New York – IN PHOTOS: Tens Of Thousands Demonstrate Against Israeli Charedi Draft


    ultraorthodox Jewish rally in Foley Square and march around Chinatown  Manhattan NY, against the secularization and army service conscription for Haredi Jews in Israel. photo by Stefano GiovanniniNew York – In a rare display of unity, both warring factions of the Satmar Hasidic movement have assembled this afternoon in Manhattan’s Foley Square staging a joint rally protesting efforts by the Israeli government to draft ultra-Orthodox Israeli men into the IDF.

    An estimated 20,000 people took part today in the rally.

    All photos credit Stefano Giovannini/

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    1. most of them in Israek are not in yeshivas learning they get married and run a bussiness. u live in Israel and you have to give back to the countryn you live,
      eirger its in the army or paying taxes you cant have it both ways,

      • If this is your idea of a “Kiddush hashem” than you and your chevrah will be in for a rude shock… will be these Satmar and other chareidim whose families will among the first slaughtered if c’v there is a terrorist or Arab army attack that is successful because there weren’t enough IDF troops to protect medinah….. the Ebeshter will remember those who risked their lives to defend others rather than hiding under their shtenders in the beis medrash when the rockets begin falling.

        • if it were not for the zionists, who started to come in the 1890’s, Jews would be living in peace with Arabs. The 1929 riots were started because of (most probably false) rumors that the zionists would blow up the dome of the rock. Also Hitler yimach shmo would have sent all 6,000,000 to Eretz Yisrael, but the Mufti of Jerusalem was scared of the zionists. If we would have gone humbly, all 6,000,000 would have been saved.

          • Wow you live in a realm of severe falsity! First of all, had it not been for the army & thereby the Zionist the massacre of 1929 would be happening even today! Second, (& you’re belief on this is so far fetched it almost makes me laugh, but I can never laugh at something so horrendous as the holocaust!) Hitler hated Jews & wanted to OBLITERATE them, not just remove them from his country, but from the earth! Had Hitler had his way he would of taken over America & killed the Jews there too! Please learn your facts, it is sickening how you think Hitler would have just moved the Jews to another country. Your stupidity almost brings tears to my eyes it is so disturbing! Soon you’ll start saying Hitler was a hero compared to Ben Gurion or Rav Shteinman!

            • agreed. I once read a book where they mentioned hitler was from the school of thought that it wasn’t enough to unjew a person but you had to cut his head off. If anyone read german literature from the 19th century would read this constant antisemitism.

            • I find it funny when I look at certain aspects of minhagim that are clearly against halacha but when suggested that we stop with it I get the famous rant minhag yisroel din (and believe me they just say this line without understanding it really is). With this logic I must say to satmar the derech of yidden today, no matter if its against halacha, supporting eretz yisroel is minhag yisroel, din. I don’t think I am wrong with my analysis, or am I?

    2. this protest is one of the biggest chillul hashem’s ever.
      1. this will accomplish nothing.
      2. Williamsburg voted for the people that voted for toevah “marriage”. (they could have possibly stopped it if both Satmars would have been united)
      3. toevah “marriage” is worse than every single Jew in Isreal being drafted.
      4. chazal bash kalal Yisroail for going after binymin but ignoring pesel micha.
      5. If these 2 brothers can make shalom for something that is assur how come they couldn’t for a mitvah gamur like putting in a yorai shamoyiem instead of the chazeriem squadron, Dilan, and Lentol
      6. Anyone who goes to this protest is over on the issur of givul since the rabbaniem of EY are against it.
      7. If Zali would have not told Jews not to vote in EY this never would have been a problem. (Bennet would have not allied with Lapid if the Charadiem got 1 more vote)

        • 1. this was only (what are “esteemed leaders” really thought) about showing American politicians how many people we can bring out to a protest.

          2. that this God doesn’t want to see a protest of Jews in America for the problems of Jews in EY if leaders of EY are opposed to it and the people didn’t protest a much bigger avlo in America that they caused.

          PS: calculate the edahs votes on top of UTJ and then figure out how many seats each party would have and what the coalition would look like

      • what kind of nonsense is מי לה’ אלי??????? Who put you in charge of deciding who is for hashem? Why is non charedi blood cheaper than charedi blood?

      • then fight the problems and rishaiem that effect kalal yisroail in America.
        Satmar bows down to them like an avoda zara.
        toevah “marriage” is a infinitely worse than this gezarah and Satmar supports toevah “marriage” by supporting squadron, Dilan, and Lentol, Levin.
        The fact that they don’t make a macho against their own averas show they are not lishaim shamoyiem.
        this whole protest is about showing their power and $$$$.
        I supposed you also followed the vaad and voted for Corzine

    3. so let me understand this – they are protesting forcing people into the army because of pretzuz – yet they go to Manhattan which is full of pretzuz willingly

      just look at some of the pictures

      • Actually… you are incorrect. The reason they are protesting is because the Zionists are trying to uproot Our Holy Torah from Klal Yisroel – They want to completely obliterate Yiddishkeit.

        This is not to say I agree with the protest. I will heed the advice of the Gedolei Yisroel and will learn a little extra and daven a little “harder so Our Brothers in Israel don’t have to forsake the Torah which was given to us at Sinai.

