Spring Valley, NY – Satmar Students And Teachers Stage Peaceful Anti-Israeli Draft Protest At Yeshiva In Monsey (video)


    Students at the United Talmudic Academy in Spring Valley protested Wednesday, July 10, 2013, against a plan to allow the Israeli government to conscript ultra-Orthodox students for military service. (Photo Courtesy to VINnews.com by James OÕRourke/The Journal News)Spring Valley, NY – Hundreds of elementary and middle-school students and teachers from the United Talmudical Academy (UTA) staged a peaceful demonstration in Spring Valley on Wednesday protesting a bill before the Israeli government aimed at ending draft exemptions for Haredis.

    LOHUD.com (http://lohud.us/12ouVZl) reports that the protest, predominantly made up of boys between the ages of 6 and 13, began with a 4:15 p.m. rally at the school and then proceeded along Singer Avenue and Madison Avenue before returning to UTA.

    Along the route boys carried signs written in both English and Hebrew, many of which alluded to the current Israeli legislation as being an attack on religious freedoms.

    The bill, which was approved by Israel’s Cabinet on Sunday, calls for a gradual phasing-out of military exemptions for yeshiva students.

    UTA teacher Joseph Lieberman pointed out the apparent hypocrisy of the Israeli bill, saying, “In the places we live — America in particular — they respect our religious laws. They understand that we are praying for the good of the land … and they are not forcing us to go into the army, but in the so-called Jewish state of Israel … they now say that we are not allowed to learn in the yeshiva … we have to go to the army.”

    Video below credit The Journal News

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      • WE don’t wonder why moshiach is not here yet, that’s because YOU don’t hate the oiyevei hashem accordingly!
        in zechus of those pure holy kids and their machoeh hopefully we’ll get moshiach very soon

        • You don’t know why moshiach isn’t here yet either. Maybe these HATE filled protests are keeping it away. Why are we teaching little kids to hate before they understand the full situation? (Hate is never ok, but one can disagree). But this is brainwashing at its core. Teach to hate when young and they will never think about it, question it, and will just continue to hate forever!

      • Do we wonder why Moshiach can’t come?
        I found it for you in the gemorah bavli so we shouldn’t have to wonder anymore

        חלק פרק אחד עשר סנהדרין צח.
        אמר רבי חמא בר
        חנינא אין בן דוד בא עד שתכלה מלכות
        הזלה מישראל
        SEE RASHI
        עד שתכלה מלכות הזלה.
        שלא תהא להם שום שולטנות לישראל
        אפילו שולטנות קלה ודלה:

        So this protest is helping Moshiach should come. So Mr maxedout I recommend if you want him to come you should go and join them.

        • That would include no jews in any political position including East ramapo school board and all the askonim and machers around NY and Washington.

        • Your quote proves why we don’t pasken from the Gemara. #1 rule if asking shailos: if the posek answers by showing you a gemara, but not the pesak in the shulkan aruch, he is not a posek.

          • Sorry to let you know but the shulkan aruch has only things that belongs to us when we are in golus. The proof is that you will not find anything about melochim (kings), korbonos, nego’im and tomay mes etc. This is also the same. The halochos that belonged when the bias hamikdosh was around as well as the ones that will be when moshiach will come are not in shulkan aruch but only in chaza”l.

      • hate?? did d chsam sofer also hate?? d holy chsam sofer, among other big tzaddikim said in order to preserve yiddishkeit we must break off in every possible way from the heretics aka reform, maskilim and zionists! so if thats wat u call hate then, yes!! we’re proud to ”hate”

      • הלא משנאיך ה’ אשנא ובמתקוממיך אתקוטט תכלית שנאה שנאתים לאויבים היו לי I ask anyone, before you comment, explain me Pshat in this Posuk.

        No one ever should me where it states that you have to love Non-religious Jews, while I can give many places where is clearly states the opposite. I challenge everyone, please show me, if you have one.

          • Chazal say that he didn’t know how evil he was, he lied to him.

            Besides it makes sense for a parent to love a child who went OTD, since maybe he may convince him to become better.

        • You think in the eyes of the ein sof you are any more able to stand up to His judgment. If you were born into a life and circumstances as others who are less observant were, you would be any different? Have you done all you can do with the fortunate circumstances in your life? The places in Torah that would ask you to not love a heretic or non-believer etc are in a circumstance where a person is brought up in Torah and yiddishkeit and fully knowingly rejects Hashem. It doesn’t apply to a child who was raised in a non-jewish culture. It certainly doesn’t apply to people whose limited exposure to yidden is to charedim who heckle and attack other charedim because they are serving in the army and all the other chillulei Hashem they regularly engage in.

