Cairo – IN PHOTOS: Officials Say Death Toll From Cairo Protests Reaches 60 (Raw Video)


    Smoke rises as Egyptians supporters of ousted President Morsi clash with security forces at a protest called by the Muslim Brotherhood near the 6th October bridge, Cairo, Egypt, 16 August 2013. Egypt's Interior Ministry has urged the public to avoid central Cairo after reports of gunfire. The recorded death toll for the day rose to 20 folowing clashes between security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo and Fayyoum in southern Egypt, said security sources.  EPA/AHMED ASSADICairo – Security officials in Egypt say the death toll in clashes across the country has risen to at least 60 people killed.

    The security officials told The Associated Press that 52 civilians and eight police officers died across the country Friday.

    The officials spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations.

    Violence erupted after protesters took to the streets Friday, responding to the Muslim Brotherhood’s call following the deaths of 638 people Wednesday when security officials raided two sit-in protests organized by the group. The protests Friday descended into violence when supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi clashed with armed vigilantes.

    The protesters launched their demonstrations in defiance of a military-imposed state of emergency.

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    1. Only if Israel will make peace with the Palestinians will all of the Middle East’s problems go away. Look at the track record…. Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, etc…, but it must all be Israel’s fault! Where is the condemnation from the Christian World over what is happening in Egypt? Only Israel can be condemed, because it allows itself to be and of course because we know what the world truly believes.

    2. Now the Muslim Evilhood (a better name for that terrorist organization) is going to hear the voice of the Egyptian people. It’s great for democracy that residents make their “voice” heard and participate in the conflict to oust the Evilhood members.


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