        • Learn your facts, no one is making anyone forget the Torah or forsake it. There are many religious Jews in Israel who serve & there are even religious Jews in the government. In fact the government isn’t forcing everyone to join the army, they can join society by signing up as nurses & such, but shhhhh no one in the chasidic world, least of all satmar world, want you to know that. Hmm, I thought being a nurse was a mitzvah. I guess they have their own religion again.

      • There are even signs stating stay out of manhattan because of the pritzus, but there they surrounded by them in so many pictures! An absolute shanda! Do they even realize what they are fighting against, I’m not so sure since in one of those pictures there’s a guy putting his arm around a cop. Oh wait, I know the Torah teaches love amalek & all others besides those in your own religion. In fact, it must teach hate your brethren at all costs even if it means hating Hashem & making a chilul Hashem. Wow & I’ve thought differently all these years!

    4. The two people pictured speaking to the media one of them who is the editor of Der Blatt the newspaper representing the Aroni faction was on the Zev Brenner show yesterday.Although he came along extremely foolish with his splashy and bombastic statements with a very poor broken english, i do agree with the protest.

      Its hard just to out and protest against the existence of the so called Jewish state.So when there is an opportunity like this when the Israeli government is trying to force orthodox Jews to enlist in the IDF we must go out and protest and in the same time let the non-Jewish world that tens of thousands of orthodox Jews are against the existence of a Jewish state before the coming of Moshiach. We were sent to exile by hashem and only he can take us out from exile. According to the torah Jews are not allowed to take up in arms and rebel creating a state of their own.

      • You are so so far off the mark that it is pitiful ignorance and stupidity. The current fact on the ground is that there are over 6 million , kein yirbu, Yidden living in Eretz Yisroel. So it does not matter one bit whether they should have gone there in the first place or not. The fact is that if , chas vshalom, the Yidden stop ruling Eretz Yisroel like you seem to preach , then the lives of millions of Yidden will be in immediate danger of life threatening situations.

        It has nothing to do whether there are 6 million Yidden living in Eretz Yisroel, Brooklyn or Los Angeles. Wherever they are living it is our duty and responsibility to do whatever we can to protect them from our enemies. If the Yidden had an army in 1940 it would have been the same demand that they do whatever they can to prevent the nazi’s , yemach shmom, from killing Yidden.

        Please think and stop your nonsense, ignorance and pathetic preaching which is not accepted by any single posek in any generation. It is plain wrong and warped thinking.

        • Not to mention the suffering that went on here before the “hated” zionists took over. Without our strong army there would be so many more deaths here like the one that happened in Chevron on 1929

    5. They dont miss any opportunity to make tottal fools of themselfs theese satmerers,their protest is meaningless an exercise in futility and they are the laughting stock of sane people.

    6. Blessed is the great USA where we have freedom of religion.Besides the few bumps ups and downs we still have it here far better than in Israel.

      It is a great Kiddish Hashem that thousands of Jews are still loyal to hashem.
      Thousands of Jews still except the Umipnei Chatoeinu Golinu Meiartzeinu becuase of our sins we were sent into exile. We are not in exile becuase we lost a war but becuase we sinned. And that’s what we came out telling the world that we except hashames will and when time will come he will send us Moshiach.

      Our brothers in Israel,we Jews worldwide are with you we will stand behind you we will do whatever it takes letting the world know that the so called Jewish state is oppressing religious Jews.

    7. You DON’T put your arms around a cop! Es post nisht! These people simply do not know how to interact normally with the outside world. This ridiculous gathering will not prevent Eretz Yisrael from drafting them and putting them into public service, kicking or screaming not with standing.

    8. Sorry VIN but this protest includes most chasidic and litvish fractions not just satmar as you state in your headline. skvere vishnitz belz poopa bobov are also in it including many people of lakewood and other litvish yeshivish kehilos. Have you seen the letters from many prominent rabonim including Harav Chaim Kaniavski to join this protest?

      • Have you seen Rav Aharon leibs letters saying not to go? Also rav chaim changed his mind when he heard rav Aharn leib was against it. This was organized mostly by Satmar.

      • It was reported before the rally that the letter from Rav Kanievski, shlita, to join the protest was a forgery posted on several social media outlets by some of the crazed Satmar publicists. Yes, there were probably a few misguided skvere, vishnitz, belz, poopa and bobov yungerleit who showed up because it was an opportunity of missing a day of learning and there were posters saying that free food would be served afterwards (another lie). Perhaps the best visual evidence of what a circus today’s demonstration was is the picture above of about a dozen yungerleit marching in a line with the posters they were told to carry trying to look “cool” while passing the cute young lady in front of the flower stand. Their kavanah was exceeded only by the guys trying to “ignore” the attractive woman jogger who must have felt that New York was being invaded by black- hatted. aliens. One does not have to be a “Satmar hater” to feel disgusted by today’s event.

      • How dare you spread rumors in the name of one of the Gedolei Hador Harav Chaim Kaniavski Shlita! He actually put out a letter the exact opposite of what you’ve made up – I’ve read it.

