Israel – Member Of Neturei Karta Group Charged With Spying For Iran (video)


An ultra orthodox Jewish man of the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta group at the Jerusalem District Court in Jerusalem, August 1, 2013. Israeli authorites are charging a 46 years old ultra orthodox Jewish man from Jerusalem with attempted spying on behalf of Iran. The man is suspected of trying to contact sources at the Iranian embassy in Berlin. Photo by Flash90Israel – A state prosecutor has charged an Israeli man with offering to spy for Iran, Israel’s archenemy.

The indictment, released on Thursday, says the suspect belongs to the fringe ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect Neturei Karta, which opposes Israel’s existence on religious grounds. Adherents of the sect have met with Iranian leaders in Iran in recent years.

Israel says the 47-year-old suspect flew to Berlin in 2011, contacted the Iranian embassy there and offered to collect intelligence about Israel.

The indictment says an Iranian diplomat gave the Israeli an email account for correspondence, but did not get back in touch.

Israel accuses the suspect of intending to commit treason.

Neturei Karta is against a Jewish state until the coming of the Jewish messiah.

Iran’s embassy in Berlin could not be reached for comment.

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  1. ok not at all surprised about this idiot’s part in this, and how would any other idiot in iran think that this yokel would have any sensitive info. put him in jail as an enemy of the State and ze hu

  2. Sick degenerate. If he’s so proud of his actions, why hide his face. Don’t those idiots know that they would be killed, along with the rest of us, if Iran had its way? They obviously don’t care about Jewish lives. The hate is too great.

    • “They obviously don’t care about Jewish lives” Without commenting on this news report before we know the facts!
      That’s without a doubt these people that could release murderers are untrustworthy! Again I’m not saying that it’s correct to work with Iran, of course NOT!

      • You are saying the Zionists are bad because they’re not Zionist enough? I thought you don’t hold from Zionism at all? Isn’t that circular reasoning?

        • Zionist or not isn’t relevant in this siscussion, Israel claims ro be a democracy! (thats why they recive billons in gov’t funds, and tax free donations..) where the rule of law us required, and no double standards allowed.

  3. it was these crazy people who Rabbi Weingarten was trying to expose – so they made up the story about his daughter and bribed the judge to send him away for 30 years – real Satmar hates these antisemites

  4. May this creep and all the rest of these son’ei Yisroel be caught, convicted, and subjected to the worst prison conditions known to mankind. We, Klal Yisroel, must eradicate these forces of evil from our midst. I am all aware of approaching Elul, a time for teshuvah. There is no recognizable teshuvah for which I should daven they experience. These are our enemies, cloaked in the garb of righteousness. Let the wrath of Hashem rain down on them, their evil movement, and let HKB”H protect us always from these resho’im.

    • “May this creep etc caught, convicted etc” for all the info he must have gotten in serving in IDF and or working in the Hi-Tech jobs. Right.? It makes a lot of sense. The only info this idiots have is Mikveh-info. They dont even go to the Kotel. He might be guilty for harassing police etc. but spying? Your hatred of them blinds your judgement and more harmfull than they are.

  5. Was he caught spying or did he just offer to spy.

    I’d be really surprised if he would be capable of getting anywhere near sensitive sites or information unless directed to do so by the Iranians. If so, they must have had considerable information beforehand, so how did they obtain that?

      • As the great radio broadcaster Barry Farber says: I SECOND THAT EMOTION!

        Probably these two characters are perhaps one and the same, and is probably not a chasid, but a wannabe sitting in his basement trying to rile up people from his VERY BORING LIFE.

    • I would take your comments a little more seriously, if you ever made positive comments about your brother Jews who are Zionists. So shame on you (a dictionary would probably tell you the difference between shame and sham.

    • with friends (“brothers”) like him and you who needs enemies.

      I don’t think you ever prayed a day in your life for another Jew who was not “frum” or what you would call charedim meaning wearing a black coat with payos.

