Williamsburg, NY – Satmar Rebbe To Arrive In Jerusalem On Sunday To Shake Up Israeli Elections (photos)


Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg, Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum On Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY, getting well wishes from his Chasidim before leaving to Israel on Jan 19 2013. (Photo by Stefano Giovannini)Williamsburg, NY – The Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg, Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, is expected to arrive in Israel on Sunday with a large delegation on the eve of the Israeli elections.

Both Rabbi Teitelbaum and several thousand of his chassidim have flown out tonight from JFK Airport from the United States.

The Rebbe’s purpose in coming to Israel is to take part in the wedding of his grandchild, the daughter of Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Teitelbaum, who heads the Jerusalem branch of Satmar.

Those familiar with the Rebbe’s plans say the timing of his arrival is not coincidental, and that his intention in visiting Israel is to cause trouble for the ultra-religious political parties who financially benefit from what he calls the “Zionist Molech.”

Those close to him added that the Rebbe moved up the timing of his trip in the wake of the early elections. “If the religious parties become weakened, we will note that with satisfaction and this will be the result of the Rebbe’s visit,” one of the Rebbe’s followers said. The “holy journey” of the Rebbe was prepared months in advance.

The Rebbe’s anticipated arrival is already being felt by those in Jerusalem. The Rebbe will visit Jerusalem and participate in a rally in Kikar Shabbat. According to his chassidim, the Rebbe is expected to give a “historic” speech at the rally where he will discuss the damage the Haredi parties have inflicted on Orthodox Judaism.

Because Satmar refuses to travel on the “Zionist airline” El-Al, Delta Airlines was asked to change their flight schedule in order to accommodate the Rebbe’s travel needs.

In the last few days, many Satmar chassidim decided to join this traveling contingent. However, Delta Airlines was unable to issue enough tickets to all those who wanted one. Therefore, Satmar arranged additional special flights to Israel with the help of Turkish Airlines, according to a report by Yediot Ahronot (http://bit.ly/VfqmuM).

Misphacha newspaper reported that Rabbi Teitelbaum is bringing more than five million dollars with him in order to distribute monies to organizations which do not benefit from “the Zionist State” and to pay students not to vote in the elections.

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  1. The date for the his grand-daughter’s wedding was set last year, prior to the determination of the date for the elections. The Rebbe’s last intentions were to be there at such a volatile time.
    It is true that he has raised large sums of money for those moisdos that don’t take subsidies from the government, but he is just following in the footsteps of the Satmar Rebbe zt”l, who instituted this.
    That he will be paying individuals to refrain from voting has been proven to be blatantly false. Note that the Israeli press that had latched onto that rumor has not mentioned it at all for the last week.
    As a matter of fact, on the day of the elections the Rebbe will be visiting the mekoimos hakdoshim and away from Yerushalayim.

  2. They hate Israel so much they’d rather fly on Turkish airlines. The old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” seems to apply here. I think it’s terrible he’s dafka going to cause trouble in the elections. Israeli elections are none of their business as they don’t support Israel anyway, so it should be a big non-event for them. I don’t care which brother fights with the other but this is wrong. You hate Israel so much, why do Satmars live there & leech off the State (don’t tell me you don’t, you use their hospitals, water, electricity etc.)

    • You write “rather fly on Turkish airlines”. halachikly someone who is mechalel shabos is considert to be a gentile by all means according to the rambam. so el al is not to be supported like a Jewish company. but Turkish airlines is a non jewish company and they should not observe the shabos.
      see rambam
      רמבם ספר זמנים הלכות שבת פרק ל הלכה טו
      השבת ועבודת כוכבים ומזלות כל אחת משתיהן שקולה כנגד שאר כל מצות התורה. והשבת היא האות שבין הקב”ה ובינינו לעולם. לפיכך כל העובר על שאר המצות הרי הוא בכלל רשעי ישראל. אבל המחלל שבת בפרהסיא הרי הוא כעובד עבודת כוכבים ומזלות ושניהם כעובדי כוכבים ומזלות לכל דבריהם.