          • Unless these people pursue religion.

            And even with Tinokes Shenishbi, there no mitzva to love, and it’s not forbidden to hat. The mitzva to love is only someone who is religious, as Chazal say many times.

            In Shulcan Aruch it states, the only reason why you may be a Mechalel Shabbos for someone who is non religious, since he may be doing Teshuvah. Otherwise he has the same rule as a non Jew.

        • Tha Chazon Ish in beginning of Yoreh Deah said all gemaras which talk about hating sinners were only when we had nevuah and open miracles, so that everybody knew what was expected of them and who the Boss upstairs was. Today, since we don’t have that, one must never use verbal or physical violence, but rather be mekarev them through bonds of love. Azoi shteit in Ch

      • Don’t we have an obligation “Minim” & “Apikorsim”? Don’t we pray for thier destruction 3 times per day? The prophet Yermiuh said that the temple will be distroyed and Jews will be send to exile because we didn’t protest against the wicked Jews?

    1. Teacher Lieberman, when the situation called for it, even here in USA we had drafts. And, it’s completely false to assert that the Israeli government isn’t allowing people to learn in Yeshiva.
      Yes, there’s problems with how the Goverment of Israel is approaching this issue, but your obsession and indoctrinating of your kids on this single issue, as if the rest of the Torah doesn’t exist, is deranged and certainly a distortion of yiddishkeit.

    2. yup, here we go again. Can’t you understand that there is a need in Israel for everyone to do their part, both torah learning and army wise. No one is trying to infringe on your religous needs. In America, Charedim work. In Israel that seems to be treif. There are many generalizations all around. Stop playing the they are out to get me card, it disgusts everyone

    3. It disheartens me to see kinder being used as political pawns. Come on, 6 through 13 year olds carrying political signs protesting the draft? What are the “adults” [term used loosely] thinking? This is as bad as when you see children carrying photos of aborted fetuses. I thought we were better than that. Sad.

      Oh, BTW, was the Gestetner termed, “slap happy” principal there?


    4. Where does Satmar, which is anti the state, or any other group outside of Israel ,
      come-off protesting Israeli government actions? These nice little kids will grow up
      in NY,”Munroe” and Villiamsburg , enter the NYC welfare system, never work a day in their lives (many to most) and go to the mountains for the summer.
      Come to Israel – be part of this world and then express your opinions !

      • Oh! Sounds like ancient antisemitic diatribe…… Satmar members are quite wealthy and pay loads of taxes, as a CPA I happen to prepare some of their tax returns..

    5. Disgraceful! First of all if you don’t live in the country stay out of its politics.
      If you are really unhappy, don’t go to the Israel Day Parade……oh yeah you don’t go anyway. Then stop donating funds to Israel ……oh yeah, you don’t do that anyway.
      So let me get this straight, you want to dictate Israeli policy without contributing to the country or pay taxes to the country??

      • Why does it make sense for someone living in the US to support Israel, but if they oppose it, “Oh, you have no right to, you don’t live there”.


      • No. They just want the Israeli govt to leave yeshiva bochrim alone. Is that too much to ask? Do you want Israel to be the only place in the world where 18-21 yr olds aren’t being allowed to learn full time?

      • It’s not disgraceful at all. They misname themselves the “Jewish State” and claim to speak for world Jewry. So they have to listen to world Jewry.

        • Yes they are the Jewish state, don’t you think the Jews that live in the state, fight for the state and pay taxes in the state should listen to some cry babies in the U.S. who only care about themselves.
          How would you feel if your kids were in the Israeli Army and G-d Forbid got killed while these chaeidim, who not all sit and learn all day, sit on their behinds and just demand more benefits

    6. “They understand that we are praying for the good of the land” – This is so laughably false. The Satmar pray for the good of themselves. Teach the children to hate Jews and Israel, teach the children a dead ghetto language, teach them racial supremacy and mindless obedience, teach them that fraud is a way of life… this is what Satmar is about.

    7. It’s okay…Let them teach the kids to hate. These are the same kids that in a few years will be hanging out in Willow Tree park on shabbos while smoking or even worse, or turning 7/11 into a hangout for ex chasidishe goyim. The hate always comes back to bite you in the behind. These same rabayim and parents will cry one day when there kids go off the derech and they will all scream “Why”.

