Jerusalem – Mother Wants Justice For Haredi Soldier Son Attacked By Ultra-Orthodox


    Police escort young ultra orthodox Jewish men through the corridors of Jerusalem Magistrate Court, on the way to their hearing. The ultra orthodox Jews were detained on accounts of attacking an ultra orthodox Jewish soldier and throwing stones at police, in the Meah Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem, last night.  July 10, 2013. Photo by FLASH90Jerusalem – While demanding that “severe” justice be metered out, the mother of a uniformed Haredi IDF soldier who was attacked Tuesday by a group of ultra-Orthodox wants his attackers to know that her son just became Haredi five years ago and that he was on his way home from Torah study when he was assaulted. ( reports that mother said her son was “pelted with stones,” and that he remains “exhausted” and “traumatized.”

    According to the mother, her son was attacked in the Mea Shearim neighborhood where he had gone to study Torah with relatives.

    When the attack began her son ducked into a nearby building where he changed into civilian clothes and contacted police.

    Four ultra-Orthodox men were arrested by police.

    Despite the attack, the mother said both she and her son believe that the attack was staged by a small, radical fringe group of ultra-Orthodox and that people should avoid “generalizations” when talking about the perception of ultra-Orthodox towards Haredis who choose to serve in the IDF.

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    1. This same “minority” would not even dare to eat ice cream in the street or appear without their langer rekel in public yet they have no fear of attacking a Jewish soldier. Why is that? Because this is what they’re taught in Jerusalem. This is what Satmer accomplishes with their “protests”. This is a disgrace!!!!

      • obviously you have no clue about Satmar if you talk such shtuot; besides that you fail to draw a link between eating ice cream with the satmar protest.

        • I know a lot about Satmar & the reason they don’t eat in public is out of tsniut & that’s a wonderful concept if they could manage to bring it to all aspects of life. However, they can’t because they are lions in Sheeps clothing & the real reason Moshiach has yet to come!

            • Actually shame on you for assuming & accusing (do you know what choshed means?)! If I didn’t know Satmar every day of the week I’d be in trouble! If you read any of my posts you’d see I live in Meah Sharim surrounded by my family who are Satmar, Toldot Aharon & the like. Do you know your family? Well, I know my family every day of the week not just when I “need” Satmar

    2. Lapid is a hate monster instigating brother against brother. This whole thing should have done with diplomacy. Lapid made it a culture war and this is the result.

      Wrong as it may be, when a people feel war has been declared on them they may respond with indifference.

      Totally Normal!

      • You show youre ignorance with all youre learning you dont know the first thing ,that there is no sheliah for an aveire,ain sheliah bidvar aveire,so youre accusing lapid is invalid those who commit the crime are the monsters you got everything in reverse di groise shoite that you are.

      • Good thought. I am glad that anyone who is not totally orthodox is now an accessory to orthodox hatred and crime. Hashem must be very proud of even you for saying so in the public sphere. Tish B’Av is around the corner.

      • Lapid didn’t put stones in these mens’ hands and force them to attack anyone. These men willingly made a bad choice on their own.

        If someone hands you a gun, and you shoot someone: You don’t blame the guy who handed you the weapon. You are fully responsible for your actions, because YOU pulled the trigger.

        • This is not a matter of guilty or innocent, it’s a matter of policy.

          The policy of inciting a hatred against an entire population in a stereo-typed manner will breed hate. It will bear “unjustified” behavior. It’s “normal” for people to be enraged when they feel their schools, their life style is being marginalized.

          What Lapid is doing would never stand in any civilized country. Imagine if a politician would call African American’s parasites or gangsta’s, would such a politician even stand a chance of approval?

          If Lapid would have some kind words to say about the charity organization that these Chriedim have, about the good people amongst them, about the ones that do work and would at least attempt, seriously, try to resolve the remaining issue with “respect”, he would be more successful.

          • You must be in a never never land fantasy,theese poeple are freeloaders most dont work leech of others hard work, are you for real, wow are you delusional.

            • “Most” is not an excuse to sterotype “all”. Calling names is childish and uncivil and incites violence like this.

              Besides, I disagree there is a considerable amount of Chreidim that do work.

      • Totally NOT NORMAL, when you have a problem with the government you protest TO the government and not take your frustrations out on another citizen. The Soldier is another citizen and is NOT the government. He is doing what he is required to do, because he is an Israeli citizen just like they are and he is NOT shirking his responsibility. If they don’t like his choice they don’t have to follow him. HE probably doesn’t like their choice but he is NOT abusing them or harassing them.

