant there is water coming through his ceiling. Went out immediately, the character above had a stuff drain in the shower; comtinue to use it and flooded his flat

    8. #18 – are you saying that because someone in an upstairs apartment is not responsible enough to not use his shower, the tenant below has to live with water coming through the ceiling?!? I hope not. In addition, if a tenant seals a vent not to lose heat, I get the impression that the landlord is probably not providing enough heat and the windows are probably not sealed properly. Best solution: have the landlords live in these apartments for a month or so and see if it is really habitable!

    9. Once upon a time there was no mininum wage, no mininmum weekly work hours, no sick leave , no annual leave, and of course doors were locked too, lets return to that era. Who ask you to be a property renter , go in another business and if dafke want to clean up work under the guidelines set up by the State


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