New York, NY – Teachers’ Prez: Bloomberg ‘My Way Or The Highway’


    Mayor Bloomberg updates New Yorkers on status of teacher evaluation negotiations. January 17, 2013
(Photo Credit: Kristen Artz By nycmayorsoffice/Flickr)New York, NY – The president of New York City’s teachers’ union says there’s no agreement on a new teachers evaluation system because of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “my way or the highway” attitude.

    Michael Mulgrew told reporters Thursday the union had actually reached an agreement with the Department of Education. But then, he said, he assumes the DOE called City Hall and then “we didn’t have an agreement.”

    He said he watched the mayor’s news conference where he announced that no agreement had been reached. Mulgrew said he “never saw such blatant misrepresentation of the facts.”

    The city faced a deadline of Thursday to submit an evaluation plan to New York state or risk losing up to $450 million in state aid and grants.

    Bloomberg said the teachers “unilaterally walked away from our negotiations.”

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      • Bloomberg isn’t even directly involved in the negotiations. As a taxpayer, I have no problems with quantifiable assessments of teachers, and a marked reduction in the number of teachers assigned to the so-called rubber rooms where those removed from their classrooms due to substantiated complaints draw a full salary and await a new job – even if it takes years. Perhaps you should learn how to read something other than blogs or the union’s self-serving press releases to get the full facts.

        • You don’t even comprehend what you perceive to have read, much less what you have written!

          King Bloomberg is directly involved in saying that there is no agreement even if the union says there was!

          Go back to what you think you do best and learn to read before you begin to blog.

        • “Bloomberg isn’t even directly involved in the talks”.
          Read the article again. The union president said that the teachers had an agreement with the Board of Education, and city hall stopped it.

    1. Problem with the public schools are the principals. Bloomberg has gotten in horrible unqualified principals that discriminate against & fire Jews, whites & experienced staff. My friend has been told she can’t leave at 2:45 on short Fridays & threatened & harassed. They fire the good teachers & keep the bad ones, their friends.

    2. To Posters #3, #4, #6
      You read what you want to read. The so-called meeting of the minds was killed by the union at the last minute with their eleventh hour demand that the agreement terminate in two years, which would have essentially protected all the teachers now under investigation. This is all about union dues, and the union protecting the rank and file regardless of their merits as educators. Regarding unqualified principals, why blame Bloomberg? Is he the head of the Department of Education? I don’t know the details of the teacher who allegedly wasn’t allowed to leave at 2:45 PM on short Fridays. While on the surface if seems like an actionable cause on her part, there may be more to the story that isn’t being disclosed to us.

      Why is it that you all have some grievance against the Mayor that manifests itself in illogical behavior as demonstrated by these posts?


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