Antwerp – Judge Rules Belz Not Obligated To Acccept Friedman Boys At Belgian Girls School


    Photo Credit: joodsactueel.beAntwerp – The Bnos Jerusalem School Belgium is heaving a sigh of relief as an Antwerp court of appeals has decided to review an earlier decision forcing the all girls elementary school to accept two boys as students.

    The two boys in question, Yosef and Yaakov Friedman, are the sons of controversial figure Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Friedman, who sued Bnos Jerusalem for discriminating against his son as previously reported on VIN News. While a Belgian judge had originally ruled in favor of Rabbi Friedman, today’s ruling overturns that decision and begins a several year long process of reviewing the case.

    According to Belgian news source Joods Actueel, the two boys are no longer enrolled at Bnos Jerusalem and their father was ordered to pay court costs.

    In a telephone interview, a relieved Leibl Mandel, director of Bnos Jerusalem told the Jewish News, “This is very good news, not only for me but for the whole school and the rest of the Belzergemeenschap Jewish Antwerp.”

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    1. Why is belz the only chreidi school associated with the yavneh/mizrachi organazation that brought it to this situaation to begin with!? woukld any cheridi school in israel dare to associate with the mizrachi?

      • I also wondered why. But after thinking about it, I came to teh conclusion that Belz knows how to distinguish their associations pretty good. The Belzer Rebbe is one of the smartest leaders in our times and has made very daring decisions to make Belz what it is today.

      • and whats wrong with mizrachi,,,you make it sound like they come from the moon….you can disagree but watch your words….the reason people dislike chasideshe chevra is because you hate anyone who isnt…

        • Check out what happens with Mizrachi children in Eretz Yisrael and what percentage go off the dereck. Check at their institions of learning. The teach teenage girls gemora while the boys don’t get enough of gemora.

            • First of all, a woman is not meant to learn Torah…that’s not her job, otherwise we would have been instructed to do so. No.2. I can just see the kind of person you are, because based on the laws of the Torah, I’m not sure we have to loose respect for our spouses and have an “one up on you” attitude even if we realize that our spouses are not that well versed…..where do you take it to write in such a manner as to make woman feel so “superior” by writing “and you are afraid she might find out that she is married to an am haaretz? Are you religious at all, because I noticed some of your comments and it doesn’t sound like you have a “sound mind”.
              Many people have spouses that are not big Talmidei chachumim. Should they all get divorced. There are many things we excell at, because the world stands on Torah, Avodah, and Gemilis chasudim, and not all of us have been blessed to become big in Torah, but with middos like yours, your Torah, probably would be for nil…because if you are learning, you certainly didn’t didn’t grasp the idea that Torah is supposed to refine your character….and based on your writings…sure didn’t!!!

      • The perfect situation for kids to go OTD is when schools don’t take them in. Years ago there was no such thing as rejecting kids. I don’t care who their father is. When my mother went to BY of willamsburg plenty of kids in her class came form non shomer shabbos homes. And R newhouse ZTL begged them to stay and not attend public school.

        • Rabbi Neuhouse did not have competition. Today if parents find out that their school is not being Choosey, they’ll send to another school. The wealthy Donors will abandon a Non-Choosey school as well.

          • So is that the right approach to leave others hanging without schools so that you can be “choosy” and survive? Did yiddishkiet become such a business that even our schools have to be run as such?

        • There is another side to this: while we may have very positive hashpa on those treif eating mchallel shabbos kids with free access to tv and internet, they may have a very bad one on our kids. The arguments will go on and on.

          • Sorry my mother and that whole previous dor never had that problem. Their is no argument about this. Its a made up 21st century “modern chinuch” cultre argument. +
            I don’t see how erlicha perhaps luny bins but ehrlich NK parents (I am sure Friedmans kids don’t have free access to TV & Internet) how do thier kids have a bad hashpa on others? You think they will convince all the kids to kiss Ahmeddinjad? Its just a bad name . es past nisht for the school. Its not an erlich reason. And the same is with half the kids that get rejected bec their parents don’t have the right connections. Nothing to do with erlichkit. Our system is broken

            • I wasn’t commenting on Friedman’s children at all. I was explaining why some parents and mechanchim may have a problem with introducing “treif eating mchallel shabbos kids with free access to tv and internet” into a frum school. I am very ambivalent on this question.

            • Agreed-and its not just the previous dor-out of towners don’t think like that…and our children don’t go off the derech any more than NY children. It’s such garbage to give parents a hard time about placing their children. Shouldn’t every yiddishe neshama be chosen???? (granted, Friedman is a looney room-and they are aweful parents for letting their boys suffer!)

          • That’s the difference between Daas Am Haaretz and Daas Torah. The Gedolim have repeatedly said all those things are Not allowed to be used as an excuse for Not accepting the kids. Unfortunately Am Haaratzim run schools nowadays. This is not to say the school can’t have a policy against these things for the Frum parents.