        Maybe brush up on your facts before making up rumors. There was a FORGED letter put out an hour before this “event” was to take place. If you had any “daas” at all you would be able to tell in 3 seconds that the second letter is a forgery.

    9. The motto of Satmers is DON”t CONFUSE ME WITH THE FACTS. Like the PLO terrorists who indoctrinate their children to mindlessly hate, they purposely do not teach children Jewish history or anything else much in school so they won’t be able to think independently, but act like a mob of indocrinated followers. They never learned in school the the Zionist Kaster train saved the life of the Satmar Rebbe. They will never learn that before there was a Medinas Yisrael, Jews lived in terrible poverty, literally starving, with no income except tzedaka, no medical care, fear of moving out of the Old City because of Arab attacks. Now, they live in nice homes, ride Egged buses. They go to modern medical clinics. The army protects them and dies for them They visit the mekomos kedoshim without being afraid of being shot by Arabs. They shop in fancy supermarkets. BUT they will NEVER SAY THANK YOU. They never had it so good in the past 2,000 years, but they only want to destroy those who are protecting them. SHAME ON YOU!!! Do you think you deserve Mashiach?

      • #23. Well said. i could not have said it better.
        These “heilige” idiots are plain nuts. They want others to die for them in case of war; they don’t work or contribute financially towards the State and on top of it they expect to be fully subsidized and supported by their “enemies”.
        The simplest solution would perhaps be for the State to draft a bill that would stop all funding and subsidies to these nuts, unless they contribute towards the State. Of course we need Kollels, Rabbis, Bet Din and regular Yeshivas (I do NOT say to draft every guy out fr Yeshiva!!!) but enough of the freebies and lazy life for all these Haredim. If they can’t join at least the Sherut Leumi force (volunteer service in Hospitals and other places) then let them starve! There’s no reason why a healthy young man in Israel cannot contribute a little time towards the State (as is law there) and thereafter go to work to support his family instead of strolling around the Streets and spitting on the female population that he finds offensive (but they support him indirectly).

      • Your right about them not learning jewish history. i don’t think satmar realizes that rabbi akivah supported the bar kochva rebellion. maybe rabbi akiva was zionistic?

    10. It depends who you are if are a ben torah like a Jew has to be then it is a kidush hashem but if you a anti ben torah like a gentile or a jew that hates a ben torah then it is a chilul hashem.

    11. So enjoyable to read these comments about the protest. Such holy yiddin speaking such high vocabulary like chilel hashem and korech and what raabani yoel would or wouldn’t do. . . . . Everyone trying to be holier then the other, I came to the conclusion after reading 82 comments on this protest that all these pp are more ANTI SATMER then PRO ISREAL that’s the bottom line, any oppertunity to bash on satmer they grab with open arms like little kids to lollipops. Have fun ya’all. as long as u listen to daas toira any das toira then good for u. These protesters were listening to there own daas tora.

      • You couldn’t be further from the truth. I have family who is satmar & I’m sure like many of you know I live in Meag Sharim surrounded by them. I don’t hate them, I hate their ideology which believes in sinas chinum, I hate their hypocrisy & I hate that they live off donations, but most of all I hate how they fix the Torah to fit their needs. However, this is not about them its about klal Yisrael & it’s beautiful country of Israel which needs the love of every Jew & not the hatred of any Jew (like the miraglum who were also gadoli hador) since we have so much hatred surrounding us as it is (both figuratively & literally)

    12. I don’t know but is there an opt out clause for this?60 odd years after the war Jews are fighting their brothers and sisters this is a kiddush Hashem?We are no better than our brother Arabs !what happened to diplomacy!there must be another way

    13. where is the big hafgana on metzitza bepeh? this has nothing to do with the army , its good old fashon satmer anti zionist rally. Those 2 brothers couldn’t get together on a rally against internet but to curse fellow yidden no problem

    14. Chilul Hashem big time ! There were even signs degrading Hagoan Harav Steinman ! The thousands that stayed home and were learning and davening were those that made a Kiddush Hashem !

    15. I don’t understand why you say that this is a satmar demonstration. a lot of litvishe yeshivahs are attending. Reb Elye Ber Wachtfogel is one f the organizers of the event. I don’t ”think” that he’s satmar. Serving in the armyis x stmra issue. I don’t understand why the only thing that is spoken about,is that both parties of satmar will be there. who cares? that’s not the issue now.

      The guy who said the rabanim in E.Y are against it istotally wrong. there r rbanim who said that one shouldn’t attend the demonstration but also saidthat its a must to attend. Reb meir and Reb Dovid Soloveitick said that everyone must attend. I THINK that they are worthy of being called rabbanim. even though satmar has a lot of people it deosnt meant that they’re the only ones protesting. Going2 the army is not a JOKE. besides the point whoever thinks that protesting Zionism is a satmara thing go and see what reb ahron kotler and brisker rav said about the Zionists.

    16. there is a special place in Oylam Habah for people like this. I am sure that the Abeshter doesn’t approve of this. I am not here to discuss whether or not chareidim should serve in the army, but this is putting all of klal Yisroel in danger with advertising it to the world. As my mother,a Holocaust survivor,zee zol leben biz 120 in gezint and nachas fin de mishpacha, says–How can Moshiach come if we do this to each other? They are hypocrites anyway–mir meg nisht reden tzu a froi, ober far dus meg min yuh tzu a froi vus geit a zoy ungeten? For Shame,for shame.


