Haifa, Israel – Hundreds At Terror Stabbing Victim Evyatar Borovsky’s Funeral


     The son of the Jewish settler Eviatar Borovsky touches the body of his father during his funeral at the village of Kfar Hasidim, near Haifa, Israel, 30 April 2013. Borovsky was allegedly stabbed to death by a Palestinian Fatah operative from a village near Tulkarem earlier on 30 April at the Tapauch Junction in the northern West Bank.  EPA/ABIR SULTANHaifa, Israel – Evyatar Borovsky, 31, was laid to rest Tuesday evening. He was murdered by a Palestinian Authority resident terrorist, who stabbed him to death while he waited for a ride at the Tapuach Junction. Several hundred people attended the funeral.

    His widow, Tzofia, was at the funeral with the couple’s five children. She called to the media, “Look, five orphans.”

    Evyatar’s father Baruch eulogized him. “I can’t believe that I’m here,” he said. “Surely tonight you’ll get up, you’ll laugh and say, ‘I fooled you.’”

    “That’s what you always did, made everyone happy,” he said. He added, “Go before G-d and say, ‘I am the last sacrifice.’”

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