      • To: MAERFREUND

        EL AL airlines is not mechallel Shabbos. And your tone of moral superiority does nothing to bring closer those who are estranged from traditional Judaism (Yiddishkeit). Quoting a RambaM does not strengthen your position either. The RambaM writes in Sefer Shoftim 3:2-3

        במה דברים אמורים באיש שכפר בתורה שבעל פה במחשבתו ובדברים שנראו לו. והלך אחר דעתו הקלה ואחר שרירות לבו וכופר בתורה שבעל פה תחילה כצדוק ובייתוס וכן כל התועים אחריו. אבל בני התועים האלה ובני בניהם שהדיחו אותם אבותם ונולדו בין הקראים וגדלו אותם על דעתם. הרי הוא כתינוק שנשבה ביניהם וגדלוהו ואינו זריז לאחוז בדרכי המצות שהרי הוא כאנוס ואע”פ ששמע אח”כ [שהוא יהודי וראה היהודים ודתם הרי הוא כאנוס שהרי גדלוהו על טעותם] כך אלו שאמרנו האוחזים בדרכי אבותם הקראים שטעו. לפיכך ראוי להחזירן בתשובה ולמשכם בדברי שלום עד שיחזרו לאיתן התורה

        You, as well as the Israeli (religious) leadership would be better served if instead of grandstanding and admonishing those less knowledgeable and observant, would do something to reach out to those souls peacefully.

        • Well said. That is why the Lubavicher Rebbe was such a great man. He sought to lead by example, showing peace and love to fellow Jews. Satmar’s rabbi seeks to hector and deride. Way to unite the Jewish people. NOT.

  3. Something aint right here. With all the good satmar does for someone that can’t even talk to his own brother to have so many kid looking up to him. No wonder mishpacha hasn’t come to destroy the Zionist medinah

    • Yes, nobody is replying, the story is the most stupid and childish.
      Whoever still thinks that protests helps are foolish and brainwashed from the satmar news.
      Look what happened in the end with karta parking lot and the matzeives digging, bezha”sh the chareidim this time will have a strong power as bibi is loosing and he will have to use shas and aguda to make his cabinet, and will have to cancel the chareidim draft.

  4. They call his drasha “historic” I can’t understand whats so historic about a rebbe going to israel and making some drasha, it seems to me that any event that some people get excited about is called historic
    in fact this whole event is of little interest to anybody not affilated with satmar or the anti zionist camp.
    most people couldn’t care less if he comes or not
    Also to imply that if the chareidi partys have a poor showing he gets the credit is absolutly rediculous everyone knows that there are many people who are upset with the party leadership and for their own reasons either abstain from voting or vote for secular partys this has nothing to do with satmar
    satmar and the eida hachredis are a very small percentage of the chareidim, the overwhelming majority don’t hold their shitta because they follow the ruling of many gedolim who held its a chiyuv to vote, of course they (the satmar chasidim) are obliged to adhere to the satmar rebbe zatsa”l ruling but by the same token the rest of klal yisroel must adhere to the daas torah of their rebbes and gedolim so if they don’t vote its because they are letting their personal intersts come before their chiyuv al pi torah.

  5. To #8 Very well said, Few instigators fabricated this line ‘That he’s paying for students not to vote’ ….Anyone with a bit of brains knows that that’s not true, but for hatred you could sell anything, we know the deal here , He’s going to A wedding b’h and of course while being there he’ll address the election issue which was forbidden by R’ Yoel Zt’l , So we should really be proud of him, The Charity his bringing along is mentioned in very small letters as this is not something they would like to talk about,
    Should he be Matzliach and accomplish on his trip and be back safe iy’h

  6. This article is inaccurate to say the least. “The stated reason is to take part in a famy simcha”. For crying out loud it’s his grand child’s wedding which date was set way before the datr for the elections were set. Doesn’t VIN do any fact checking before publishing??

  7. to # 11 you wrote he should accomplish, please explain what exactly is he trying to accomplish? if he wants to give charity he doeasn’t need to actually go there to give so besides being mesameach choson vekala his grandchildren which of course is an accomplishment (this is an accomplishment that in fact many zeidas are proud of) what else can he accomplish?

  8. People who were in Williamsburg tonight told me that they were moved to tears when they heard the huge, huge oilom singing Ani Maamin. The Rebbe’s short farewell speech was also inspirational. I understand that I missed a very historic event.
    I got a clip of the Rebbe boarding, and the singing by the passengers welcoming him onto the plane was really dramatic. (I wonder what the stewards were thinking!)
    May he go beshulem and return beshulem…

    • no1 was moved everyone knows hes an empty suit, the only reason anyone is supporting him is because they think his brother will give a hoot,
      while his brother is busy learning, and shaking up the world with kashrus issues he is bz counting the suv;’s with how many flashing lights they ea have!!