      • You are so right….a “special” warm place in Olam Haboh for these hateful and mindless demonstrators whose opposition to a strong defense of EY and public display of sinas chinam put yidden all over the world at risk. Hopefully, an even more special and warmer place will be reserved by the ribono shel oylam for these two brothers whose hate for one another is only exceeded by their hate for EY.

      • Thats because this is a group whove have absolutely no independent thought. The rebee says they do. cavemen is a compliment to these people/

      • Last week’s Israel Day Parade had thousands of more people than today’s LEVAYA. The TV news all but IGNORED this desecration, and rightfully saw it as nothing more than a circus filled with clowns.

      • You must have only looked at the nk counterdemonstrators standing with their holocaust denying friends.
        There were over 30,000 marchers and hundreds of thousands viewing the parade. Perhaps your problem is that you cannot see anyone who is not frum by your demonstration.

    17. This was a huge kidush hashem. With many sects of klal yisroel attending. I was most proud of how the english speaker spoke so eloquently explaining the reason of the protest. And the bottom line is : the mentioning of the idea that this is only the beginning if the fight against the Israeli govt with the rooshe lapid at its helm. We have spoken to the media with respect, we have voiced our concerns. Folks have asked questions and were answered with respect. The morning shows already were squawking at the protest , the zioneist agenda cannot swallow such organized mass protesting. The pr
      otests were done with utmost respect to police and the law. Mi keamcha yisroel. LAPID, bury your head in the sand. You will I”H hashem have a meeseh mapooleh.

      • “Mi Keamacha yisroel”! Indeed what other group with ANY self respect would put on such a spectacle. It’s this type of insanity that led to the Shoah, the rest of the NORMAL Yidden will NOT let you drag us down again with a second Shoah!

      • Proud? Proud of what? This was a massive Chillul HaShem of which there is no T’shuvah! This a dysfunctional group that is not happy with the Chilul Hashem they make between themselves… brothers that fight publicly for Kavod and money… but need to make an even bigger Chillul HaShem B’rabim. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and pray that some how the Rebono Shel Olam with forgive you. Eretz Yisrael is in a time of Sakana and this id what you do… HaShem Yirachem!

    18. So..Satmar in NYC who would never be drafted into the Israeli army anyway, are wasting a day to protest a law that doesn’t effect them. I wonder where they’d live if the US started a draft again.

      • or where they would go if we had to leave this country. Don’t think it might never happen, history teaches us different. I find it an irony that the wonderful State of Israel has brought these two factions of satmar together when there own people could not.

    19. They have the Chutzba to drag Rav Shteinman into this? Man is kulo Toiroh, and these two take a brake from suing each other over some real-estate to organize a protest?

    20. Bunch of clowns having a fun day in the city instead of learning. Tens of Thousands of dollars wasted for making the signs, having buses, renting the chairs, instead of spending for better cause. I think their yideshkeit is fake when the biggest mitzva of Ahavas Isroel is ignored, and when their own leaders, 2 brothers from the same family hate each other, and there is no Tshuva for that. Disgusting Hillul Hashem and playing in front of goyim will not be helpful to their cause.

    21. Enchuldikmeer, Satmar blood is NO more precious than the blood of the most secular Yid! You don’t want to do your fair share for the country you call home, so leave! End of story. Israel will survive very nicely WITHOUT you. Perhaps the alta heim of Hungary will take you back!

      • Can I ask you if you served in the army ??????????????? Did any of the people that’s bathing this protest serve ??? BS they are all big talkers let’s see them make an aleyah and go serve after all who’s protecting them from the Arabs not hashem (chas vasholom) but only the israely army. Ye ye if most israelys would have their way chasidum would be killed before the Arabs

        • I have made Aliyah, know people who have served & I know the Israeli army is protecting us ONLY with the help & the will of Hashem. In fact, it’s those that are bashing (I do believe that’s the word you meant) the country & the army protecting it that don’t fear, love & respect Hashem, the Torah or anything Jewish

    22. To be Mekayem “והייתם נקיים מה’ ומישראל” it should be mentioned, that the guy how holds the sing against Harav Shteinman is a well known Mentaly Disturbed Person in Williamsburg, as you can see the way he is dressed and the sign is his own agenda, not the same as the whole protest.
      (Last Shabos he was disturbing the Shalosh Seudes Tisch of the Satmar Rebbe R’ Zalmon shouting against Harav Shteinman and he had to be carried out with Hatzulah.)

    23. It sure was a Satmar protest. the Agudah didn’t indorse The Roshey Yeshiva of Lakewood didn’t endorse it. very few non Satmar affiliated rabonim endorsed it the huge crowd is 98%Satmar The Belze Rebbe didn’t actually sign that his chasidim should go and most of them didn’t.
      I like the way they say this is only the begining its like a small child threowing a tantrum and saying you wait and see this is only the begining
      Why don’t people understand there is absolutly nothing we in America can do about this except to daven to hashem
      Israel is a democratic country if they want to affect policy the only way is at the voting booth
      if all the anti zoinist people would have voted maybe we woudn’t have this problem

    24. most thinking people are saying what a joke, and if these guys are not willing to join the army in Israel I am sure they will not join the USA army is asked.

      are they citizen of any county will they do anything for any country they live in?

      clearly a bonus for antisemitism, thank you satmar

    25. How funny these poeple demonstrating are making a mockery of Orthodox Jews. They lost the whole battle just by deciding to have this sad demonstration.

