New York – Hundreds Line Up To Attend Koch’s NYC Funeral


New York Police Department officers escort a hearse carrying the casket of former New York Mayor Ed Koch into Temple Emanu-El for his funeral services in New York, February 4, 2013. Koch, the voluble three-term mayor who helped bring New York back from the brink of fiscal ruin in the 1970s and came to embody the city with his wry, outspoken style, died on February 1, 2013 at the age of 88. REUTERS/Lucas JacksonNew York – About 350 people were already standing in lines over an hour before Ed Koch’s Manhattan funeral.

Some streets were closed Monday morning around Temple Emanu-El, at 65th Street and Fifth Avenue.

The crowd braved temperatures in the low 20s and a fierce wind while waiting in two lines outside the temple. But the skies were bright blue.

Helicopters hovered overhead. The area also was filled with TV satellite trucks.

Six motorcycle officers were at the ready near 66th Street and Madison.

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    • “Had he lead a frum lifestyle, he would’ve had 350 einiklich”

      He was an honest man. Please stop with your negative comments. The man isn’t even buried yet. A frum lifestyle is not for every Jew.

          • “Love ur comment so true what IS the point of being JEWISH if ur not FRUM, your no different then a non jew.”

            At least I can spell and use proper grammar! You need to go back to school and get an education!

          • Aren’t the children of those non frum still Jews and don’t some of them become observant? Do non-Jews contribute to Jewish (including frum) charities the way less-observant Jews do? Do these secular Jews serve in the IDF and protect their charedi brothers and sisters, even ones who, like you, spit in their faces?

          • “Aren’t the children of those non frum still Jews and don’t some of them become observant?”
            What children? He had no children because he didn’t want to! He didn’t have a wife! So what chance is there that this non-frum Jew would have observant children. ZERO! That’s the point!

          • you are wrong on so many levels I can’t begin to explain, but I will say that you are not the high-level Jew you apparently think you are, you’re an idiot.

      • frum lifestyle that’s a Jew that and ONLY that and someone that puts in his will to be put to rest in w cemetery of a church LOST all connections with am yisroel

    • What an INSENSITIVE comment! What about the thousands and thousands of Yidden that lead a frum lifestlye and for whatever reason NEVER have 1 child. Your comment shows exactly what is WRONG with SOME Yidden.

    • Once again you try to show what a tsadik you are. You should have read NY Times article today and you could have commented again that he was not as frum as you are. After reading the article I can only think that he had more love for his fellow Jew than you.
      Perhaps you should slow down and read. 350 people were standing in lines an hour before the funeral. We will see how many people will attend the funeral.
      If you truly lived a truly frum lifestyle (whose definition might be a problem) I wonder if you would be so sure of everything.

    • If you would have read the article correctly, it says there were 350 LINED UP AN HOUR BEFORE the funeral just waiting to get in!!! There were MANY more people than that in attendance including many friends, family members, and dignitaries…… EVEN THOUGH HE WASN’T FRUM!!!

  1. Some people leave deep footprints behind them. They guide so many people and are a source to thousands of people. When you make such a huge impact on everyone’s life then people will remember you and respect you for the contribution you have made to their lives. Strong people live even after their time. Their courage and fortitude in life is admired by everyone.

  2. About a year ago, when Mayor Koch publicly criticized Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes for not releasing the names of those orthodox Jews arrested for child abuse, I emailed the Mayor, at his law office, asking if he could be of assistance in securing legislation requiring that all religious school employees be fingerprinted and background checked. The Mayor, who I never personally knew before, did try to help. May his memory be for a blessing, and may his family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

  3. We should take pride that even when they are not frum, yidden have contributed greatly to America, our state and city…Koch and Bloomberg will be remembered as among the greatest mayor in city history.

    • Mayor Koch bought the ground of his burial plot from the church . In fact, he stipulated that the area be marked by a fence so that it will be considered a Jewish cemetery le’halacha.
      With that act itself he was ” yesh kona es olomo besha achas” .
      What a great kiddush

    • no one cares what you think. if you did the slightest bit of checking, you would know it was a non-sectarian graveyard, and he received more than one heter from frum rabbeim to be buried there. you’re a moron and am oretz, and I have no idea how you will get mechila from Koch.

  4. In fact many Jewish cemeteries are divided ones. One side non Jews the other side Jews. I have seen this in America, France and other countries. So if he did that it is a Jewish cemetery

  5. How something called “The Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum” which is in the backyard of the Church of the Intercession, could become, somehow, a Jewish burial ground is amazing to me… I guess with Hashem all things are possible.

    • Mayor Koch is not buried in a church cemetery. He is buried in a non-denominational cemetery owned by Trinity Church, which is called the “Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum”. That cemetery may be in the “backyard” of the Church of the Intercession, but it has no relation to the Church of the Intercession. Would you describe the Kotel as being in the backyard of the Mosque of Omar? Leave Mayor Koch alone and stop trying to excommunicate his neshama from his Jewish roots.

      • It is not a “non-demoninational cemetery,” it is a Christian cemetery in the Protestant Episcopal tradition; they will accept burials from people of all denominations (provided you have the cash, I presume…but they are far from alone in that requirement). I invite you to check out their lovely website with the all the pictures of assorted avoda zorah. Indeed when the time comes I am sure you will be pleased to know that the final ceremonies can take place in their on site “Chapel of the Resurrection.”

        • Remember that Avraham Avinu paid for a burial site for his dead. It was 400 shekels of silver, and it was in the middle of an area that belonged to Ephron, the son of Zohar. I took up your suggestion and looked up “Chapel of the Resurrection”. The closest church of that name, located on W. 151st Street, appears to be Catholic, not Episcopalian, and does not appear to be under the aegis of any Protestant Episcopalian church. BTW, you changed my spelling of “non-denominational” to “non-demoninational”. Did you do that on purpose?.

  6. Oy gevalt! I heard of a Jew who calls himself frum and he lives on Church Street in Brooklyn! What frum Jew would live on a street named after a church? And I heard of a woman who calls herself frum and she gave birth to twins in Booth Memorial Hospital in Flushing, a hospital, get this, which was named after William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army. Can you imagine that, with all the Jewish hospitals located in Queens, she chose to give birth in a goyishe hospital. I don’t know what their Jewish names are, but their English names are Peter and Paul. Someone complained, so the hospital changed its name to New York Hospital at Queens. However, as far as I know, the boys are used to telling people that they were born in a succah.


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