Far Rockaway, NY – Loaded Gun In Backpack Of 7-Year-Old Elementary Student


Far Rockaway, NY – A 7-year-old child is under investigation after bringing a gun to a school in Queens, police said.

It happened Thursday at the P.S. 215Q campus at Wave Preparatory Academy in Far Rockaway, the Department of Education said. Police said the child brought a loaded .22 caliber gun to school, 1010 WINS reports.

The DOE said the gun was found in the student’s backpack. The school was placed on lockdown and the gun was confiscated, officials said.

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  1. What about all of the passengers, who are caught by the TSA bringing loaded guns onto commercial aircraft? They always come up with the most ridiculous excuses when they are caught, namely ” I didn’t know it was in my luggage”. In some cases, juries have actually bought those asinine arguments, and have acquitted some defendants.

  2. What is scary is how a 7 year old could get hold of a loaded gun. Didn’t these morons learn anything from Sandy Hook & the subsequent tirades & rantings? Don’t investigate the child, pull him & siblings out of the home & arrest the parents.


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