    26. This demonstration should have been held in Washington, D.C., in front of the Israeli Embassy, and not in Foley Square in Manhattan. Or it could have been held by the United Nations. Incidentally, I’ve noticed some remarks about “scantily clad females”. Look, they are a fact of life. If you didn’t want the Chareidi to look at them, then the demonstration should have been held in another area of town!

    27. I do not understand why there is so much bashing on the Satmars. They have the right, as do other factions, to peaceably demonstrate under American law. It is not that non-charedi lives are cheaper then charedi lives. They are our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters, and any danger to them is a danger to us all. When they are cut, we all bleed. However, Israel does not survive and flourish because of their army. It is the Torah and Avoda of yidden that keep it strong. Israel cannot withstand attack without the Charedi sitting and learning. That is our legacy. May Hashem allow us to continue.

      • Again, needi remind you of Chevron in 1929? They were Torah studying Torah adhering Jews, but without an army were defenseless & 70 died & many more were brutally injured & that’s only one example. As for the right of free speech, sure you’re taught that in the unholy medina of America, but in the holy books of the Torah you’re taught ahavas chinum, not sinas chinam.

    28. There is probably indeed a special place in Olam HaBa for these people, but not as you imply.

      Learn what Zionism is, what it did and what it does. Then, after you’ve learned your Torah and also history, then you can ask how “we do this to each other”? If someone were worshiping the golden calf then you probably would understand the protest; Moshe Rabbeinu went well beyond mere protest there.

      It seems this was a kiddush Hashem for the record books.

    29. they certainly have the numbers, the crowd looks full and shtark. my question is why dont the satmar yidden in eretz yisrael come here where theres no shreklecha zionists coming to draft them, medicaid and ochel nefesh stamps for all

    30. Shame on both Tzalii and Aroini and Satmar too. They expect to be defended by the IDF from arab savages (see Syria) yet don’t want to lift a finger towards that end.
      They’re all welcome to get up and leave, they wont be missed!

    31. NeveAliza ( #2) You can do better than that. It looks like you agree with the Satmar except for the pritzus. Are you really a closet Stamar sympathizer?

    32. I am so shocked to go through these pictures and see the embarrassment these jews brothers of mine have caused. I currently serve in the US Army its one thing you protest the government but the soldiers dont have a say in what the government and commanding officers tell them what to do. Why dont you instead make a rally against all the nations that want to exterminate us instead you protest against your own blood your own nation the jews. Be thankful you have a country to call your home think of all of your bobby and zeidy who during the Holocaust wished they had a country to go to like Israel where ever you turn there is a jew a brother a sister you feel at home. Your protest was so pointless do you really think it was worth leaving your yeshivahs kollels for this how embarrassing! I would be embarrassed to walk around NYC with my yamulka on cause what ever gentile saw that protest will now associate me with this embarrassing act of self hate and image. I would like to end off by saying I would jump to protect and help any jew to protect them to practice openly as a jew and from the people who want to exterminate us I would also help any jew with anything give the shirt off my back but I just have the feeling that these jews would not do the same for me.

    33. No one is obligated to spill their blood for your safety, if you dont want to spill your blood for theirs.

      Perhaps Israel should have no army at all and rely solely on Bitachon?

      As long as the army offers accomodation for religious practice, this is sadly very selfish and senseless of those demonstrating, and makes them all come off looking like the duller crayons in the box. There are many very Charedi individuals serving in the army.

    34. Rav Aron Shechter shlita attended – he is far from Satmar – he even has a picture of Rabbi Kook in his Sukkah – this has nothing to do with antizionism – it has to do with Torah

    35. You guy who keep on talking about kastner ym”s, think for a second. Why was he killed by the zionists? It was because they were afraid he’s gonna spill the beans and tell the world that the zionists were working with the nazis.
      btw, that transport was not kastners. That transport was what rav wesmandl z”l paid for and was kidnapped by kastner yemach shmoi.

    36. After seeing this, I can no longer contribute to anything Satmar. This includes Bikur Colim of Satmar that does excellent work. Just being affiliated with the group sickens me. I feel terrible about this decision, but I get sick looking at all the above pictures.
      We are a very sad people.

    37. Their brethren in EY should cut off everything that those evil, despicable Zionists give them. That means hospital care, electricity, running water, fire & police services, mail carriers….they shouldn’t use ANY of it.

      What’s more, that terrible Zionist state should help them….by cutting off these services for them. They wouldn’t actually have to do anything proactively, Israel will do it for them. And what’s more, it should be done NOW.

    38. where is the big hafgana on metzitza bepeh? this has nothing to do with the army , its good old fashon satmer anti zionist rally. Those 2 brothers couldn’t get together on a rally against internet but to curse fellow yidden no problem

    39. Once again the Greatness of Yesh Atid is displayed as they were able to accomplish the nearly impossible: Bring Achdus (if only for a moment) to the Satmar.

