Jerusalem – Palestinian Flag Out In Honor As PA Officials Visit Knesset


    Israeli parliament employees set up a Palestinian flag (L) next to an Israeli one as they prepare ahead of a meeting between Israeli parliament members and a delegation of Palestinian politicians and businessmen, aimed at encouraging Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, at the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, in Jerusalem July 31, 2013. REUTERS/Baz Ratner Jerusalem – The Palestinian flag stood in the Knesset on Wednesday when Israeli and Palestinian officials met at The Knesset’s Caucus on Ending the Israeli-Arab conflict on Wednesday.

    It was not the first time a Palestinian flag flew at the Knesset. In July 1999, then-Knesset speaker Avraham Burg hosted his Palestinian counterpart Ahmed Qurei, and there were Palestinian flags all over the parliament.

    The caucus’s chairman, Labor MK Hilik Bar, said that just like he got 30 of the 120 MKs to come to meet the Palestinian delegation at the Knesset, when the group comes to Ramallah, he expects one fourth of the Palestinian parliament to greet them. It will be up to One Voice, a pro-peace lobby at the parliaments in Jerusalem and Ramallah to work on the Palestinian turn-out.

    Besides Madani and Zananiri, the Palestinian delegation included Prisoners Affairs Minister Ashraf Al-Ajami, Palestinian Center for Dissemination of Democracy and Community Development in East Jerusalem director Walid Salem, and Abdallah Abdallah, a former deputy foreign minister who chairs the Political Committee of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

    The Knesset members included Shas MK Yitzhak Cohen and ministers Yael German and Amir Peretz from coalition parties Yesh Atid and Hatnua but no legislators came from Likud Beytenu or Bayit Yehudi. Speaking in Hebrew, Al-Ajami called upon the MKs in the caucus to persuade Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to keep the nascent diplomatic process going until an agreement is reached that would create a Palestinian state.

    “There has to be pressure from the Knesset and the Israeli public on the government to go all the way,” Al-Ajami said. “Abbas is taking huge risk by going to peace talks. I don’t want to talk about a last chance for peace, but we’re both in trouble if it fails.”

    Abdullah, who recalled turning on the lights on the Sabbath for his Jewish neighbors in Jerusalem’s Katamon neighborhood as a child before 1948, said “we all have to do our part to give popular support to the negotiations and strengthen the hand of our leaders.”

    Peretz, who is a former defense minister, said that if the talks fail, a very difficult situation will ensue. He said he believed that both Netanyahu and Abbas have overcome their worries and crossed an ideological rubicon.

    “The price of peace is worth it,” Peretz said. “To achieve it, it is important to change the dynamic inside both Israeli and Palestinian societies.”

    German said Netanyahu displayed courage by agreeing to release more than 100 Palestinian prisoners who were jailed for terrorism more than 20 years ago. She said her Health Ministry wanted to cooperate more with its counterpart in the PA.

    Israeli flag in Ramallah?

    An Israeli flag will soon fly in Ramallah for the first time in many years when the Knesset’s Caucus on Ending the Israeli-Arab conflict visits the Palestinian parliament, a representative of Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday.

    Mohammed Madani, a former Palestinian parliament member who was appointed by Abbas to head a new Palestinian Committee for Interaction with Israeli Society, made the promise at a meeting of the caucus with 30 MKs at the Knesset in which the Palestinian and Israeli flags stood side by side.

    “It is logical that since you put up a Palestinian flag when we came here that when you come to our parliament, there will be an Israeli flag,” Madani told the MKs in response to a question from The Jerusalem Post during the meeting.

    But veteran Palestinian journalist Elias Zananiri, who is also on the committee appointed by Abbas, said he did not believe the Israeli flag will fly in Ramallah until a peace agreement is reached between Israel and the Palestinians.

    “For us, it’s a flag of occupation, so it would be hard to believe that an Israeli flag will fly in Ramallah in two or three weeks when you come,” Zananiri said. “Let us have a state with a flag and we won’t have any problem waving yours throughout our state.”

    Singer Ahinoam Nini, who took part in the forum, told the MKs that “Real prosperity will only come to the region when the price of cottage cheese goes down both in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.”

    Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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    1. wow that is so nice, welcoming these nice people to the kenneset,
      how about when abbas get his state and demands that no israeli or jew be aloud to be there, you put there flag out again
      or how about every time there is a terrorist attack you put there flag out, show them how much we love them

    2. Aiding and abetting the enemy!
      Maybe this is like the old joke about the shul which sells to a church…they want to get the plans to know how to renovate

      Hashem Yerachem

    3. It is about time to make real peace with the Palestinian’s.

      If there is a slight chance of no more rockets into Israel no more bus bombings no wars no Jewish blood shed the Israelis must sit down with their enemies. After all the Palestinian’s have a legitimate claim to the land they lived there until the Zionist kicked them brutality out.
      According to the Torah and prophets we have no right to claim Eretz Yisroel as ours. We did not go into exile becuase we lost the war to the Romans.We were sent into exile becuase of our sins and therefore we lost the Eretz Yisroel as we all say in our prayers Umipnei Chatoeinu Golinu Meiartzeinu.

      • Ask the American Indian population. How well did land for peace really work for them?
        Don’t be duped. They will keep sending in rockets until every Jew is gone from the Middle East. They will never settle-and that is their own words!!!

      • “According to the Torah and prophets we have no right to claim Eretz Yisroel as ours”… who brainwashed you with this? read the first rashi in bereshis and there is the answer to all our problems

      • Wilted flowers do not mean a special experience at the nose of history. If you think that G-d has sent prophets to serve Hashem by telling our people that we are not endowed by a True Verse of Torah that assumes Torah is to be deepened by Jewish Souls in the Holy Land, you have missed the future. G-d is not a way of life of incongruent dreams. Israel is always a True Jewish Program and if you want true Visions of Tomorrow, Jews will indeed be part of the history and future of the Holy Land, whether you call it the State of Israel or Zion or just plain Home.

      • Favorable to the idea that the palestinians can work with the Jewish people. But still an actual disappointment to any jew to see a palestinian fraudulent commentary placed in our walk of Trust in a New State for the Jewish People.

        I think that they should have just opened their doors and not displayed a flag, unless it is a true peace summit. And in that case, not in our legislature.

      • The definition of a fool, is someone who repeats the same actions expecting different outcomes. There is no slight chance that rockets or any other terrorist actions will stop if we give the Arabs anything. They view it as a sign of weakness and get worse. The only thing they know is raw power. Look at history of giving them anything and see the result.

        How can anyone think that we came home without Yad Hashem?

    4. I am just curious… many of you that are making disparaging remarks live in Israel?

      If you live in Brooklyn or Queens or anywhere else in Galut and have opinions, how about coming to Israel and serve in the military, vote, etc. Advice is cheap, especially from thousands of miles away.

    5. “Abdullah, who recalled turning on the lights on the Sabbath for his Jewish neighbors in Jerusalem’s Katamon neighborhood as a child before 1948”

      Now we have Lapid!


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