    8. “read d 1st half of d comment. u took d last 2 words and u feel all smug….”

      I did read the entire comment. I was highlighting the main point the poster was making.

      Also, I don’t think the “t” “h” and “e” are working on the poster’s keyboard. Anyway, Thanks for stopping by.


    9. UTA teacher Joseph Lieberman pointed out the apparent hypocrisy of the Israeli bill, saying, “In the places we live — America in particular — they respect our religious laws. They understand that we are praying for the good of the land … and they are not forcing us to go into the army, but in the so-called Jewish state of Israel ..

      and he is a teacher does he even know that we do not have a draft in the USA?

      great education satmar is getting I guess that is why KJ has the highest poverty rate of the whole USA

    10. It says in Pirkei Avot that one should not say anything unless you are in their position – we HAVE NO RIGHT WHAT SO EVER to comment about the security of Israel – rather then spend time for such shtus – they should say tehillim – I know these people are do not read newspapers or VIN for that matter – but the Arab world around them is in a state of FLUX and it is the nine days – better prayer than protests

    11. Poor kids will grow up hating everyone they ever meet who is not like they are. What kind of parent allows this to happen to such beautiful, innocent kinder? I am so thankful that the rest of us condemn this type of action.

      These kids enter junior high with 2nd grade skills in math and reading. They don’t stand a chance in the world to be anything other than disabled scholastically and emotionally. My husband teaches in one of their schools, or at least “tries” to teach. With all the “on the spectrum” kids mainstreamed with non disabled learning kids, the classroom is a failure in academia.

      • While I love and respect all Yidden I must agree with you.These kids are taught to hate and not to listen to other opinions.They are all close minded and do not believe in peace or at least not when the opinions are different. Academia? they do not understand the value in an education.They believe education is the parsha and gemorah.Education is respect to others and understanding to others even if they are different . A Jewish education is a must for all of us,but an academic education which they do not have makes them totally disable in the REAL world.What a shame on this people!!!!

    12. I could never understand how the zealots of the second bayis could burn down the piles of food to force the people of Jerusalem to starve and thus want to fight the Romans. How could anyone be so foolish and cruel to their fellow brothers. Now I read these comments. How foolish are the writers here who believe the government of Israel who supports more Torah than any other government in the history of the world including our own history be accused by myopic feeble minded “rebbees” teaching their students that they do not permit freedom of religion. Your words are riddled with hate and dripping in blood, they demean every facet of Yahadus. You make fun of Modern orthodoxy and believe only your way is correct and the path to the Almighty. It leads to a society that kicks the members of the IDF, those who sacrifice their lives to protect our country. it is a road to Hell one that I could never follow. You are the zealots of yesteryear. May we all be protected from your likes.
      The Almighty gave us this most beautiful of lands and your pathetic minds can never grasp the nisim that were done for us. Then you will cry over the next churban

    13. חלק פרק אחד עשר סנהדרין צח.
      אמר רבי חמא בר
      חנינא אין בן דוד בא עד שתכלה מלכות
      הזלה מישראל
      עד שתכלה מלכות הזלה.
      שלא תהא להם שום שולטנות לישראל
      אפילו שולטנות קלה ודלה:
      And btw. Also includes having kiryas joel as tour own town with your own people and own fire dept and own security. That means moshiach wont come also because of KJ. They control an having control

      • WRONG! That’s not p;shat at all! It does mean IN Israel. Even in Bovel the Jews established their own courts system etc. WE have had Botai Dinim in every country we live in. Kach Kosuv b’sefrainu.
        Of course by YOUR statement you then certainly Include the establishment of the state of Israel as going against this Gemarah, right? NU?

    14. All of these morons will lose their chelek of olam haboh for protesting against the IDF and the obligation of all yidden to defend the medinah. I suspect many of these kids who were dragged out of school and summer camps and covered with garbage bag signs have no clue what draft issue is about and simply march along like a bunch of sheeplach.

    15. the irony is that the first place these so-called “yidden” run when faced with myriad of criminal charges is Israel. then they have no problem with the Zionists and IDF offering protection. what a disgrace and chillul hashem this is. leave the children out of this.

    16. This is GREAT! Finally Satmer in Galut in Am-Reca talking about Israel.
      After years of just ignoring it. Perhaps this awareness of ISrael in their youth will encourage some to make Aliya!


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