      • you are blaming Lapid for this? this shows me your level of intelligence and ability to conduct a debate. Lapid would wipe the floor with you (figuratively and literally).
        ’nuff said.

    3. Mom: your son is not exhausted & traumatized, he knew exectly thet he don’t belong with that uniform in this frum neigberhood he just came to make provocations so he got it, don’t make him & you for such rachmunos

      • Liar he went to visit relatives and must wear uniform as per if rules. Maybe the rest of the Jews should throw rocks at black hats and stremeil wearers sincebthey are provocative dressed

      • What ? Are you for real ? A Charedi soldier who is protecting them is not allowed to go to Meah Sheraim to learn Torah ? He learns Torah and protects our country and those low lifes do neither ! Shame on you !!

      • Do you and all your sick minded friends understand because of this solider and other like him you and all your sick minded friends are free to learn, daven ,eat sleep etc.YOU AND ALL YOUR FRIEND SHOULD KISS THE GROUND ON WHICH THIS SOLIDER IS WALKING ON AND THANK HIM FOR HIS COURAGE.

      • You’re amongst the worst of them. Ignorant and simple minded. How dare you blame the victim? Years of inbreeding and lack of formal education has resulted in inexcusable animalistic behavior by many chasidim and ├╝ber chareidi – all in the name of G-d. Since when do vicious attacks bring Jews closer together? Before y’all get excited and say I’m doing the same, just understand that my point of contention is their point of pride. I’m simply laying out cause and effect, perhaps someone will break the cycle of degradation and teach these lowly fools how to behave.

      • The last time I experienced a Jew beating another Jew was in the Ghetto Lodz or Litzmannstadt. You and the other parasites who condone or carried this attack are the dregs of society

      • I wonder if your exterior is as UGLY as your interior. How dare YOU address this hero’s mother in a disrespectful way! Where I come from when someone like you talks about someone’s mother, well let’s just say, they never do it a second time.

      • if he was an arab terrorist will u attack him too.. shame on you he is a frum jew whether u like it or not and he serves in IDF to protect all yiden. think what u say or do. or maybe those who hate dont belong in eretz yisroel.

      • Should anyone be harassed because of their dress? It wasn’t untznius.
        People, especially adults, should be able to control their actions! The soldier didnt taunt- he was learning Torah at relatives house!

      • From time to time I see people making fun of your various comments on different posts that you comment on, and until now I thought that them making fun of you was uncalled for. However after seeing your irrelevant stupid comment on this post, i now see why. YOU ARE A MORON…

      • The victim is blamed as usual. AlterG must be an abuser himself as he thinks that it is the victim’s fault for being attacked. Actually, a person should be able to walk anywhere dressed as he wishes without being attacked.

        As I was becoming frum many years ago I was horrified to learn that Satmar people were violent in certain well-publicized incidents in Williamsburg. If I would not have been as far along in the process as I was, who knows if I would have continued becoming frum after hearing what they did.

        • “As I was becoming frum many years ago…” Apparently that process never advanced too far. Think about it: would a truly frum man make a statement as frankly stupid as “a person should be able to walk anywhere dressed as he wishes without being attacked.”? And it’s not that you didn’t think it through. No way. It would never occur to a frum man to say anything so foreign to yiddishkheit, or to the common sence for that matter.

    4. I do wish to “avoid generalizations.” And the people I know who live in the community certainly give me ample reason to “avoid generalizations.”

      But it would be far, far easier to “avoid generalizations” if the LEADERSHIP of the community would make some definitive, unequivocal statements against such acts of Jews attacking fellow Jews. So far, their silence is deafening.

    5. I won’t be surprised to find out that he deliberately walked into the neighborhood to get harassed in order to get an exemption from wasting the IDF uniform.

      Last time it happened in mea sheurim a recording came out that they deliberately escalated the situation So they can get an exemption. but of course VIN didn’t find it interesting to post it.

      • Liar! The last time it happened it happened in my building because the rabbi was giving a speech. The soldiers came & were pelted & yelled at, it wasn’t staged! However, it will never happen here again, because those nazis know I’ll do the same thing as I did the last time they tried hurting an innocent Jew in my building!

