Brooklyn, NY – Christine Quinn Tiptoes Into the Heart of Orthodox Borough Park (video)


    New York City Council Speaker and Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn welcomed at a Tu BiShvat ceremony Sunday Jan. 27 2013 in Borough Park at the home of Ezra Freidlander. Photo credit: Shmuel LenchevskyBrooklyn, NY – At a special Tu BiShvat seder organized by Ezra and Gabriella Friedlander in their home in the heart of Borough Park, New York City Council Speaker and Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn was warmly welcomed this past Sunday by a small but highly influential group of Orthodox and Hasidic movers and shakers and welcomed as a special guest.

    At the “seder” table yesterday featuring special readings Ms. Quinn, with a fully loaded campaign war chest and reportedly a commanding lead in the polls in the 2013 race for Mayor of NYC, was honored in reading ancient rabbinic texts about the importance of preserving fruits trees and meaning of planting a seed for future generations to enjoy. The event officiated by Rabbi Steven Burg, Eastern Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center marked a first in what Ezra Freindlander hopes will become an annual tradition by having a public power ‘TuBishvat seder’ in Boro Park.

    Also participating in the Seder were NYC Councilman Brad Lander, President of the City Council in Yonkers Charles Lesnick, Assemblyman David Weprin, Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, of the NY Board of Rabbis, Abe Eisner, Yeruchim Silber of the BPJCC, Alexsander Rapaport of Masbia, Dr. Joshua of Shema Kolainu, Dr. David Moskovits, Leon Goldenberg, Moshe Friedman of Community First, Meir Laufer, founder of New York Wheel, Isaac Sofer – Central UTA Satmar, Ari Weiss, Shomrim, Naftali Reiner of Bobov ,Jonathan and Cynthia of the QJCC, Esther Henny Jaroslawicz, Boro Park Bikur Cholim, Zev Brenner of Talkline Communications, were among many other local community leaders and activists attending.

    Guests were treated to all the traditional fruits of the holiday. In addition about a dozen readings from the Torah Sages were distributed and read by different participants. The topics discussed ranged from the importance of conservation to the unity and responsibilities of the Jewish people. The attendees were able to exchange candid and thought provoking ideas.

    “Sharing our traditions with elected officials allows us to get to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and having Council Speaker Quinn join us demonstrated her sensitivity to our community” said Ezra Friedlander, CEO of The Friedlander Group.

    While the event itself was not billed as political, it remains to be seen if in the coming months as the race for City Hall is heating up and the race to win the highly cohesive Orthodox Jewish vote will include a serious bid by Ms. Quinn. The speaker might not yield or give up on this voting block to her opponents.

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    1. Quinn, who I’ve met is an impressive woman, but I have strong reservations about supporting her because of her “lifestyle”. Since she will probably be our next mayor, her inclusion in this seder is understandable.

        • Every time this “ShmellyG” posts somthing, its as if he tries to show how dumb and hateful some yidden can be. Instead of engaging your childish and sexist jokes, perhaps enlighten us as to which of her policies you disagree with and the substantive basis for you objections. Otherwise, please spare us such rants.

          • Oh-oh. You are deviating from the standard politically correct mantra about conservatives: sexist, racist, homophobe, islamophobe, or for the liberals too dumb to memorize – plain intolerant. Nowhere in that preapproved version it says anything about childish. Don’t ad lib, you are not good enough.

    2. 1. Why is the ‘frum’ Jewish community supporting an openly Lesbian candidate?
      2. How did the ‘heimishe’ men participate in an event were a Lesbian woman read Torah Readings?

      • So she is a Lesbian. There are lots of women who are Lesbians. Some of them frum and you may know some of them but do not know about that side of them.

        Your statement about “heimishe” men is off the mark. You should have asked why they were listening to a non_Jew talk Torah?

      • 1. Because we don’t judge political leaders based on their lifestyle choices. She is clearly the best qualified to be our next mayor and has done more to bring together the diverse constituencies in New York and avoid the divisive politics of the incumbent mayor.

        2. Given her lifestyle, I don’t think any of what you call “heimeshe men” attending the event had anything to fear from attending an event with her. Simply because there were torah reading at the event did not change her preferences or otherwise create undue temptation for the men.

    3. Pardon my Torah ignorance, but why is the lady’s “life style” any more forbidden for her than her eating treif, believing in “shituf” and drinking stam yanam? Seriously, is her “alternative lifestyle” forbidden by the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach?

      • The prohibition against homosexuality is given for all mankind. The pasuk says it is an abomination for a man to lie with a man. Not an Israelite but a man. And it’s understood that when the Torah speaks of “man” it implies woman as well, unless otherwise specified.

    4. Number one, I could not care less about her life style. How she lives is her business.

      That being, said I agree with # 4…..all these big shot frum shakers and movers would not have been there, much less participate in a Seder with her, if there was not a possibility of a payoff down the road. The all-mighty dollar still speaks loudly.

    5. What she does in her private life should be her own business. Although I don’t agree with her lifestyle and with her obvious support of gay marriage, it’s her liberal politics that I also find distasteful. Her past support of King Bloomberg’s third term farce should be enough for anyone not to trust her.

    6. She’s another liberal looking to bankrupt our state, the likes of Ezra Friedlander who bring these pathetic liberals into our community as if they are the kings and queens.

    7. I’ve got big news here, lesbianism is not a torah trensgression, in today’s world its looked upon just as gay is, but in the torah its a huge diffrence, the only place its mentioned is in the gemara and not in a very deregatory way (not in positive either)

      • You’re wrong, there are many places where it speaks of it & I’m not talking about in Gmorah. I won’t state where or what is said, because I’m not looking to argue, just intrested in stating facts.

        • And in other places as well, like a nation or two being destroyed because of it & a man should not lie with another (which is also woMAN should not lie with a woMAN, ie two people of same sx should not lie together). Therefore, i stand by what I said there are more places in the bible where it talks negatively about homosexuality, besides the one you mentioned which also is talking badly of it although your earlier comment you said it doesn’t speak good or bad. If we transgress a law God gives us then we have sinned & your reference is God said not to be like the Egyptians… God is giving us a law there in case you didn’t figure it out.

    8. Bloomberg openly supports this woman. Bloombergs billions might elect her.

      Do you think she respects the Frume community and our values??

      Why in the world would she repeal Metzitza B’peh?

    9. The Frum people along with the African Americans and some Hispanic probably have enough votes to elect a Mayor.

      Bloomberg and his Manhatan, park slope etc. who are supporting quinn are a minority in this City.

    10. It’s time to think why are we here in this world not to make Money not to be rich not to be popular just to do what God wants us to do. It’s just came to my mind when I read all the New leaders with There personality and behavior it really brings us a message to think that this is not the right way how we have to start thinking about a future


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