    40. What a huge Chilul Hashem. These clowns are no better than the Eruv Rav. Don’t they realize what kind of aid and comfort they are giving to Sonei Yisroel??

    41. I unfortunately missed this protest, which was arguably a Kiddush Shem Shamayim.

      I would have probably been arrested though for assault on the guy holding that sign against hagaon Rav Aryeh Leib Shteinman shlita, if I would have seen him. That one sign is a huge chillul HaShem.

      The good news is, that the frum community is uniting. The litvishe and chasiddishe are becoming one, and they are standing up for the Torah. It is about time that we lead the way on all Issues of religion in the US and Israel.

      All those who hate satmar and the bnei Torah , will continue to hate us anyway. All those who will look for the one person talking to a woman, or bring up metzitzah bipeh, will do so anyway. I feel much more comfortable at this demonstration than at the israel day parade.

    42. The real kiddush hashem can be seen in the photos of Israeli soldiers putting on tefillin and davening before they go into battle. It is with Roi Klein who sacrificed his life by saving others and whose last words were “shma yisrael” As an Israeli I am ashamed of those clowns demonstrating in NY. Don’t they realize that they are able to demonstrate in NY only because of the Israeli soldiers. I’m glad I don’t live there and my boys have the zchut to be in the only army in the world that takes the torah into battle. May hashem bless them.

    43. This protest shows that there is unity by klal yisroel all types of shomray torah
      no difference if you are chasidish, litvish, benie torah, from Brooklyn, Lakewood,
      Monsey, Monroe, even from eretz yisroel. It was rebbes, roshay yeshivos,
      rabbayim from all types, what an achdus it was. But when it comes to k’void shomayim we all get together to make a kidish hashem, and what a kidush hashem it was.

      • Sheker! I live in Lakewood and the Roshei Yeshiva said NOT TO ATTEND! In fact there were 8 buses chartered and barely one of them was filled up. The only Achdus created was within this dysfunctional Satmar family that it seems can agree on nothing except for their hatred for Ertez Yisrael… what a Bizayon!

        • Jealousy of what? Jealous of not following the vast majority of Gedolai Eretz Yisrael? Jealous of not following the overwhelming majority of Roshei Yeshiva here and in E”Y? Perhaps we are jealous of making a Chillul HaShem? Oh one second… I got it… you’re right, we are jealous that our community isn’t divided and isn’t suing each other for Kavod (= Kuvid) and money (= gelt). How silly of me…

        • I’m jealous of what?! Anti Torah Jews, you have got to be kidding me! I’m surrounded by these people, something tragic can happen, a problem can arise (which did today) & because I’m a woman they won’t even look in my direction to help! FYI on the Torah it says if someone is naked & drowning the biggest Chacham (if only he sees it) must jump in & save them, but these Satmars in Meah Sharim don’t care what the Torah says! They just care about not talking to women, which (when they’re needed) is against the Torah

          • You’re a raging old granny. Hatzalah of williamsburgh , bp , KJ new skwere , just to name a few of the more fanatic charedi areas — save WOMEN every day of the year. The charedim do more chesed and help another JEW in need all the time. Case in point : Rubashkin’s biggest help were and are SATMAR chasidim. Hashem should send moshiach now, and get rid of this medina that wants to shmad all yidden!

            • Funny how you say I’m a granny when I’m probably half your age, but you couldn’t think of anything better because you we’re to irate by the truth I spoke. As for Hashemite destroying the medina, do you mean Europe, South America? After all, that’s where the goyim are destroying our way of life. Oh wait, there’s North America too with the crazy satmars running amuck, but don’t worry Hashem in His great wisdom will punish them too. As for what I said being rubbish, come live where I live & you’ll see I’m 100% right! These pieces of dreck are self serving idiots who don’t know the Torah much less follow it & to talk to a woman, thereby help one is issur

      • Yes, what a wonderful debacle of sinas chinam! After all, that & only that is what Hashem wants to see achdus for! Come on, really now! Satmars hate each other & everyone else who in turn hate them back, chasidim hate misnagdim & litvaks & they hate each other & still hate chasidim as well & they all hate mo’s, but what achdus it is when two enemies get together to hate a third enemy! What wonderful achdus, Hashem is so proud! *rolls eyes* get real!

    44. Correct!

      Quote: “Aharon Leib Shteinman STOP Corrupting and Proselytizing our children through Israeli Military”

      Sorry Guys You and your Children are already corrupt.

      You don’t have to mix in Rabbi Shteinman YOU have done the miracle yourself.

    45. This group of sad demonstrators look like unhappy mean self hating jews. It’s so sad to see them do this rather than organize high level meetings with the Israeli consulate to address their issues. This pathetic and meaningless gathering encourages their opposition. They have signs that say” build bigger jails”… However if the draft goes I. To play and a few of them go to jail for breaking these they will be begin to be drafted rather than serve time in army prison. The IDF tries so hard to accommodate orthodox poeple yet they have no appreciation. Rather thank turn this all positive and negotiate better terms for their needs they choose to ignite a pots ti civil war. So sad is this group of dwmonstratora making matters worse for their kin in Israel. May God help us all.