        • Right oh….today’s kids pay the price for the sins of the parents. Children like this always get slapped twice…one, they have parents they didn’t ask for…and then they get hit on top of their head again, for having those parents. We need to wake up and treat our children with the respect they deserve. They didn’t do anything wrong, other than be born to these parents. And then we wonder why some kids are on Ocean Pkwy or somewhere in the streets.Because we treat them like dirt.
          I know all you naysayers will say: they are a bad influence. Well, as you said, years ago ppl with tv or mechalel shabbosim had their kids in B.Y. My sisters attented at that time. Well……..we are living in a new crazy world..where only OUR OWN FEELINGS MATTER, NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S. If you give your kids a good chinuck, don’t worry about what they will pick up. Maybe you can teach them to be mekaruv the kids that are suffering instead of worrying about what they are going to pick up. Your chinuck must be really weak and lacking to have your child so influenced by these poor kids that you are so afraid of them.

    2. What a good way to start the day!
      the older boy anyways had his own private teacher, because non of the other students came to school so he can continue doing so at home.

    3. according to what freidman said on the zev brenner show this is a discrimanation issue,, he said that the intire school is goverment funded and therfore can not discrimanate based on sex ,, if thats the case i wonder on what basis they overturend the preivious court dicision

      • The reason his kids are not being accepted in any school/yeshiva is because he is a trouble-maker. This from a reliable source: his wife doesn’t dare go against him for fear of being beaten. The grandmothers are petitioning for custody of the children. This is certainly not a healthy environment for them to grow up in if they are to grow up normal adults!

        • Well, in my opinion kids like these should be able to go to school even if it’s FREE.
          SAVING THE SOULS OF THESE POOR KIDS, is a bigger mitzvah than anything in the world. If you lose them, you have lost doiros doiros…There is a price to pay for that. Trust me, the teachers and melamdim are going to get paid. Whatever happened to Amunah, betuchin??? We have to do ours, and Hashem will do his. We have no right throwing kids out of school or yeshivas, no matter what- PERIOD, END OF SENTENCE!!!
          If we do, it’s because we don’t have capable manahalim, rebbe’s or teachers, who know how to teach with love………….love could win them all over…..They are too lazy to tackle REAL ISSUES……..Very easy when things go smoothly, but not every child is lucky to grow up in stable, secure loving homes….and are starving for love and acceptance…At least in school, and cheder someone to acknowledge their existance. No child acts out for nothing.Get to the root of the problem, and you will find LOTS OF PAIN!!!

          • It appears you do not have children in school. As unfortunate as it may seem, these children are victims, yes. However, the school cannot sacrifice an entire class for the sake of one. This man is trouble wherever he moves. His children are not taken into yeshivas, not because they arent good enough. The schools are afraid of this man. His wife should get out while she can and get an order of protection against him.

            • First of all, I’m a grandparent already, so I know more about school than you probably do…and we had all kinds of kids in school, with all kinds of difficult parents..etc. etc…You have time to worry when something happens. What is he going to do? not pay schar limud? Nu, it’s worth it to keep the kids in there, forget about the money, not everything in this world is about money. What next, he is going to complain to the menahel…teacher, what? So for the sake of the kids, you appease him….that’s the point-you have to learn how to deal with difficult people.
              And our system doesn’t know how to. Even the father, I’m sure…with enough warmth could be turned around…I wonder how many people try. We discount people so fast…once they do something we don’t like or agree with…we run a mile. Yes, I know there are some hard and difficult people, but I’m one to give someone the benefit of the doubt..KILL them WITH KINDNESS!!!!

            • While it is true that yeshivas in Williamsburg in the 50s and 60s took in children for pennies in tuition, it is also true that yeshivas kicked out all kinds of talmidim for mechalel shabbos befarhesye, for shmoozing with mydlech, … The damage that the NK does by being collaborators with Ahmedenijad is comparable to what some Yidden did with Hitler, yemach shmoi vezichroi. There is no reason why his children should be accepted in ANY Jewish school. May Friedman and his family receive the punishment they deserve from der eibishter.

            • So you think these kids will do what exactly? They are ehrlicha kids as far as I know no chilllul shabbs befarhesu. even if you equate kissing Amedenjaid with chilul shabbos thats the parents not the kids. So you assume they will like bring in statues of him breabim? I am just not getting how the kids will have a bad influuence. I think its very clear. Its an es past nisht issue.

            • Wow….I can’t believe you cursing out his family!!!!Shame on you. You have no heart and I’m doubting if you are jewish to begin with!!!! With people like you amongst us, who needs enemies!!!!!

      • You make it seem like it is a difficult thing to become a Rabbi. You study the laws of milk and meat (incl. melicha, taarovos etc.) and pass a test. Some places also require other laws like Nida and possibly the mishna brura.What is the big deal? Getting a communal position, especially one that you might live off is difficult.

    4. Where’s the busha in all of this! Those kids will certainly be embarrassed being singled out in an all girl school. It would be traumatic to say the least for them. very strange.

    5. I don’t agree with the arguments that these boys will be a ‘bad influence’ on whichever school they attend. The Torah turned an entire nation of am ha’aretzim into ovdei Hashem; you mean to say It can’t do the same for two erhliche boys?

      I think this has more to do with future shidduchim, more specifically: the awful way some families handle shidduchim.

    6. “First of all, a woman is not meant to learn Torah…”

      What garbage. The only reason women are not taught Talmud is because men can’t stand the embarrassment of a woman knowing more and understanding better than them.


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