Jerusalem – Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Released From Hospital After Stroke


Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef seen at hadassah ein kerem hospital after he suffered a minor stroke. January 13, 2012. Photo by Shas HANDOUT/Flash90Jerusalem – Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual leader of the Shas movement, was released from Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem Sunday morning after suffering a mild stroke Saturday during the morning prayer service.

“Extensive tests revealed that Rabbi Yosef experienced a very light stroke. It was decided to keep in him in the hospital for a number of other tests and for rest,” Hadassah medical director Dr. Yuval Weiss said on Saturday.

“Throughout the entire time, the rabbi has remained fully conscious and [has been] communicating fully with those around him.”

A Shas party spokesman said that Yosef, 92, was having trouble operating his left hand while praying in the synagogue at his home in the capital’s Har Nof neighborhood on Saturday morning. A doctor assessed the rabbi’s condition at his home, and found he had suffered a mild stroke. He was then taken to the hospital.

Speaking on Channel 2 news, Shas co-chairman Arye Deri said that he had talked with Yosef in the afternoon, and that the rabbi “spoke fluently, and was clear, concentrated and focused.”

Deri and Interior Minister Eli Yishai, one of the party’s other co-chairmen, walked to the hospital in the early afternoon to visit the rabbi. Yishai said that Yosef was in good spirits and gave a Torah lesson on the plagues in Egypt during seudah shlishit, the “third meal” customarily eaten on Shabbat afternoon.

Speaking to Channel 2, Deri also said that he “would not apologize” for the controversial campaign ad Shas broadcast last week, in which an obviously Russian woman received a conversion to Judaism by fax while standing under a wedding canopy besides her husband-tobe.

Leaders of the Shas ultra orthodox Jewish party pray together with followers of Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, for Rabbi Yosef's medical recovery. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/FLASH90“We were targeting Yisrael Beytenu that has a clear agenda to advance civil unions; they are granting conversions via fax, is that what we want here?” he said in reference to the state conversion system.

Critics of the ad accused Shas of broadcasting racist messages and negatively stereotyping the Russian community. Religious rights groups also attacked the notion that the conversion process is insubstantial, and pointed out that Yosef himself has approved the system and the conversions carried out through its offices.

Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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    • The insurance companies force the hospitals to kick out the patients as soon as they are able to breathe and walk….no more long recuperative periods in the hospital. Hopefully, he will stay at home and rest and stay out of politics. He is prone to making inflamatory comments and the last thing EY needs right now is more divisive political rhetoric.

    • Agreed,

      A stroke no matter how mild in a 92 year old man should be taken as seriously as a venous clot in the brain in a 60 year old woman.

      I fear though they he may have signed out A.M.A.

      Refuah Shelima.

    • Agreed,

      A stroke no matter how mild in a 92 year old man should be taken as seriously as a venous clot in the brain in a 60 year old woman.

      I fear though they he may have signed out A.M.A.

      Refuah Shelima.

  1. Medical science has come a very long way, especially in Eretz Yisroel My grandfather a”h had a pacemaker installed at age 96 and he was discharged in a few days, and that was in 1996.

    • Dr. Zacharowicz, both my parents, z”l, were doctors many years ago and they would probably agree with you but they saw this dreadful situation with the insurance companies coming. They were not famous or powerful and they were already getting on in years to be able to do anything, but they wondered why their younger colleagues tolerated it. So, I ask, why do you?

      We have a staffing crisis in our hospitals here. There simply is not enough and I have told my husband I will not go to a hospital to be killed. We are better off in our own homes and Rav Ovadia can afford nursing staff privately if necessary. If you’re implying he didn’t really have a stroke. Well, that’s between him, his doctors and Hashem.

    • As a Med Prof also, but Not a Neuro, why not? I know the latest is Not to rely on ABCD2 scale to determine later prob of CVA, but here they did a imaging study -so why keep him?

    • I appreciate the fact that as a neurologist you know more than me but this is what they call a armchair general you’re not his Dr. you didn’t see his chart there’s no way for you to know if its right or wrong

      • Say it ain’t so Joe,

        As a physician Dr. Zacharowicz can express his opinion. Furthermore, the (prevailing )2) standard of care is to keep a stroke victim even a TIA, to remain 24 for observation.

      • ‘you didn’t see his chart there’s no way for you to know if its right or wrong”

        but you imply you know better
        you are obviously a trained neurologist who examined the patient and reviewed the medical record so you know better


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