      • This fight is should not be Israel Vs. Chreidim, This fight should be Real Jews who adhere to the Torah and follow the commandments of Hashem Vs. The Entire 90% of Israeli secular society.

        Its mind-boggling how Orthodox Jews from around the world have the Chutzpa to side with people who HATE God and his Torah, they side with people who hate Orthodox Jews.

        Jews around the world should always side only with people who Listen to the words of Hashem and observe the Shabos and don’t eat trief and don’t intermarry with non jews.

        Of course no Jew is perfect, the Satmars have their issues, the Litvish theirs ETC. however the majority of them have submitted their lives to Hashem and his torah and are struggling to stay spiritually afloat despite all the odds throne against them.

        Any of you who Site with the Secular Israeli government even in the event they are right, and even if common sense is on their side a רשע גמור and is pure evil and should do some serious Saul searching.

        • Secular Jews putting on Tefilin is a Kidush Hashem (Especillay in the IDF) and if they diont know about torah and Mitzvos we CONTINUE to teach them (Chabad, Aish, Rabbi Amnon Ytzhak and others), satmars standing with signs bashing Rav Shtienman and the Jews is a chilul hashem that promotes killing of the Jews.

          Let us not forget the SECULAR Zionist saved Reb Yoel Tietelbuam from the Nazis while many Rebbe’s went al Kidisuh Hashem to the gas Chambers!

        • Oh how nice mister holier than thou has woke up. Don’t sit their passing judgement on other jews or anyone for that matter, must I remind you that that’s Gods job. Back to the matter at hand I said this demonstration is a sad one. Rather than focus efforts on high level meetings and lobbying where it counts these poeple made a big mockery of themselves – I think they are waisting time and energy.

          By the way, whomever dares to criticize Zionist or even the Israeli secular government should try and imagine themselves in their shoes post ww2 and up until today being surrounded by so many enemies whom actively try and destroy you.

          Whatever ever happened to loving your fellow as you do yourself. Why are you so filled with hate? Perhaps you need to do some soul searching yourself.

          May God who created the aorld in 6 days and reated on the 7th have mercy and help us all. May he remember as we were at mount Sinai all together as one and guide us to love truth and peace.

        • Oh how nice mister holier than thou has woke up. Don’t sit their passing judgement on other jews or anyone for that matter, must I remind you that that’s Gods job. Back to the matter at hand I said this demonstration is a sad one. Rather than focus efforts on high level meetings and lobbying where it counts these poeple made a big mockery of themselves – I think they are waisting time and energy.

          By the way, whomever dares to criticize Zionist or even the Israeli secular government should try and imagine themselves in their shoes post ww2 and up until today being surrounded by so many enemies whom actively try and destroy you.

          Whatever ever happened to loving your fellow as you do yourself. Why are you so filled with hate? Perhaps you need to do some soul searching yourself.

          May God who created the aorld in 6 days and reated on the 7th have mercy and help us all. May he remember as we were at mount Sinai all together as one and guide us to love truth and peace.

    46. Satmar is the cause to the proposed draft. They spat on ladies in Bait Shemesh, Hung up signs not allowing women to walk near Shuls, forced segregated busses on the entire population, and more. Of course when the secular Israelis see the deeds of satmar, they got alarmed, so they proposed the draft., to stem the tide.
      Satmar should keep quite!

    47. Let’s face the truth, 100,000 Torah obeying Jews don’t know what they are saying and or not responsible for their acts, I.E. going to Manhattan where there are Tarivous, or talking to Paritsouz woman.
      The only ones that know the truth are the ones who stick up for the Israeli government regardless.
      Come on guys, wake up …

    48. If you dont like the new rules in Israel – then get out. You get every benefit for free and you dont want to give back. Whats up with that. Serve your time like every other person that lives in Israel. The gall to protest is the most chilul hashem ive ever seen. The whole world is looking at you. Like they say the worst enemy of a jew is a jew. I was born in Israel and proud to a Zionist – give back to Israel instead of just take take and take.

    49. STRANGE. REALLY STRANGE!!! ONLY 20,000 people. Interesting enough, the media said it would estimate the crowd to over 100,000. And that’s the secular media! You, frum jews only estimate 20,000!! Well, there were MANY MORE people than there were at the last Siyum HaShaas, so either get your msth together or your act!

      • Interesting indeed… I searched the news… didn’t even see the demonstration listed on ABC, CBS, Daily News website… but did find this on the NY Post website:
        “The massive protest drew thousands of Hasidim to Foley Square, where they heard leaders rally them in Yiddish to fight against the legislative proposal”

        Now were did you get 100,000 from? Actually on blog estimated between 5,000 and 10,000… So lets not make the Chillul HaShem bigger than it already is.

    50. There is only one way we can as american jews can stop the draft if israeli yeshiva boys. Let’s warn israeli government we will outvote pro israel politicians and cut the three billion yearly funding. We demand half goes to yeshivas. Its simple. The reform don’t support israel. Only we frum jews vote for israels funding.

