Rockland County, NY – Monsey Chosid Named As Key Figure In Mass NYC Political Bribery Scandal


    Undated photo shows Moshe Stern at a family Simcha. Photo courtesy Rockland County, NY – A chasidic Jew from Rockland County has been identified as the cooperating witness who helped the FBI uncover a massive plot to rig the 2013 New York City mayoral race and led to the arrest of six politicians who allegedly accepted bribes.

    Multiple NYC media outlets are reporting Morris Stern as the witness who was instrumental in pulling together the arrests of Senator Malcolm Smith of Queens, City Councilman Dan Halloran of Queens, Bronx GOP chairman Joseph Savino, Queens GOP vice president Vincent Tabone and Mayor Noramie Jasmin and Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret, both of Spring Valley, as previously reported on VIN News.

    According to an article in 2010 by, ( the 40 year old Stern who is also known as Mark Stern or Moshe Stern is a Monsey resident who was born in Argentina.

    Originally in the garment business, Stern moved on to the real estate business and is described in media accounts as a real estate developer. Stern graduated Satmar Yeshiva United Talmudical Academy in Kirays Joel in 1991.

    Stern made headlines in 2007 when he defaulted on loans he took out from Citigroup in excess of $100 million, several years after two companies that he owned went bankrupt. The matter sparked a complicated federal criminal investigation and the New York Post reported ( that Stern pleaded guilty in federal court three weeks ago as part of his cooperation deal.

    Stern and the undercover FBI agent led the politicians involved to believe that they were wealthy developers looking for to curry favor and would use their economic resources to help Smith bribe his way into City Hall in exchange for political favors that would pave the way for their upstate development projects.

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      • So you want to put a statue to this Dweck clone and give him the key to the city because he led the Feds to non-Jewish thieves. You don’t give yourself enough credit.

      • I believe its immoral to try and trick in other people who otherwise might not have committed a crime and you are persuading them in a difficult financial or political situation to take an illegal but still easier step,

        that would be different if you are suspecting somebody of committing a crime and you try to prosecute it,

        to me it sounds pretty much like that Rabbi who dwek put in trouble

    1. Amazing. No comments on the tremendous Chillul Hashem involved here. Not one of these crooked politicians thought – “Oh, a frum yid would never be offering me a bribe.” We can and should do better.

      • What he means to say is
        If it would be Jewish people that he put in trouble,then a lot of people would say do the crime do the time, now that it’s non Jews who he put in trouble all the Jew haters will have to say the opposite way.

    2. I still don’t get what these polticans did more wrong then any other politican. Until recently didn’t all Senators stick pork in their bills. What do you think pork is? I pass the bill if you approve/ fund a project in my district so that I in turn recieve campaign money from my constituents? What about kissing up to unions? The unions are not in bed with albany polticians?

    3. “I bet a lot of other folks are nervously reviewing their interactions with him.”

      Agreed. There are a lot of nervous politicians in Rockland today.


      • Everyone knew jasmin was dirty, you could not support her lifesytle on the 85 k she earned as mayor, she was a hairdressser before she hooked up with george darden who was a thief too and Alan Thompson was a ultra thief, I hope all the crooks go to jail its just a shame Moshe Stern walked scott free

    4. Now that the politicians will start singing this will snowball into a bigger scandal and i’m afraid other monsey developers and mosdos might get caught in the mix. This wont end well for anyone.

      • You don’t have to be a GONIFF, IN GOVERNMENT OR PRIVATE! Nebech, we have sunk to such a low level, this family would be higher if they lived in the gutter, if the father was a heimeshe yid!

    5. i know moishy stern since school days…he was always a super brain but lost it when he lost his father at a very young age…He comes from a very chusheve mispuche and he is a great learner and bal midos…somehow he got fardryet with wrong business dealings and why he ended up like this is a beyond my least he did not follow Dwecks footsteps because he could of widened this scandal with lots of heimishe people…..

      • I give Mr. Stern a lot of Credit for only putting in Goyish Politicians and Not Jewish Rabbi’s. And to all those who are Suddenly when it comes to Misira So Concerned about Chilul Hashem. Let me tell you When Yidden are not Achduss that’s also Chilul Hashem and you’re delaying Moshisch.

    6. He is a talmud from rav Kopelman yeshivas Luzern Switzerland from the few closest Talmidim to Rav Yitzchok Dov Kopelman zatza”l personally, and donated substantial amounts of charity for yeshivat Luzern Switzerland.

      • Please stop with this stupitidy donating money for yeshivas…whos money did he donate? citibanks money…..shareholders money….government money….
        come on …thats what you call charity…remember weinstein from Lakewood donating big bucks for lakewood yeshiva and Dweck handing out checks every night….
        Satmere rebbe zt”l used to flush this type of money down the toilet……

      • Feh! its stupid comments like this that make me ill, Im sure its would have been Rav Kupplemans proudest moment to watch “one of his few closest talmidem ” plead guilty to stealing millions of dollars had he still be alive and the money he donated was stolen so it was not his.
        PS Robin Hood stoled from the rich and gave to the poor exept that he didnt have a BMW and SUV in his driveway Please dont put him up has a role model

    7. 1. No Yid should ever be involved in any kind of messireh!!! Doesn’t matter Jew or gentile

      2. Having said that let’s still no forget our chazal “al todin haveiro ad shetagia limkomo”!

    8. We’re missing the bigger picture here. We don’t choose our candidates, they’re chosen by political clubs and machers in political parties. The corruption that exists in the political selection system gives this city and country a grade below that of third world countries where this corruption is de riguer. It’s greater than who throws the checks in the toilet, we’re being thrown in the toilet by the smiles and winks of professional politicians whose job is to get re-elected and as we see from this, at any price. We’ve have abrogated our role in the process and the government of the people, for the people and by the people is now of the few, for the few and by the few.


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