Williamsburg, NY – NY Blogger Takes On Case Of Alleged Parking Sign Caper By Hasidics


    FILE - Parking and bus signs very close one to the other at  Franklin corner Flushing Avenue in front of Yeshiva Bnos Ahavas Israel on May 5 2013. Photo: Stefano Giovannini/VINNews.comWilliamsburg, NY – Offering up a defense presentation that would make any litigator, professional or otherwise, giddy with excitement, a New York City blogger has taken on the case of the two Hasidic men who allegedly transplanted a “no parking” sign to benefit school buses servicing a Brooklyn yeshiva— a story that was carried by VINNEWS (http://bit.ly/10kvEoK) May 5th.

    “Larry’s Blog,” on the website NEWYORKPARKINGTICKET.com (http://bit.ly/12gnEsO) says the author decided to research the case, originally run as an “exclusive” in the New York Post, after becoming fascinated with the details of the case provided by MTA bus driver Jamar Perry, who testified he personally “witnessed” two Hasidic men carrying the sign and “resetting” it with “fresh cement.”

    Larry then asks the question; “Are the accusations by the bus driver truthful?”

    What follows is a thoroughly researched presentation, replete with photos and no-parking sign grid maps taken directly from the NYC DOT database.

    Larry’s Blog ends the presentation saying that “based” on “objective evidence,” it is “reasonable” to conclude that the two Hasidic me “did not” move the sign, but asks that readers provide feedback on whether or not they think the evidence provided supports the bus driver’s accusations.

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    1. It’s not shocking why the NYP didn’t do and due diligence to check out the story. I’m 100% convinced that the Post has an agenda against Hasidim, like they showed so many times.

    2. What would be more safe to have school children cross heavy traffic to and from the school bus? or let the m.t.a. move the bus stop across the street?

      • The question isn’t about safety, or moving bus stops (as MTA bus drivers are known to stop in the middle of the street anyway) it’s about publicizing a story that had no journalistic value. The Post clearly didn’t investigate, and assumed that the DOT wouldn’t be so stupid to put these signs where they are- so they must have been moved by a Chasid . It’s a classic story of “the Jews thinks they can do whatever they want” that was clearly printed to get people angry.

        • Jews don’t think we can do whatever we want, generally. It’s the Haredi sense of entitlement that causes stories like this. If you live around Haredim enough, and Satmar in particular, you know you can’t put anything past them. The law of the land does not apply to them.

          • When you have been around enough, you know that those who Jews the most are people like you who look for any reason to excuse their own shortcomings.

            You are pathetic.

          • We are all sick and tired of your vile posts.
            Can you please substantiate any of your drivel?
            Where do see Satmar acting as the law doesn’t apply to them ?
            The Satmar community counts 100,000 people (which is the real reason you hate them so much…) do you ever see a Satmar Hasid in the news as a murderer, burglar, rapist ( besides Weberman ) or other violent crime ?

            Is Rubashkin Satmar ? is Maddof Satmar ? is Kolko Satmar ?
            is Dweck Satmar?
            I hope you never need assistance from Hatzolah as it is one of the numerous chesed organizations founded by the terrible lawless Satmar Hasidim,

            Shut up already!!

      • The famous Mayer Freund from Sasregen would capitalize correctly.
        The big issue is now whether there was a false accusation by a NYC employee and if it was done in a racist illegal manner.
        I find it amazing that this particular bus driver turns his eyes away from rampant illegal blocking of lanes on Nostrand Ave, something that makes it very hard to operate a bus. Does he close his eyes because the cars blocking traffic are occupied by people of color?

      • Moving a bus sign is not a simple matter. You would have to change all the bus maps in print and online. All bus stops are set in place for the reason they are there- there is only a certain distance you have to walk in the 5 boros after getting off public transportation. That number is set in stone.
        Maybe the school should hire crossing guards like normal schools? Maybe they should create a safe “entrance-exit” plan for their students?
        Students should be taught how to live in the world, not coddled and told “its ok, we will make sure you are safe until 12th grade. After that point- get hit by a car since we didn’t teach you how to be safe”.

    3. This does not provide a conclusive case one way or another but certainly raises questions. Unfortunately, anyone who lives in willy and BP knowns that there is an “open season” on illegal parking signs and other traffic control measures and there is a sense of entitlement within portions of the heimeshe neighborhoods that parking in front of your house is a right given yidden by the ebeshter along with toras moshe me’sinai. For example, yesterday, the transportation department announced that they would begin a block by block inspection for illegally installed driveway cutouts on residential streets and have set aside several road crews to reinstall the curbs that were removed by homeowners. Where possible they will bill the owners for the cost of the work and also issue fines for illegal parking on the sidewalks and front yards of homes not authorized for such parking.

      • Of course, it’s an eibeshter given right. If you didn’t notice these ebershter given rights in the Torah, you are obviously looking at the wrong Torah.

    4. As someone who was involved before I must say that the City is usually very accommodating with schools, and when there is a problem in Williamsburg, the school would reach out to the local representative, and the issue would be resolved.

    5. Fact. The NYC Transportation Department has exact map to the inch of every bus stop and other traffic sign in the 5 boroughs. They can very easily ascertain whether it was moved or not.

      There is no need for conjecture or opinions. Demand a Freedom of Information from the City where the sign is located.

    6. VIN should pin this story.

      The NY Post is an agenda driven gossip newspaper
      If the sign had been removed by a black person the story wouldn’t of been about a BLACK person.Since it was removed by a hasid the story is about HASIDS.Now that its not true the post wont even make a correction.


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