      • Keep dreaming. If you would only leave Brooklyn you might find that your view of the Israeli draft is a minority view within the Jewish, and frum, communities.
        Your demand that half of all American funding go to yeshivas show you to be delusional. Not only do you not want Israel to have an army that includes the frum community, you don’t want them to have armaments.
        If you ever show up at AIPAC you would see that all segments of the Jewish community, including reform, support Israel. It is only at the extreme left (politically) and extreme right (religiously) that this is not true.

    51. If there was a need for people in the army, why would they be satisfied with national service? What is national service? What is it’s equivalent in the U.S.?
      My point is that they really want to assimilate Torah-jews with secular jews, and that is the fight. The Torah is more important than the state and that is the issue today.

      • Your point is that you want the state to support you, while you do nothing. Before you misunderstand I am not only talking money. Frum people should be in the army. If the state believes that many should do national service instead, fine. Why do you believe that everyone owes you something, but you owe nothing in return? Please don’t tell me that you are learning and thus protecting the rest of us. I have no problem with people learning, but tell, friend lakewooder, which Rabbonim had no professions. Tell me when the entire frum community wanted everyone else to support them? Did Rabbi Akiva not work? Did every other famous Rabbi not work? No one wants to assimilate you. Society, and by that I include most of the frum community, just wants you to do your part. You cannot, forever, expect everyone else to support you physically, monetarily and morally. Do your part and others might respect you a bit more.

        • FYI. Israelis cannot legally get a paycheck if they haven’t done army service. Let them off the hook from the army , let them work and earn a living.! Or make the army nurturing for a chareidi, the army should be like a kiruv org. That is mekarev yidden to torah , not the total opposite. Why does some one who joins the army have to come out totally devoid of torah values?

          • They don’t, only the fachnaktah rabbis would have you believe that. If someone goes in as a religious Jew & weren’t forced into being religious, but rather taught the beauty of the religion & thereby given a love for it, they don’t change. It’s those who were forced to be chasidish that end up changing, like satmar to Lubavitch, toldos Aaron to breslov or worse still to chiloni

    52. The bottom line is that Satmer doesn’t care about what the rest of us think. To them, they are doing what G-d wants, so nothing said by man can stop them. This is the problem I’m general with extreme religous groups. They are fighting G-d’s battle, so they can dp no wrong. That’s all good and well when they keep to themselves, but onve their actions are hurting the security of Israel and endangering lives, we have to condemn them in the strongest terms.

    53. Did they cover the windows on the busses so that the men wouldn’t see the pritzus? Yesterday was probably very bad with the heat and the Puero Rican Day parade.

    54. These same “idiotin” existed back in Hungary when my Great Grandfather R’ Menashe Greenbaum the Matisalka Ruv was stoned by this group and called him the “Tzionishtishe Ruv”.

    55. Let’s not forget this (if you are a reformer, this will not matter to you) Almost all Jewish sages [chasidish & litvish] opposed the Zionist movement from the moment of inception, the so called Medinas Yisroel was created by the Zionist Movement and according to Gedolai Yisroel it was against the Torah, yes there were differences on “how” to deal with it and how to fight it but basically everyone was against it. (see sforim of R’ Elchonon as an example).
      The true meaning of Chilul Hashem is when Jews act publicly against Torah and a BIG chilul hashem is when other Jews who witness it, say nothing and do nothing about it.
      Satmar or no Satmar, the Zionist movement & the Israeli government has one goal; to turn the Jewish nation into a nation which has no relevance to Torah & Mitzvos, it would be the biggest chilul hashem for Jews around the world to keep quiet about it.

    56. It’s surprising that in this day and age while Torah observant Jews can live freely and practice Torah & Mitzvos practically in any place in the world with the exception of the so called State of Israel….
      Eretez Yisroel is our holy land which was given to us by Hashem and taken away from us by Hashem (see first Rashi in Breshis) and will be given back to us when the time will come.
      In the mean time, the State of Israel is the only place in the world where they are targeted to be killed C”V (by Arabs) just because they are Jews and the only place in the world where the ability to remain an observant Jew is endangered by the government.

      • Do you think before you say something? How is anyone prevented from practicing torah and mitzvos in Israel? You know full well it is untrue. It is impossible for you to understand how you could have any responsibilities rather than just have others take care of you.
        Other places in the world are so wonderful for Jews. Schita is outlawed in much of Europe. Eastern Europe has gotten rid of its Jewish problem by murdering us.
        Jews are threatened throughout the world by enemies.
        Stay in Brooklyn. Enjoy learning. Be happy with the knowledge that if you are threatened with physical extermination your Rebbe will tell you to stay where you are, while he leaves for the medina.

      • what about America where YU was forced to allow homosexuals in thanks to Satmars voting habits.
        Satmar protesting Zionism is a defection from their own much bigger avreas

    57. To Whom It may Concern.
      In reading your comments pro and con, I just would like to point out that Satmer is BH alive and well and here to stay until Bias Moshiach BB”O.
      All of you that are opposed in one way or another to the fact that this protest was a big success in the way of letting the world know that having a state before moshiach comes is a no no , well you have the right to go out there and do a counter protest, sitting here and spewing hatred towards a Chasidic faction makes no sense whatsoever.


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