      And please don’t lecture me because I am what people call “black hat” yes I am “frum” yeshivish type and disgusted with all you comments you post.

      You and you type are the reason why the Biet Hamikdash is still not restored and we are in galut….you make me sick !!!!!!

  6. I don’t understand how this situation could exist. How can someone be Torah observant and at the same time do things that could hurt other Jews? It’s bizarre to me.

      • You are 100% correct, the Israeli legal system is modeled after Communism and Nazism!
        This individual even according to their claim did NOT spy! THEY claim he offered his services, yes or no, they tortured him exactly like the Nazis! And according to their admission in court this all happened 2and half years ago! What/where were they till now?
        Again people who can release convicted murderers lost their trust!

        • No one is like the Nazis. No one is like Hitler. Can’t we all quit comparing each other to Nazis? It’s wrong, offensive and tiresome. Can’t we go a SINGLE DAY without anyone calling someone else a Nazi?

          • If anything they are much worse! actually they include ALL Of the previous! according to chazal and the sefer Daniel, they’re THE biggest tragedy that ever happened to Am Yisroel!
            It’s easy to spew, use foul language and curses and decide that We are whatever, it really doesn’t matter, but if someone really wants the truth! YOU WON’T find it in the media!

          • They’re not lining up mothers and children, and gassing them to death. Are you truly so indoctrinated that you can’t see the difference?

          • If someone is indoctrinated it’s you, Spiritual Murder is worse than the gas chambers! And if you don’t understand, that manipulating millions of people forcing them to throw away their heritage to the extent of not believing in the almighty, If you still don’t get it, than you’re in bad shape

          • So if they are not murdering they get a seal of approval? Reminds me of an Irish lady who used to tell her daughter, “I am a good mother. I do not drink.” Refraining from sending to gas chambers means a good person?

          • have you been given your pills yet today? Will you EVER be let out & back into society? I hope not as you are totally mad.

        • So many untruths, so few sentences to give them in. Rebbe, you must have a great education in misstatements.
          The Israeli system, if you do not want to include Jewish law, is based on British law from the mandate. I know you consider this either Communism or Nazism, but why? It is interesting that you have inside information about torture by the authorities, Obviously, you must work for the Israeli government or just take for granted that members of nk who offer to spy for a country whose leaders have denied the holocaust should be tortured.
          However, like alterg, it is becoming clear that you are a closet Zionist. You no longer accuse Israeli authorities of being Nazis, only acting just like the Nazis. You obviously have learned to love your fellow Jew. No love is too strong a statement. You still hate your fellow Jew, just to a slightly lesser extent. Why should I make a misstatement and act like you. You hate your fellow Jew and through your writings show that you are proud of it.

  7. There is a name for this crime – treason. In the United States, you will face a military court for this crime and if convicted, you can be executed. That is what happened to the Rosenbergs.

    • Get your facts straight! Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were NOT tried by a military court for their espionage. They were tried in US Federal Court for the Southern District of New York. Julius was dismissed from the US Army in 1940 because of his Communist history.Neither the Judge, Irving Kaufman, Prosecutor, Irving Saypol or the Rosenbergs’ attorney, Emmanuel Hirsh Bloch were actvive military officers. A military court tries military members, not the general US public.

      • You are right about the Rosenbergs and the military court. However, treason is a crime that is punishable by death in this country. See 18 USC section 2381.

        • No need for your However….
          I merely corrected the original comment’s false statement that the Rosenbergs were tried in a military court. I made no claim that treason is not a capital crime.

      • The distinction without the difference. The primary point 5TResident was clearly trying to make is that in our country the one can, and should, be tried and executed for treason, not what legal authority had the jurisdiction.

    • Seriously? He hiding his own face! He has his head tilted down as if HE doesnt want to be identified! Any chance to rip on Israel, right? You’re a disgusting pig for such accusations.

  8. Probably revange for an Iranian jew accused recently of spying for Isarel. In real politics what goes around comes around, no rules applies, what better than a NK fellow.


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