Brooklyn, NY – Orthodox Teen Killed By Van In Midwood


    NYPD doing an investigation where 15-year-old girl was struck and killed by a van on Jan. 22 2013. Photo: Shimon GifterBrooklyn, NY – A 15-year-old girl was struck and killed by a van Tuesday afternoon as she crossed the street in Midwood, Brooklyn.

    At 2:49 p.m., police came to the intersection of East 7th Street and Avenue O after a report of a pedestrian struck by a car. They found Sara Kishik lying unconscious and unresponsive in the street.

    Police learned that a 2006 Ford Econoline van headed east on Avenue O struck Kishik as she crossed from the north side of the street to the south.

    Paramedics took Kishik to Maimonides Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead, police said.

    The driver remained at the scene after the incident, and criminality is not suspected, police said. Police have not indicated whether citations or tickets have been, or will be, issued.

    The family are members of congregation Ateret Torah in Flatbush.

    NYPD doing an investigation where 15-year-old girl was struck and killed by a van on Jan. 22 2013. Photo: Shimon Gifter

    Chesed Shel Emes at the sence where 15-year-old girl was struck and killed by a van. Photo: Shimon Gifter

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    1. Boroch Dayan Haemet. May Hashem console the family.

      There must be a way of preventing these kinds of accidents in the future, as there have been a number of pedestrian fatalities of late.

      • So that members of the shul who might want to pay a shiva call would know about the loss of a member Why does that trouble you so much? Is there some reason that this girl’s family were members of a orthodox synagogue should have been kept secret?

      • A) this is standard so people in the community should know exactly who it is as there might be someone else with same name
        B) Ateret Torah is a very choshuv sephardic yeshiva Bait Yaakov and Shule run by the community in flatbush there is no way it would be considered anything bad if anything it is a praise to belong to Ateret Torah

    2. What a foolish comment that we are helpless to avoid future such tragedies and all we can do is “daven and daven”. We can certainly do lots of things including educating kids and drivers about pedestrian safety, installing traffic slowing devices on certain accident prone streets, requiring better side-view mirrors in vans, etc. etc. If some fools think that all we can do to reduce avoidable accidents and fatalities by sitting in shul and davening, then don’t be surprised if c’v one of you own yinglach becomes a victim of such a tragedy. Yes, we should daven to avoid such judgements but we can also do much to make sure it happens less frequently.

      • i agree with you ..but we do need to daven but we MUST teach our kids how to croass the street and we need more speed bumps on every street.i also think that they should make the age of new drivers older ..yes i know this guy waz not 16 but still…..hashem should give her friends and her family the koach nefesh to go thru this hard time. her friends that spoke to her right before the aciddent..hashem should help us watch over our children that they should all come home evry nite safely and no parent should go thru this.maybe instead of bashing each other we can all do something for her neshama.

      • You use “Anonymous” and then you have the brazen chutzpa to suggest such a thing and predicate it with “Chas V’shalom”. What kind of animal are you? Number 9 was saying Daven Daven as a way to find Rachamei Shomayim not to put his head in the sand. To think that the comments here are moderated- by what?a typing monkey?

        • i think you entirely missed the point….the posting acknowledged the importance of davening but took issue with the implication that was the ONLY option and the posting clearly said that whoever took that myopic view and did not pursue every possible physical, legal and educational tool to protect thier kids is opening the door to an accident. The point is clear and not in any way disrepectful except to those who as you say “
          would stick their heads in the sand” and simply rely upon divine intervention. Nothing said there warranted editorial intervention by the moderators.

          • would you think that lowering the driving speed, look out for a pedestrian may help, have consideration for the person crossing the street. The davening is worthless unless you drive being aware that a vehicle can be deadly to another person and YOU is not the most important factor. You have no idea what davening means.

          • Al Tiphtach Peh Lisoton. Translation: don’t open your mouth to give the angel of destruction a suggestion. Meaning: a tragic event happened that could be ANYONES fault , one should not suggest on his brother that carelessness may cause harm to come to his children.
            #9’s comment may have seemed malicious (look at it from #5’s perspective) and should never have been fully published without first being edited.
            Once again, no matter how cautious or educated in safety you are, you aren’t in control. G-D still sets the footsteps of every man. Therefore DAVEN that Hashem protect all our children from bad- which you say every single day in berchos hashachar.

    3. This is so sad. BD”E.
      May Hashem comfort them among the mourners of Tzniyon and Yerushalayim and may Hashem comfort us all with the coming of Moshiach BB”A.

    4. People…save the debates for another time. A young woman is dead because of a terrible accident. She is a fellow Jew, and we should just mourn her ill timed passing. At a minimum her family and friends need support now…give them that respect. BDE

    5. Always fights. WHY do you always have to argue about petty, stupid semantics whenever a tragedy occurs?

      Can we please stop nitpicking over whether or not the nifteress’s Shul was mentioned & why? Who cares? So it was printed. It doesn’t take anything away from this terrible tragedy. Mourn her loss, make a shiva call, guide your children, drive carefully, but stop fighting. It doesn’t help any of us.

    6. BD”E.
      I would like to point out to all that i was driving in boro park on sunday and find that is the absolutely worst area for people to walk and drive as so many drivers there do not stop at stop signs or drive proper speed. flatbush comes in 2nd place in my opinion. where is everyone rushing to? come to a full stop at a stop sign. slow down a little when driving. you will get there five minutes later. its really not a big deal. people can be safer if everyone would go back to the points i brought up.

    7. Most of the posting are typical of careless selfish individuals. All people have to do drive carefully and watch out for people walking on the street. You have a perpetual mayhem in New York

    8. yes daven daven daven daven and daven some more!!!!! because NO matter how hard someone tries to fool proof every catastrophe… HASHEM is on charge of EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so YES DAVEN AND DO NOT STOP!!!!

      educate yourself and your children and follow the rules but DAVEN that you be spared of a G’ZAR DIN!!!! R”L!!! you can NOT control other drivers!!!

      YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE POWER OF TEFILLA!!! and if ppl did know- they wouldn’t waste a second…

      I know because I have been through one challenge after another back to back to back… and my siddur is my therapist, best friend and more.. the pages are soaked to the point in which it ripped…

      NO I don’t see my tefillos answered right away.. but we don’t know cheshbones of HaSHem….maybe your tefilla saved another girl or boy from being hurt… We know NOTHING… all we have to kknow is EMUNAH PESHUTA and to get to that point is by davening and realizing that ALL- life, health, wealth and everything else is in the hands of HaSHem ONLY!!!!!! if this is called burying my head in the sand- then I would like to stay in the sand… ill daven for you too.


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