Brussels, Belgium – IN PHOTOS: Europe’s Hareidim Protest Against Army Draft


    Representatives of Orthodox Jewish community demonstrate in front of the European Union Commission's headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, 01 July 2013. Jews from around the European Union protested against Israeli prosecution against Orthodox Jews, as tensions between the State of Israel and the Orthodox Jewish community over new draft policy reached a climax.  EPA/OLIVIER HOSLETBrussels, Belgium – More than One Thousand of hareidi-religious Jews from Belgium and nearby European countries gathered for a rally Monday in protest of plans in Israel to enlist yeshiva students into the army. Similar rallies have been held in the United States.

    The call on local Jews to participate in the rally has been signed by dozens of hareidi rabbis from across Europe, including the Satmar Rebbes who are opposed to the very existence of the State of Israel.

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      • true jews cry out to hashem to save them!…. not to israel.. especially not to a country who clearly doesn’t have their bet interest in mind.

        • I guess you might as well throw out most of Nach. Nach is full of stories of wars being waged in a physical battle field with physical arms. and sliders. No one says that we don’t need Hashems help, but we do need to take up arms a wage war.

          • The common denominator of all successful wars in Nach is that the wars were mandated by the word of G-d, through the Oracle, as a Milchemes Hash-m. You and some of the other stuck up Israelis can’t seem to differentiate between the value of G-d’s word and your opinions, on the need of war.

            It would behoove you to, at least, pretend to know your early Jewish history and learn its lessons.

          • it seems like you already threw out most of nach. in other words, your missing the point. these wars in nach were sanctioned and approved by hashem therefor they succeeded, (and the wars that hashem didn’t agree to ended up in disaster.) what comparison can there possibly be between the two?!! all the wars in nach were fought by g-d fearing people, therefor they merited the help from above. what comparison can there be to current wars??!! yes, you should study nach, but you have to learn it the right way.

      • i wont call them idiots.. perhaps they are misguided.

        if they ever do cry out for help I am sure that Israel both secular and religious will come to their God almighty gives them the ability to help their brothers and sisters even if they are misguided.

      • you can’t possibly be a “bubii”, never have i met a bubby that spews so much hate.(besides the fact that you can’t spell) i would assume that you are simply a self hating jew, and think you might gain some sympathy by posing as an old harmless women. and to read your comments lecturing about ahavat yisroel…. you are the epitome of hypocrisy. (google that if you don’t know what it means)

    1. A quiz for those who agree with the messages in the photos: What’s the farthest distance one must walk, in any Israeli town, to reach a functioning, fully equipped, and publicly supported shul?

    2. Mi Keamcha Yisroel there are still observant Jews who want nothing to do with the Zionist and the state of Israel.

      The Briskar Rav ztl said: the Zionists goal is to uproot the Torah making Jews secular and in order to achieve their goal they must have their own state.

      R’ Elchonon Wasserman writes that his rebbe the Chofetz Chaim who made a sefer on Loshan Hora said: the Zionist are from the offspring of Amalek.

      For all who didn’t see it till now OPEN YOUR EYES

    3. They are all considered rodfim in my opinion. EU is most anti-Israel place in world. Displaying anti-Israel signs in English is akin to the inflammatory Arab protests we see in Europe. Rodfim you animals that’s what you are. You can bring a thousand pots of soup to the hospitals but what you are doing to Israel is murder!!

    4. Non-Jews, especially in the EU part of the world and Belgium of all places, is the worst place for this chillul Hashem, you see berating and vehemently protesting against other Jews is precisely what these European Jew haters love to see.

      The average Flemish (Belgium) yokel has no clue about ‘Charedim in the army’ etc.
      and isn’t even interested yet enjoys Jew upon Jew hatred!

      The last time we witnessed jew upon jew hatred were in the days of the jewish Kapos during the Nazi reign of terror, ym”s. Is that how low these chevra have stooped!

    5. Holland forbids Shechita Germany Mila. 60 years ago some of the people of the EU countries collaborated with the Nazis and plundered our property and sent us with a smile to the gas chambers. The Satmarers are so distorted they have basically gone to the goyim who hate us to no end, to poel a yeshua against other yieden. There is no greater chilul hashem. They could of easily arranged something on home ground to make their point but no, they need more attention so instead they go into the halls where we are despised to arouse our angst and work us up. Enough with your shtissim! the satmarer shitta is so confusing. Thousands perished in the shoah rather then emigrating to the Israel. They were gassed and murdered rather then going to the treife tzionim yet the holy R Yoel himself was an Av Beis Din in the bdatz and lived there after the war. Try explaining this oxymoron to a heimishe never mind the treifiner EU!

    6. Don’t think there were anything like a thousand there and stupidly they chose to protest on 1st July when the European holidays had started and the parliament and ministries were closed.

    7. we should all dial it back a bit, imho, during this 3 Weeks Period and concentrate on how to rebuild the Bais HaMikdosh, spiritually and physically – the eitzeh given to us has been, to replace the sinas chinom that destroyed the Bais HaMikdosh, with ahavas chinom. Posters, I love you all – there is a nekuda of truth in each of your posts – but the bottom line is simply for each individual to increase in deeds of goodness and kindness in every setting, including this forum. Let’s respect each other as we try to extract the best way forward from the muddle of current world events. Come, let us cease the “ad hominem” attacks and let us put our heads and hearts together to support what must be supported. Because “Shalom” is a name of HaKodesh Boruch Hu, before which even the extreme opposites of Michoel, Sar shel Mayim and Gavriel, Sar shel Aish, stand nullified and coexist, yet without losing their identity. Peace, brothers & sisters, to the near and the far.

    8. Why are all the signs in English? The Flemish don’t speak English. In the E.U. how many countries use English? Perhaps the chassidim have abandoned Yiddish and taken on English as their official language.
      As to religious eradication the sad truth is this “protest” is being done where in the 1940s Jews were physically eradicated. Perhaps I missed the article where it showed that frum Jews were not allowed to daven in Israel.

    9. In 1938 my half-brother escaped to Brussels with his family. His wife a blond survived with Aryan papers, my nephew A’H survived in a monastery and if his mother would not have claimed he had a promising future in Catholic seminary since he knew who Avrohom and Yaakov were. During WWII there was a Wallonische SS Division and a Nazi named Degrelle. Everyone of these black hatted neveilas should receive malkas

    10. “European Union, Please defend freedom of religion in Israel’ say some of their banners. Such as the freedom of Christian groups for whom mission is central to their faith to mission amongst the county’s Jewish population? The freedom of Women of The Wall to worship according to their conscience at the Kosel? Something tells me they mean a selective freedom, one that serves their selfish interests alone. The non-existent ‘plight’ of Charedim in Israel is of zero interest to the overwhelming majority of people in the EU member states. But I guess if this protest made those involved feel good and virtuous about themselves then it was worth it, and worth their bitul Torah.

      • Here is where you are wrong. These Chareidim are playing to the latent anti-Semitism of a certain percentage of the E.U. population. The anti-Semites will agree to anything attacking Israel. It is sort of like the two factions of Satmar.
        What the Chareidim do not want to understand is that these are the same people who want to outlaw bris miela, schita, and actually are the descendants of the murderers of the Jewish people.
        It is like the commentators here, who attack fellow Jews during the three weeks and than want others to do teshuva.

        • Well all I can say is that here in the UK at least, the latest protest has received zero coverage as far as I know. Indeed the whole issue they are protesting about is unknown to almost 99% of the non-Jewish population. You are correct however, that there is segment of non-Jewish Europeans who will use this protest to promote their anti-Israel anti-Jewish hatred.


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