Long Island, NY – Jewish Activist Groups Pressure Synagogue To Cancel Geller Appearance


    FILE - Pamela Geller has raised controversy over her approach to Islam in America. (AP)Long Island, NY – Multiple New York-based Jewish activist organizations are joining forces to put pressure on a Long Island synagogue to cancel an upcoming speech by outspoken anti-Islamist blogger Pamela Geller.

    The Jewish Daily FORWARD (http://bit.ly/10z6CVC) is reporting that at least three New York groups: Jewish Voice for Peace, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, and Jews Say No! have all asked their members to contact the Modern Orthodox Great Neck Synagogue and express their objections to Geller’s appearance which is scheduled for April 14th.

    Attempts by the groups to block Geller have sparked calls of “double standard,” after a couple of the same groups recently pressured Brooklyn College officials to cancel an event featuring the pro-Palestinian group Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

    Rebecca Vilkomerson, executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace, rejected the charge of “double standard,” saying that the group’s mission is combat racism and bigotry “in all of its forms.”

    Vilkomerson called Geller’s “venom” towards Islam “inappropriate” for a synagogue.

    In response to the attempts to block her appearance, Geller referred to the groups as “insufficiently Jewish,” calling them “willing tools of supremacists and annihilationists.”

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      • Many of the groups involved are progessive, true…but Geller is a racist extremist.

        My late father was born in Germany in 1910, and in his adolescence and early twenties witnessed the birth and growth of Naziism – one of the lessons he taught was how ordinary people in Germany, aggrieved and suffering under economoic rape of Germany brought about by the Treaty of Versailles, fell under the nationlist spell of Hitler – he said all the right things to rekindle German pride and channel their grievances after their defeat in WWI – no matter the antisemitism and the hatred..it all really was such a secondary issue…”so they’re a bit extremist…”

        Your support for Geller is qualitatively little different.

        • You’re making the wrong analogy. The proper comparison is between the Nazis and the Islamists, and between the Jews and…the Jews. Nazis and Islamists are Jew-haters, and the way to prevent another Holocaust is to out them, which could have prevented the Holocaust.

          • You prove my point – you sanction combatting “their” racist extremists with “our” racist extremists, excusing the toxicity of Geller simply because she’s on the right side.

        • You’re sorely mistaken, there is a huge difference between Germans who supported the Nazis and those of us who support Geller and other writers/activists who speak out against the terrible actions of islamists.

          Hitler hated all Jews, even Jews who weren’t Jewish. All they had to do was be born and they were hated for not being “racially pure”.

          On the other hand, Geller wisely speaks out against, and posts on her Atlas Shrugs blog, the murderous/violent actions and hateful beliefs/policies of Islamic organizations and governments. She doesn’t hate all muslims for being born, she hates the atrocious crimes some of them perpetuate against muslims and non-muslims alike. Even more unlike Hitler’s attitude towards Jews, she often writes in favour of moderate/peaceful Muslim groups.

          I understand nuance is difficult, but I hope that you can at least acknowledge the erroneous and disgusting nature of your comparison, and admit that there is actually quite a large gulf of difference in quality where you, for some boneheaded reason, voiced that there is relatively little.

          • I have read Geller, and she is over the top…I am certainly no supporter of anything Islamic, and as a 62 year old, post-war child of survivors, I need no lecture on the evils of Nazi Germany. But racism is racism…and Geller is a racist.

            If any Goy would cherry pick Shas the way she cherry picks their “book” Yiddishkeit could be distorted to look evil too…and we’d be infuriated.

            Of more concern to me is the prevailing racism in my own Chareidi community…it is everywhere…and makes it all too easy for some people to find warmth and comfort in Geller’s words.

        • My late father was born in Germany in 1915. I suppose he saw the same things your father did. I am not quite sure what you are trying to say in your second paragraph, but clearly Hitler’s anti-semitism was at the core of his belief structure. It was not a secondary issue.
          Calling the groups progressive is an understatement. There are progressive groups that are pro-Israel. These groups have a long history of anti Israel rhetoric. They use the title “Jewish” in their name to attempt to make their views respectable or atleast palatable. These groups, in one form or another, support the boycott of Israel.
          Labels are not helpful. These are not mainstream progressive groups. These are not the people who back such progressives as Rep. Jerry Nadler. These are, plainly and simply, anti Israel activists. I do not support Geller, but living in a free country I believe she should be able to state her position without fear from those who have no problem with boycotts of Israel.

    1. Dignity is not the thrust of a mainstay of anti-Islamic banter. So if you ask me, this is a good move and really, who needs to bring seething indifference and even possibly hatred into a synagogue. A good job to ban a coward from speaking about her indifferences.

      • I don’t agree with much of what Geller says. This does not mean she should not be heard. Her views are anything but indifference. If you go on the website of the the organizations mentioned you will see that they are all anti the state of Israel. Like many on the extreme left and right they want freedom to express their views, and freedom to stop anyone they disagree with from expressing any view.

      • Check your thesaurus and get back to us. Your comment makes no sense in the English language–perhaps you used Google translate from Arabic or Persian?

        I assume that by “indifference” you mean “intolerance”, and, yes, we are rightly intolerant of people who want to kill us.

        And she’s no coward, she basically puts her life on the line to warn the world about the people who want to kill us. It would have been helpful if more people had warned the world about the dangers of Nazism before it was too late. Or before people like you shouted them down.

        • Indifference teaches about mans incapacity to refuse to acnowledge the basic right and necessity of another human being’s hope. It is a pretty simple english word. You may wish to actually open the dictionary. She may also indeed speak intolerance for some of Islam’s right to exist. Either way it would not be orthodox to give her a place in a synagogue to speak in the same way that we would not be happy to see a church invite Louis Farrakhan or David Duke. Let her views be known on some other circuit that is not tied to Torah.

    2. Liberals are the greatest champions of freedom of speech….as long as they agree with what you have to say…if they don’t they don’t…then Mao Zedong starts to look good compared to their tactics…

    3. Geller’s history of vile and hateful comments are akin to many of the worst hyperoble by the Nazis, yemach shemam, but having said that, I’d rather let her have her 15 minutes in the public plaza to fully display her ignorance and intolerance rather than trying to muzzle her.

    4. “Attempts by the groups to block Geller have sparked calls of “double standard,” after a couple of the same groups recently pressured Brooklyn College officials to cancel an event featuring the pro-Palestinian group Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.”

      There is something seriously messed up wth this.

      These groups did not pressure Brooklyn College to CANCEL the event, they PROTESTED a move to cancel the event.

      That is just one reason they are open hypocrites.

      Pretty bad reporting her, to put it mildly.

    5. These people are insane. Nick Berg, Daniel Pearl, dancing on 9/11 etc. etc. And these lunatics see no need to speak about this death cult?!? Nobody argues that it’s possible to be a peaceful muslim. Our Torah is also full of things that in 2013 would be considered “hate”, but nobody cracks open a Tanach and decides to behead people or blow up civilian buildings, yet many islamist animals do! Hence Pamela Geller like activists… She’s a breath of fresh air. I just wish tznius was more elevated…


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