      • This comment is an excellent indication of our pathetic predicament. Yidden who honestly see no difference between a KKKer in Harlem and a chayal in Meah Shearim. There may only be hundreds who would attack the chayal (today), but there are nebach thousands who share this farkrumt view of the world. And there is nothing I can say, no divrei Torah or Halacha that will affect change. Only clear guidance and tochacha from their rabbanim and gedolim will have any impact. But I’m afraid that will not happen. Hashem Yerachem and forgive Your people for the tremendous chilul Hashem unfolding in Your land.

        • maybe things have changed in Meah Shearim since i learned there over ten years ago, but i saw secular soldiers, even women, there all the time without incident. I think if these attackers knew that this boy was.a BT and not FFB, he would not have been attacked

    6. Just gnore AlterG (aka Alter the Troll) who purposely makes outrageous comments justifying assaults these kind of mindless assaults by the Chareidi animals.

    7. Why are these boychickles HIDING THEIR FACES IN SHAME? Aren’t they PROUD of what they did? They now have a police record, it will help them find a shidduch in their community!

    8. once you built up a society that is intolerant of others not like them, and trying to subordinate those others to their way of life it’s called a dictatorship. makes no difference if it’s a religious group or not. that is how the crusades and Spanish inquisition happened. and now, given the opportunity, the ultra orthodox show they are no different. if they ever come to power, they will hang, stone, burn and choke anyone who dares to disobey their rule of law. is anyone wondering why there are so many going otd.

    9. Someone told me that AlterG is NOT chasidish, but just a very disturbed Yid in need of serious help. Refuah Shlemah AlterG, we’ll say a Misha Berach for your refuah this Shabbos.

    10. It is all SO obvious. He became frum and entered the lDF solely to provoke the true believers. Indeed, his entry into Meah Shearim to learn Torah was simply a ruse, designed so he could get stoned. He is actually an alien sent by the Mossad and next time will turn into a cyborg, if need be, all in order to provoke the innocent bochrim, with time on their hands, to try to kill him because they naturally would want to kill someone who is dressed like a person who defends Yidden.
      It all makes sense now.
      Ad ahn higanu!

    11. These terrorists should be locked in the SAME cells as their Arab cousins. After the Arabs turn them into their Kallahs, these punks will gain a new respect to the IDF uniform.

    12. Mea Shurim is for echda (reel) Jewish peeple, not for the IDF zionist peaple who want to fight against GOD. pleese stay out of our torahdicka homes and communities.

      • Before one is to give MUSSAR to others ,one must be sure that they dont need MUSSAR.You and people like you ARE NOT following HASHEM’S torha because in the torah is says’ you should love your brother ‘and you and your friends have so much HATE towards jews .Even if some Jews are NOT following the whole TORAH ,NO ONE APPOINTED YOU A JUDGE.FIRST MAKE SURE THAT YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS KEEP THE WHOLE TORAH BEFORE JUDGING OTHERS .By the way ,DO THE RABBIS IN MEA SHEARIM KNOW THAT YOU ARE ON THIS WEB SIGHT?

    13. How many times must Israel defend these animals? Let the Arabs attack Meah Shearim and see how fast they scream for help. Of course that will never happen because these scum are in league with the Arabs against the State of Israel which gives them benefits so they can teach their kids to hate other Jews. They are as filthy and disgusting as the Arabs. In fact, apart from their so called religion, which isn’t mine, they are more Arab than Jew in outlook. Satmar hates Israel. If they gave as much passion into supporting the soldiers that let them live their dirty lives or the State that provides for them as they do in hating other Jews, Israel would be safe from every attack. And yes, they DO take from the State. When they are sick or their houses are on fire, or they need water or electricity where do they get these amenities? Jordan? Iran?

    14. These people behave precisely as a spoiled child who throws tantrums do. The spoiled child will scream, throw objects, threaten, have no concept of reality or the consequences of their actions, as well as having no conception of how the world outside of their daled amos works. Whereas the spolied child eventually grows out of this stage or else ends up in prison or worse, these people are encouraged by their leaders and community to continue their deliquent behavior.

    15. Rude proste uncultured parents bring up wilde chayes with payes and black hats. All this is done for the “torah kedoshe” in the nine days when these chayes mourn the destruction of the bais hamikdosh and of course”they hope for moshiach” . You cheat and steal from the treifene goyishe government. Luckily IDF paratroopers liberated Jerusalem so they can walk unharmed in mea shiurim. Soldiers from the Palestine brigade lost their lives in El-Alamein,Tobruk, Anzio and Monte Cassino so one Jew is able to attack another Jew.


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