Antwerp – Belgian Court Denies Friedman Girls Entry To Boys Yeshiva; Grandmothers Seeking Custody Of Children


    Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Friedman arriving at Bnos Jerusalem school with his children on Jan. 7 2013. Photo: Joods ActueelAntwerp, Belgium – An Antwerp judge has ruled against former Neturei Karta member Moshe Aryeh Friedman in his bid to force the all boys Yavne school to accept his three daughters as students. The controversial Friedman made waves just weeks ago when he won a similar lawsuit, forcing Bnos Jerusalem, an all girls school, to enroll his two sons as students, as previous reported on VIN News.

    The same judge presided in both cases and Friedman was ordered to pay court costs of €1320 Euro, an equivalent of $1774, in court costs in his suit against Yavne, according to Belgian news site Joods Actueel.

    Both schools cater to the Belz community and Belz representatives hope that Friedman’s insistence at enrolling his girls at an all boys school will prove useful in their appeal of the case involving the two young Friedman boys who are currently students at Bnos Jerusalem. The appeals court will rule on the case no later than February 6th.

    Since registering at Bnos Jerusalem on January 7th, the school is reporting that dozens of students have stayed home in protest and swimming has been cancelled for the entire school year. Both eight year old Yosef and his brother, twelve year old Yaakov, are said to be unhappy in their new environment with Yosef reportedly bursting into tears repeatedly and a silent Yaakov refusing to cooperate in school.

    Meanwhile, Israeli news source B’Chadrei Chareidim ( is reporting that Malka Friedman, paternal grandmother of the two boys has retained Antwerp lawyer Henri Rosenberg to file a request to have the children removed from Friedman’s custody. Ivola Rosenzweig, the boys’ maternal grandmother, has asked to join the request.

    According to Rosenberg, the Friedmans have also been moving from apartment to apartment after allegedly being evicted twice for not paying their rent.

    Rosenberg, who is representing Mrs. Friedman pro bono, hopes to have a decision on the case shortly.

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