New York, NY – Judge Halts Taxi ‘e-Hails,’ A Day After Launch


    New York, NY – Hailing yellow cabs with smartphone apps is on hold in New York City a day after the experimental service began.

    An appellate judge agreed Wednesday to bar what’s known as ‘e-hailing,’ at least temporarily. A panel of judges is expected to weigh the case later this month.

    A lawyer for e-hail opponents, Randy Mastro, says they’re gratified. He calls the program “fundamentally flawed” and illegal.

    The city Law Department had no immediate comment.

    The city decided to test the idea for a year. Officials say it expands riders’ options.

    Car service owners sued. They say it’s unfair to them and is too broad to qualify as a test program.

    A judge dismissed their suit last week. They then went to the appellate court.

    Uber Technologies launched an e-hail service Tuesday.

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        • Unfair advantages are part of the business world. Sorry, but my parents couldn’t afford for me to go to some elite prep school so I didn’t get into Harvard. Hence, my job prospects are just not as great coming from a SUNY as Harvard or Yale. Its a fact of life and they would need to make a business decision whether or not to get a smartphone or not. Life is about decisions and learning from our mistakes. Having the government force us to all be equal stops someone from innovating and making the world a better place.

    1. There is language in the law regarding the difference between taxis and livery. Some of that pertains to the fact that a livery is requested and cannot be hailed whereas a taxi must be hailed. The livery group is arguing that an e-hail is a request for a taxi and therefore should be illegal.


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