Ankara – Turkey Refuses To Accept Israel’s Flotilla Compensation Payment


    Turkish protestors hold Palestinian flags as they look at a signature wall at a demonstration against Israel, in Istanbul, Turkey, 06 November 2012. EPA/TOLGA BOZOGLUAnkara – Turkey’s deputy prime minister says talks between Israel and Turkey on compensation for the victims of a deadly Israel raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla have stalled over disagreement on the legal definition of the damages.

    Bulent Arinc said that Israel wanted to make a voluntary payment, while Turkey insists that Israel accept liability for a “wrongful act.” His comments were reported Thursday by Today’s Zaman and Hurriyet newspapers.

    The two countries have been working on repairing ties that were cut after the 2010 raid, which killed eight Turks and one Turkish-American, when Israeli commandos stormed the ship.

    Israel apologized to Turkey for the deaths and agreed to pay compensation for the victims as part of a U.S.-brokered rapprochement.

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    1. This is the shame of Islam. First attack, and then look to make the defense of the enemy into the crime. May these voices be forever cursed and subjected to the worst suffering and damnation. Israel should NEVER admit to wrongdoing. And Israel should also tell Turkey that any further acts to bust the blockade will be dealt with severely and to the extreme. Any boat that tries to puncture the security of Israel will be sunk, with its passengers and “humanitarian aid”. Then Israel can negotiate from a point of strength.

    2. These people are completely insensitive to the loss of life that they themselves cause to their own brethren, yet when it comes to Israel they’ll never let you hear the end of it even when the terrorists on the flotilla could have avoided the entire incident.
      What a strange bunch of people!

    3. What is wrong with our politicians!?!?! we are paying Turkey for our right to exist-yet not admitting to any wrongdoing? might as well pay Iran for stuxnet for “stability in the Middle East” yet say it wasn’t us also.

    4. Israel made a monumental strategic blunder by aplogizing and agreeing to compensation. Erdogan will milk this for as long as he can, to deflect attention from his domestic woes.


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