Israel – US Envoy: Obama Trip Is Key Sign Of Close Bilateral Ties


A view of Israeli, Jerusalem and USA flags in place in Jerusalem, 12 March 2013 on part of a route in the city that US President Barak Obama will travel on during his three-day visit, which starts on March 20, 2013. EPA/JIM HOLLANDERIsrael – The visit to Israel by US President Barack Obama sends a key message of support not only to Israel and the US public, but also to others who see the warmth of  the relationship between the two nations, US Ambassador Dan Shapiro said Wednesday.

Speaking at the prestigious annual Herzliya Conference, Shapiro told a panel on US-Israel ties, ahead of Obama’s visit to Israel later this month, that there is significance in Obama making his trip to Israel, the first visit of his second term. The three-day trip, Shapiro said, gives the two nations’ leaders a chance to discuss significant challenges in the Middle East.

The ambassador repeatedly stressed the close “shared” cooperation between the US and Israel, pointing out that during the IDF’s Pillar of Defense operation in Gaza in November, which aimed to halt rocket fire from the strip on Israel’s southern communities, the US had strongly backed Israel.

This support, Shapiro said, manifested itself not only through backing of the military operation, but also through a joint diplomatic effort to halt the rocket fire as well as cooperation on the production of the anti-missile Iron Dome defense system.

Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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  1. We also know that obama wants the Jews again to vote for him and his group 2014plus years. Anyone who thinks that his visit is for any other reason must live in a parallel universe.

      • I guess you will move to Eretz Yisrael after America goes bankrupt and become Greece. obama does not care and he said it on a interview about the deficit

        • America is not going bankrupt any time soon. We pay 1% interest on the National Debt. . We paid 6% under President Bush. We finished 2 wars and stopped giving the money to the Billioners. The stock market is alltime high. Good Morning America.

          • Today, when iinflation starts to kick in and we pay 20% interest like under peanut brain come back and say how great obamanation was. The deficit is a cancer and it must be cut out

  2. We also know he is visiting Israel for one reason only and that is to get the Jewish vote again for his group and to back his plans what ever they maybe, even if it means that Israel has to be suicidal and give piece for a peace.

  3. close blilateral…close friends. close this close that its all rubbish.
    Obama is the ultimate politician. After all he spent 20 years going faithfully every sun. to rev wright`s “damm this…curse that ” church. Obama then says with a straight face that he never heard one bad thing …. ever . and the jews believed him . It made sense to us. …he must have been a regular at the kiddush club.
    Upfront he is so nice to us. (money talks) behind the scenes he is a sonei yisroel of the worst kind. and now wants to keep us close. Thats because he is smart and believes it is prudent to keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.
    You want an example of a close friend.without the hype look at the prime minister.of canada ..stephen harper.. Can u spot the difference eh?


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