      • You are entitled to your opinion, but who do you want to convince that he is an empty suit? The thousands and thousands who turned out to hear him speak in Yerushalayim??? I feel your pain!!!!!

  9. Good for him. He is helping Medinat Yisrael against the Charaedim whose policies will ruin the state and create divisions in Klal Yisrael. The less power that Agudah has, the better. It is sad to face that reality but the state can no longer support the Agudahs one sided financial demands.

  10. I hope he doesn’t bring the $5,000,000 in cash. He might get stopped for illegally transporting US currency.
    Maybe he should use the money to help out people hit by Sandy rather than creating מחלוקת.

  11. 1. Wedding date was set 1 year ago. Bibi only set election date 4 months ago.
    2. Eida Hachareidus and Satmar have very little in comparison to Ger and Belz. Satmar however make a lot of noise and have very highly paid PR propogandists.
    3. The numbers are highly exagerated
    4. If its a “goyish” medinah then why should they not have Eged transportation on shabis. Try to stop the buses on Bedford Ave or 13th ave.
    5. The entire chassidus us kept together with this one single issue. Its like “crazy glue” – anti zionism. Satmar ‘idealism’ are as extinct as the kibbutz in Israel. They stand for nothing.
    6. If the 2 brothers ever made peace, then they each would be left with no chassidim. Each one only has chassidim because they hate the other Rebbe.

  12. Stop it already!
    This trip was scheduled way before Bibi called for elections and is for the wedding of rav Zalmen’s granddaughter.
    It’s a co-incidence that elections are in the same time and being so, rav Zalmen is expected to speak out about it.

  13. People should review Ezra and Nechemya – study what the conditions were as they were beginning to rebuild Bayis Shaini. And, sadly, we need to review the issues that destroyed Bayis Shaini – MACHLOKES! Read our own history. When we stand together, no one can destroy us. It is ironic that all the nations understand that Israel is a Jewish state! Only we can’t seem to comprehend this.

    Please, spend your time and dollars supporting Klal Yisroel. We are one people, anyone trying to divide us, destroys us.

  14. The airline tickets, even if they are Turkish Air, will include a hefty airport tax charged by Ben Gurion Airport. Besides that, these hundreds of Satmar visiting here will give our economy a great boast. Think of all the secular taxi drivers, gift shops, etc that will be making money off them. Even the wedding hall, which no doubt will be charging VAT, will be bringing much needed shekalim to the Israeli treasury. I think it’s wonderful that he’s coming and helping out the Zionist cause. Maybe next time he’ll bring his brother.

  15. 2 facts about this trip are missing:-
    1) is the Satmar Rebbe’s wife A.K.A. the grandmother of the bride, also traveling? & if so:- Did she fly with the Rebbe? or is she flying on a separate flight exclusively for women?
    2) Is the Rebbe being Mesader Kiddushin? or does the Mesader Kiddushin by Israeli law, have to be certified by the local Rabbinate?

  16. 1) This man would sooner give money to Turks who hate Jews than to a Jewish owned airline;
    2) He goes to Israel to sow discord rather than seek peace.
    That says it all about him and his followers. Just as he can’t make peace with his own brother, he seeks to sow the seeds of hate and discord amongst other Jews. No wonder Moshiach has not yet arrived.

  17. I remember in June,1965, when Rabbi Teitlebaum (the father of the present Satmar Rebbe), traveled to EY via ship. He took the Queen Elizabeth to Southhampton, England, and from there took another ship to EY. At that time, there were also thousands of his followers, who came to the pier to see him off. There was coverage of that event in the NY Daily News.

  18. I am sorry, I can’t understand the objective.
    Which candidate is he trying to support?
    Or that frum should not vote at all in the elections, only the non frum people should effect the tide of things in Israel?
    Are the frum Jews in Israel frum if they vote? Then why spend time on them?

    The real question is one chabad brought up 50 years ago. Does the government of Israel in deed protect the lives on millions of Jews? If so is pulling down the government equivalent to murder?

  19. Do you think this is a coincidence? The elections were scheduled for the week of this wedding because Bibi wants less chareidim to vote. He knew that while the Satmarer Rebbe is here, no religious person will dare vote. Then he will have a majority without the chareidim and he won’t be forced by Aguda/Degel to draft the chareidim.


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